Real World Mobile Printing


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Learn how mobile printing can provide a competitive advantage through increased worker efficiency, enhanced customer experience and cost savings.

Apperian and Zebra Technologies team up to dive into what’s possible with mobile printing by showcasing how customers are using it.

The areas covered include:
- Retail
- Route Delivery
- Field Service
- Healthcare.

We hope to inspire your creative juices and would love to hear about projects you’ve been considering.

To view the webinar recording, please visit:

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Real World Mobile Printing

  1. 1. &.............................................. presents .............................................. Real World Mobile Printing And no, it’s not a reality TV show @APPERIAN #MobilePrint @ZebraTechnology
  2. 2. Joe Schwendt Lead Solutions Architect “Apps are simple,Great apps are art.”
  3. 3. Crissy Holden Senior Product Manager
  4. 4. RetailAholdGAP/Old NavyWalmart Route Delivery/Field Service Philips Medial Systems Coca Cola - Italy Healthcare Hamilton Medical Center
  5. 5. receipts @APPERIAN Labels #Mobileprint@ZebraTechnology Name Badges/tags WHY Mobile Printing Bar codes ID cards RFID Tags Loyalty Cards Hard Copies the speed of mobile
  6. 6. Increase sales/basket size @APPERIAN #Mobileprint@ZebraTechnology Empower customers Reduce labor costs Increase inventory accuracy Streamline processes Boost productivity Retail Stores run better with mobile printing
  7. 7. @APPERIAN #Mobileprint International supermarket@ZebraTechnology operator, based in The Netherlands Challenge Solution Benefits •Clear, attractive QLn320 mobile •Fast/accurate item pricing printer re-pricing •Right price on •Error avoidance the right item (labels that get •Fine avoidance lost or mis- applied) •Quick and convenient Retail Price check like a pro
  8. 8. @APPERIAN #Mobileprint@ZebraTechnology Largest specialty apparel retailer in the U.S. Challenge Solution Benefits •Long lines MZ320 mobile •Instant registers during peak printer during peak periods are periods deterrents to •Prevent lost sales sales due to •Additional lines registers take up •Increase too much space customer Retail satisfaction Paper receipts complete the experience
  9. 9. @APPERIAN #Mobileprint Large discount department@ZebraTechnology stores; world’s largest retailer Challenge Solution Benefits •Inventory RP4T mobile •Improve management of printer inventory complex SKUs visibility •Having items in •Reduce out-of- stock in the right stocks size •Improve customer satisfaction Retail People can only buy what’s on the shelf
  10. 10. @APPERIAN #Mobileprint@ZebraTechnology Route Delivery/Field Service Customer satisfaction Productivity Profitability Compliance Service Level Agreements (SLA) Field Reps run better with mobile printing
  11. 11. @APPERIAN #Mobileprint Healthcare division provides@ZebraTechnology equipment and services to help save lives Challenge Solution Benefits Route Delivery/Field Service •Mobile worker RW420 mobile •Time savings efficiency printer on project •Customer preparation and transparency reporting •Better/real-time access to documentation Signed, sealed, record time
  12. 12. @APPERIAN #Mobileprint The most recognizable brand@ZebraTechnology in the world Challenge Solution Benefits Route Delivery/Field Service •Sales RW420 mobile •Process •Back office printer simplification processing of •Eliminates post- reconciliations delivery reconciliation •Reduced invoice cycle- accelerated payments 15 min->15 sec per delivery x 30/day!
  13. 13. @APPERIAN Improve productivity and workflow #Mobileprint@ZebraTechnology Reduce higher medical quality of errors care more time for patients Cost-effective visibility into real-time data Healthcare Hospitals run better with mobile printing
  14. 14. @APPERIAN #Mobileprint A network of hospitals@ZebraTechnology operated out of Dalton, GA Challenge Solution Benefits •Error avoidance QLn220 mobile •Time savings of •Nurse printer 45 minutes a day productivity •Faster re-draws •Faster turn around •Fewer errors Healthcare Nurses spend more time with patients
  15. 15. @APPERIAN #Mobileprint Dream Big Think Forward@ZebraTechnology build Insanely fast How Mobile Printing Manage from the start Listen Intently Iterate seamlessly Let us help bring your vision to reality
  16. 16. Let’s get your concept down on paper!@APPERIAN #MobilePrint @ZebraTechnology