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Application Performance Management Webinar - Key Strategies for Making Performance Data Actionable

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AppFirst/TRAC Research Webinar

  1. 1. Application Performance Management -Key Strategies for Making Performance Data Actionable- Bojan Simic President and Principal Analyst, TRAC Research© 2010 TRAC Research
  2. 2. Background: About TRAC Research Research participants  400+ respondents TRAC Research is B2B research  Demographics company specializing in IT performance management  31% - small  39% - medium  30% - large Community The audience for this survey included TRAC’s community and readerships of TRAC’s publication partners© 2010 TRAC Research
  3. 3. Agenda:  Application Performance Management – Key Trends  Top challenges of managing application performance  Key capabilities required  Operational and business benefits  Recommendations© 2010 TRAC Research
  4. 4. Key trends: Increased complexity of application delivery infrastructures Increased overhead of managing application performance Issues with application performance impact key business goals Need for visibility across IT functional domains  Emergence of new types of IT environments (cloud, virtualization, NoSQL, etc.)© 2010 TRAC Research
  5. 5. Top challenges Performance data is not actionable 63% Inability to identify and resolve performance issues before end-users are impacted 55% Inability to measure business impact of performance issues 44% Lack of visibility into end-user experience 41%© 2010 TRAC Research
  6. 6. By the numbers…  61% of organizations that improved their ability to collect application performance data reported no improvements in KPIs  Organizations are losing nearly twice as much revenues due to issues with performance slowdowns, as compared to issues with availability© 2010 TRAC Research
  7. 7. Key capabilities needed  Ability to identify infrastructure elements that are causing delays in response times  Monitoring application response times for each transaction  Measuring the business impact of application performance  Dynamic baselines for optimal application performance  Real-time alerts when performance falls under baselines© 2010 TRAC Research
  8. 8. Operational & business benefits  Mitigate lost revenue opportunities  Reduce number of calls to the help-desk  Avoid disruption of business processes  Reduce mean time to repair application performance issues  Make better decisions about changes to the enterprise infrastructure  Avoid deterioration in customer satisfaction and brand image© 2010 TRAC Research
  9. 9. Recommendations:  Identify performance issues before business users are impacted  Deploy advanced analytics to improve usability of application performance data  Reduce overhead of managing application performance  Measure the business impact of application performance  Take service-centric approach when evaluating IT performance© 2010 TRAC Research
  10. 10. Questions?© 2010 TRAC Research
  11. 11. Thank You! Bojan Simic President & Principal Analyst TRAC Research, Inc. Find us at: 508.734.5295 TRAC Research David Roth AppFirst CEO AppFirst 1.800.782.2181 X110© 2010 TRAC Research
  12. 12. Application Aware Infrastructure Actionable Performance Information
  13. 13. “Data has to be actionable; otherwise it’s just trivia.” Tim O’Reilly
  14. 14. Current Techniques PollingPolling • Miss incidents between intervals Polling Byte • Only get the data requested Code Injection • Monitor only parts of the applicationByte Code Injection • Language run-time perspective • Infer about rest of the systemIncomplete Information
  15. 15. Miss NothingPatent Pending Technology • Runs in user mode • Within each process • Does not change the behavior of a running application in any way
  16. 16. Correlated With...Application Specific Information • 1800 Nagios plugins with millions of users • Thousands of Windows Performance Counters • No need to write custom probesComplete Information
  17. 17. Delivering ActionAlerts:• e-Mail• SMS You Will Be Made Aware of the Root Cause of the Issue.
  18. 18. Delivering Action Without Our MonitoringSolution It Would Have Taken a Long TimeTo Figure Out the Reason Performance Degraded.
  19. 19. Delivering ActionProblem Trouble moving from physical to virtualAction Showed the process that consumed memoryResults Very successful move to virtual ✔
  20. 20. Delivering ActionProblem Poor performance, inhibiting growthAction Configuration changesResults Saved thousands of dollars ✔
  21. 21. Try it for FREE today! 800.782.2181Cloud Monitoring with Complete Visibility