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Are Companies Truly Prepared for Digital Transformation?


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How does your company stack up? See the survey results here:

Digital transformation is creating all sorts of exciting new opportunities. Robots, AI-infused smart machines, and a world plastered with IoT sensors are going to change everything!

Well…maybe. New market survey data from Appian and DevOps shows that while optimism about our digital future is high, huge barriers exist to achieving the digital transformations that are required.

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Are Companies Truly Prepared for Digital Transformation?

  1. 1. Are Companies Truly Prepared for Digital Transformation? Digital transformation is crucial for driving IT strategy and fulfilling a company’s long-term vision. However, The 2018 Digital Transformation Readiness Survey created by Appian and found that while companies are eager to innovate, they feel unprepared to deliver the software necessary for this transformation. Companies excitedly face the future... An overwhelming majority of respondents say they’re optimistic about their digital transformation prospects with these technologies: AI and Machine Learning 92% IoT 76% Natural language processing 58% These companies are ambitious...but can they deliver the necessary software to achieve their visions? But companies are also concerned about readiness. They feel understaffed and overwhelmed: Talent Shortage 82% can’t attract and retain the software engineers they need Overwhelming Customer Demands 72% don’t believe they can scale to keep up with future business demand Application Backlog 1 in 5 have 50 or more major app development requests in their backlog Pressure to Fix Issues Quickly 91% struggle with technical debt Companies are Missing Key Resources Many organizations lack the technical infrastructure and staff to complete their digital transformation goals. What’s the solution? Go Low-Code: It’s time to embrace digital transformation instead of fearing it. Low-code Platforms Provide: ✔ Simplicity ✔ Flexibility ✔ Enterprise-wide digital transformation Appian’s low-code development platform provides IT and business teams an easy way to translate ideas into powerful software applications quickly, with minimal technical debt. The applications created on Appian help companies drive digital transformation and competitive differentiation. Learn more about how companies feel as they face digital transformation. Download the 2018 Digital Transformation Readiness Survey