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Stack Opiniion Webinar: March 2023

  1. 2 2023 © AppFolio, Inc. Confidential Level up your reputation management Featuring Opiniion, an AppFolio Stack™ Partner Presented by: Craig Johnson Hosted by: Jeremy Brody March 28, 2023
  2. 3 2023 © AppFolio, Inc. Confidential 3 Panelists Craig Johnson and Jeffrey Juarez-Palma are joining us today. Q & A Send us your questions via the Q&A box found in your Zoom controls. Survey Let us know what you think! This is an interactive session
  3. 4 2023 © AppFolio, Inc. Confidential Chief Sales Officer, Opiniion Craig Johnson Presenter Jeremy Brody Presenter Host Sr. Solution Engineer, AppFolio Jeffrey Juarez-Palma Sr. Product Marketing Manager, AppFolio
  4. 5 2023 © AppFolio, Inc. Confidential Agenda Introduction to AppFolio StackTM Level up your reputation management Demo Q&A 01 02 03 04
  5. 6 2023 © AppFolio, Inc. Confidential Boost productivity with unparalleled ease of use Count on certified integrations backed by dedicated support Run your business from a single system of record Seamless integrations with AppFolio Stack™
  6. 7 2023 © AppFolio, Inc. Confidential 68% of renters say a property manager’s reputation on review sites is one of the most important factors when evaluating a rental 97% 93% 81% 92% 73% 68% 64% Price Pets allowed Apartment or home itself Locationt Community Amenities Property Manager’s reputation on review sites Source: AppFolio Renters Motivation Report 2023 Your experience with the leasing agent 55% Q20. How important are each of the following when you evaluate a rental before signing a new lease?) (n=921)
  7. 8 2023 © AppFolio, Inc. Confidential Half of employees that engage with residents want to see resident feedback, reviews, and referrals automated and streamlined 48% 47% 32% 41% 29% 23% 6% Collect resident feedback, reviews, and referrals Other Respond to resident questions and requests Collect rent Plan and run community events Process evictions Provide amenity services Source: AppFolio Top Challenges Survey, 2022
  8. 9 2023 © AppFolio, Inc. Confidential Partner slide Opiniion - measuring, managing & improving the resident experience
  9. 10 2023 © AppFolio, Inc. Confidential Opiniion provides the tools, services, and support you need to measure and manage the resident experience from the time they tour until they move out. We take a proactive, automated approach towards generating feedback, driving online reviews, and evaluating your residents' experience at your property. This increases your knowledge of your residents and effectiveness of key community processes which will eventually drive an increase in leases, retention, and NOI. IMPROVE RESIDENT SATISFACTION FROM REAL-TIME FEEDBACK The #1 Resident Satisfaction Tool
  10. 11 2023 © AppFolio, Inc. Confidential Quick Stats Here’s what we’ve learned over the last 6 years! 400,000+ Negative Feedback Captured 10+ Million Feedback Requests Sent 3,000+ Communities Served 1MM+ Units Serviced 750,000+ 5-Star Reviews Generated
  11. 12 2023 © AppFolio, Inc. Confidential Collecting Data Quarterly check-ins: “how are we doing?” Communicate with all residents through sms/email Proactive automations 90 days from lease expiration Automated triggers through AppFolio integration
  12. 13 2023 © AppFolio, Inc. Confidential NMHC TOP 10 APARTMENT MANAGERS NMHC TOP 50 APARTMENT MANAGERS Industry Knowledge
  13. 14 2023 © AppFolio, Inc. Confidential AUTOMATED TRIGGERED EVENTS Move Out Completed Work Orders Move In Expiring Leases
  14. 15 2023 © AppFolio, Inc. Confidential Housing Insights MULTIFAMILY | STUDENT | SENIOR LIVING | SINGLE-FAMILY
  15. 16 2023 © AppFolio, Inc. Confidential 80% of properties think they are delivering “super experiences,” only 8% of residents agree. FORBES
  16. 17 2023 © AppFolio, Inc. Confidential The Four "R's" of Reviews Sources: BrightLocal, Multi-Housing News • 88% of residents trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. • 86% of residents would not consider an apartment under a 3-star rating. • 97% of residents say they read reviews before making a financial decision. • 77% of residents said they did not trust reviews over 90 days old. • 89% of consumers are 'highly' or 'fairly' likely to use a business that responds to all of its online reviews. • 57% say they would be 'not very' or 'not at all' likely to use a business that doesn't respond to reviews at all. RELEVANCE, RATING, RECENCY RESPONSE
  17. 18 2023 © AppFolio, Inc. Confidential PROMOTES POSITIVE FEEDBACK Quick View: Resident Satisfaction quick resolutions good process staff excellence community clean
  18. 19 2023 © AppFolio, Inc. Confidential PROMOTES NEGATIVE FEEDBACK living experience unresolved requests poor customer service parking price Quick View: Resident Satisfaction
  19. 20 2023 © AppFolio, Inc. Confidential 4.2 4.2 3.9 TOUR GENERAL FEEDBACK MOVE IN 3.2 MOVE OUT 4.1 MAINTENANCE Average Rating by Resident Event THE PATH TO A 4.0
  20. 21 2023 © AppFolio, Inc. Confidential A Shift in Thought
  21. 22 2023 © AppFolio, Inc. Confidential What's Your Go-To Strategy? Low occupancy rate Low renewal rates Poor resident experience Below average ratings online Increasing frequency of reviews
  23. 24 2023 © AppFolio, Inc. Confidential Traditional Thinking - Reviews Reviews and feedback are the same thing. Our strategy is built on reviews alone, and rely on them to know if we're doing a good job. REACTIVE APPROACH Lacks awareness of resident experience Content with online ratings Occasionally checking online reviews Responding to reviews only after they go public Thinks 2-3 familiar residents represent the sentiment of the entire community Reactive companies focus on damage control and solving problems that begin surfacing to the public.
  24. 25 2023 © AppFolio, Inc. Confidential Modern Thinking - Feedback Resident feedback must be a multi-channel, multi-touch proactive approach that makes it easy for your residents to engage in a dialogue. PROACTIVE APPROACH Actively asking residents for feedback Frequent automated resident surveys Responding to ALL resident input Turns negative feedback into action items Goes the extra mile to ensure resident satisfaction Addressing underlying negative issues before they appear publicly Proactive companies resolve problems long before they surface publicly. They ensure that reviews stays positive and stay on top of incoming feedback.
  25. 26 2023 © AppFolio, Inc. Confidential Feedback Trends = 5 residents Negative feedback at risk of going public. NEGATIVE REVIEW EXPOSURE RISK For every 100 residents that give feedback, only 4.9 on average follow through with a negative sentiment publicly 18% 82% Difference between happy and unhappy sentiment POSITIVE VS. NEGATIVE Measuring how residents/customers respond the most. WEIGHT OF RESPONSES 1 2 3 4 5 8% 3% 7% 13% 69%
  26. 27 2023 © AppFolio, Inc. Confidential Looking for Feedback, Not Just Finding it Via these three methods you get a 360 view of how your residents actually feel! REVIEW GENERATION INTUITIVE SURVEYS AUTOMATED FEEDBACK SOLICITATION REPORTING
  27. 28 2023 © AppFolio, Inc. Confidential DEMO
  28. 29 2023 © AppFolio, Inc. Confidential Would you like a customized demo of AppFolio Property Manager? Poll
  29. 30 2023 © AppFolio, Inc. Confidential AppFolio StackTM Partners Marketing & Leasing Maintenance Utility Management Smart Properties Compliance
  30. 32 2023 © AppFolio, Inc. Confidential Thank you