Expert Advice: Social Media Secrets for Property Management Professionals [Infographic]


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Interested in learning how your property management company can get more exposure on social media? Why not learn from some industry experts!

Did you know that the time most consumers spend on social media has grown over 250% in just the past two years?

You may think that you don’t have the time or money to invest in social media. But the truth of the matter is that you can’t afford not to. By having a social media presence, you’ll be able to get more traffic to your website, bring in more leads and have happier residents.

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Expert Advice: Social Media Secrets for Property Management Professionals [Infographic]

  1. 1. Expert Advice For PROPERTY MANAGERS Mobile Proves To Yield Success 1 Pierre Calzadilla Senior Manager at Trulia Rentals
 “Property Managers can target today’s renter by meeting them on their level. The modern renter is mobile, social and technologically inclined. However, the average consumer will still pick up the phone during a house hunt. In a recent survey, we found that almost 2/3 of consumers prefer phone calls to emails. Yes, they will email you, but likely that “email” is coming from a phone, so a quick phone call back is very likely to yield success.” Leverage Technology 2 “Educate yourself fully on the process, work for other property managers first, use technology to make your life easier, and always treat the residents with respect.” Leonard P. Baron Zillow Contributor
 Request Reviews From Prospects 3 Charity Zierten CEO at Social Engaged Marketing® “The best way to generate reviews is email marketing, signs in the office, and requesting prospects (preferably before they even move in) to leave a review. Share them on Facebook and in testimonials on your website and future email marketing campaigns to build credibility for your community.” Hire A Well-Trained Property Manager 4 David Meit President & CEO, Oculus Realty, LLC “The top two-pieces of advice I’d give to a property owner or investor would be: 1: Don't fall in love with the deal. If the numbers do not work, walk away no matter how sexy the real estate may be. 2: Hire a well-trained, accredited and licensed property manager with deep experience with specific property types and submarkets.” Leverage The Power Of Google 5 Aimee Miller VP of Marketing at AppFolio “Google dominates the search engine market, so it is important for property managers to take advantage of every listing opportunity with Google that is available. Google+ Local is linked to Google+ business pages, and is a replacement for what was formerly known as Google Places. To setup Google+ Local, simply find ‘Google Places for Business’, activate the account and fill out all of the necessary information.” Good Customer Service Counts 6 Darnell Holloway Senior Manager of Local Business Outreach at Yelp, Inc. “When a Yelp user mentions ‘good customer service’ in a review, that review is over 5X as likely to be a five star review versus a one star review. It’s also important to let reviews build organically. Rather than asking for reviews, let consumers know you have a presence on Yelp and allow them to connect the dots on their own.” Be An Expert About Your Property 7 “Be an expert about your property and your competitive area. Know not only your strengths and weaknesses, but those of your competitors as well.” Jay Denton VP Research at Axiometrics Represent Your Company Well 8 “Word to the wise: if you’re carrying anything with your company logo on it, wearing anything with your company logo on it, or are well-known enough to be associated with your company, your behavior needs to be upstanding and professional at all times.” Lisa Trosien The Apartment Expert Learn The Rent Recovery Business 9 “Learn from your mistakes. Don’t be afraid – just dive in and learn the rent recovery business just like you did with your property management business.” Robert Locke Owner Broker at Crown Realty & Management Optimize Your Online Presence 10 Doug Miller Founder & President at SatisFacts Research “As much as 80-90% of prospects are starting their apartment search from a search engine like Google, the more you can invest in optimizing your presence, the better. Educate yourself first about the SEO services that you’ll need, then find a partner that can best address your specific needs.” Harness The Power Of Time Management 11 Patty Morgan-Seager CEO–Chief Energy Officer at Seager Marketing “This world of property management is a busy one. Sometimes, it is almost impossible to find a few minutes of quiet time. Create an area in your leasing office that you can go to when you need to focus your attention to specific tasks on your ‘to-do’ list.” Online Rental Payments Are Essential 12 Nat Kunes Director of Product Management at AppFolio “The modern resident wants to pay online – this is truly becoming a requirement for many renters when choosing a new apartment. Offering residents the ability to pay rent online or at convenient location saves everyone time and money and increases your resident retention.” INFOGRAPHIC FROM APPFOLIO, PROVIDERS OF WEB-BASED PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE FOR THE MODERN MANAGER, LEARN MORE AT WWW.APPFOLIO.COM