Secrets of Successful Property Management Companies


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With our co-hosts, Grace Hill and IREM, we hosted a fantastic webinar titled: “Secrets Of Successful Property Management Companies” Featuring David Meit, President and CEO of Oculus Realty, LLC. David is a fantastic speaker and shares real world examples from his experience as the CEO of a rapidly growing, successful property management business.

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Secrets of Successful Property Management Companies

  1. 1. Secrets of SuccessfulManagement Companies“You Are Your Company”
  2. 2. AppFolioComplete Solution Includes:Web-BasedPropertyManagementSoftware• Property management and accounting• Online rent collection (free)• Prospect / guest card tracking• Marketing• Website• Payment processing• Online applications• Resident ScreeningSo You Run A More Successful Business
  3. 3. • Leading Education Provider• Apartment-IndustrySpecific Training• Vision LearningManagement System (LMS)•
  4. 4. • Community of Professional Real Estate Managers• Membership – All Property Types, From Site to CEO• Advancing the Profession• Credentials – CPM®, ARM®, ACoM, AMO®• Code of Professional Ethics• Real Estate Management Education• Core Competencies for success…and more• Maximize the Value of Real Estate Assets• Classroom and Self-Paced Online• Industry Knowledge and Resources• Asset/Financial Management, Leadership, Talent Management,Company Management, Building
  5. 5. YouAre Your CompanySecrets of SuccessfulManagement CompaniesPresented byK. David Meit, CPM®, ARM®President & CEOOculus Realty, LLC AMO®
  6. 6. Serving metropolitan Washington, DCRealEstate Investment,Management& Consulting• Multifamily Property Managemento Conventionalo Rent Regulated• Retail Property Management• Predevelopment Consulting• Acquisition Due Diligence• Market Studies• Property Operations ReviewCreating Value Through
  7. 7. Company HistoryRealEstate Investment,Management& Consulting• Founded in 2010• Leveraged 20+ Years Operations Expertise• Leveraged Market Conditions• Focused on Specific Nicheo 50-150 unitso DC Rent Controlo Private Investors & Family OfficesCreating Value Through
  8. 8. POLLING QUESTIONA. FounderB. Senior ExecutiveC. ManagerD. OtherE. Itching to become your own boss…In whatcapacityare your attendingtoday’s webinar:
  9. 9. YouAre Your CompanySIZZLE
  10. 10. YouAre Your CompanyTrain & Develop• Formal: logical thinking, problem solving & writing skills• Informal: trade skill training & development• Knowledge: trade journals, business publications, relatedbooks, newsletters, online resources, trade showsSteak
  11. 11. POLLING QUESTIONA. MarketingB. Finance/AccountingC. Legal/RegulatoryD. OperationsE. Who has the time?In whatarea have you recentlysharpenedyour professionalskills:
  12. 12. YouAre Your CompanyBecome Accredited• Trade associations: IREM, CCIM, NAA, BOMA, NAR,NARPM, ULI, etc.• Business associations: BBB, Chambers ofCommerce, etc.• LicensingSteak
  13. 13. YouAre Your CompanyLead Your Team• Internal: vision, culture, guiding principals, mission• External: civic associations, community organizations,trade associationsSteak
  14. 14. YouAre Your CompanyManage Your Team• Hire right• Delegate• Communicate• Provide feedback• Provide Efficient ToolsSteak
  15. 15. YouAre Your CompanyExperience• Put in the Time• Make Errors (lots of them!)• Develop your ToolkitSteak
  16. 16. YouAre Your Companyrep·u·ta·tion [rep-yuh-tey-shuhn] noun1. the estimation in which a person or thing is held, especially by thecommunity or the public generally; repute: a man of good reputation.2. favorable repute; good name: to ruin ones reputation by misconduct.3. a favorable and publicly recognized name or standing for merit, achievement,reliability, etc.: to build up a reputation.Source: Dictionary.comSteak & Sizzle
  17. 17. YouAre Your CompanyPresent Yourself• Dress the part• Fly the flag• Be engaged• Speak with enthusiasm• Practice business etiquetteSizzle
  18. 18. YouAre Your CompanyNetwork Face-to-Face…• Time• Business: direct & ancillary• Civic: stay local• Community: volunteer• Professional: trade shows• Golf (seriously)Sizzle
  19. 19. POLLING QUESTIONA. Committee ChairB. Event VolunteerC. FundraisingD. Oh, I’ll start today….In whatcapacityhave you recentlyservedin one or more ofyour localtrade associations:
  20. 20. YouAre Your Company…and Network More Online• Social Media: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google(choose professional connections wisely)• Blog regularly: company website, social media, Tumblr,Pinterest• Curate special interest groups: LinkedIn, Bigger Pockets,etc.• Volunteer: AllExpert, Quora, Multifamily Insiders, etc.Sizzle
  21. 21. POLLING QUESTIONA. FacebookB. TwitterC. LinkedInA. XingB. Google +Whichsocialmedia platform do you find most helpful indevelopingyour professionalnetwork:
  22. 22. YouAre Your CompanyBecome a Thought Leader• Find the time – no excuses• Write for trade publications (hire a ghostwriter)• Write OpEd pieces for local newspapers (hire a PR firm)• Sustain online presence: blogging, volunteeringexpertise, etc.Sizzle
  23. 23. YouAre Your CompanyK. David Meit, CPM®, ARM® 563-9021 x101
  24. 24. YouAre Your Company• AppFolio –• IREM -• BOMI -• NAA -• NARMP -• NAR -• ULI -• BBB –• Xing –• AllExperts -• Quora -• Manta -• Bigger Pockets -• Multifamily Insiders -• PropertyManager -• APTly -