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Federal Grade Security with Appthority


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Federal Grade Security with Appthority

  1. 1. AppthorityAppthorityAppthority helps people learn what apps do and what risks they contain The Authority in App Security™“Yes, You Can Have Federal Grade Mobile Data SecurityToo!” Appthority © Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved 1 | +1 (855) 346-SAFE | @GetAppthority |
  2. 2. AppthorityMost Innovative of RSA AwardNamed “The Most Innovative Company of RSA Conference® 2012”“Appthority and its Appthority Platform won the award based on the currentand future need to secure mobile applications, as well their ability to build anestablished partner network and demonstrate robust customer traction.”– RSA Innovation Sandbox Judging Committee Appthority © Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved 2 | +1 (855) 346-SAFE | @GetAppthority |
  3. 3. Appthority teamAppthorityManagement team from such companies asWith top notch investors with backgrounds funding successful Enterprisesecurity companies Steve Krausz invested in such Enterprise security companies as CheckPoint Software, Imperva, Vontu, ThreatMetrix, Trusteer, and CipherTrust Ray Rothrock invested in such Enterprise security companies as CheckPoint Software, Imperva, Vontu, PGP, WholeSecurity, RedSeal, CoreTrace, and CloudFlare Appthority © Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved 3 | +1 (855) 346-SAFE | @GetAppthority |
  4. 4. Appthority challengesCustomerEnterprises can’t create or enforce mobile policy nor comply withregulatory requirements if they don’t know what risks the apps contain • Explosion in apps and exponential growth in malware • Existing mobile security expertise scarce within the Enterprise • No one knows which apps are safe • Legacy security technologies are not keeping up with the changes in mobile • New apps being released faster than they can be manually reviewed • Cost to determine if an individual app is safe is prohibitively expensive and everyone has a different opinion of “safe” Appthority © Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved 4 | +1 (855) 346-SAFE | @GetAppthority |
  5. 5. AppthorityWhy use Appthority in EASE?Before distributing apps inside the Enterprise, the apps need to be checkedby Appthority • Best-in-class behavior-based malware detection • Works on Android and iOS apps • Reduces supply-chain risk from third-party app developers • Superior protection when paired with Mocana- Appthority keeps malware away from VPN clients • Risk management approach to screening mobile apps • Allows Enterprises to reject or adjust apps that don’t meet Enterprise policy • Helps Enterprises understand what the mobile apps are really doing and what Enterprise data they have access to • Easy-to-use Appthority App Inspection within EASE Appthority © Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved 5 | +1 (855) 346-SAFE | @GetAppthority |
  6. 6. Appthority PlatformAppthorityOnly Appthority can scan iOS apps for malware & risky behaviors seen inAndroid • Screens mobile apps (Android and iOS) in minutes, in the cloud • Integrates w/ Enterprise solutions like Apperian and Mocana • Detects attributes in apps, such as: • Malware (behavior-based NOT hash-based, detects new & never before seen malware) • Location tracking (even without permission) • Ad networks • Data leakage risks • Cryptographic risks Appthority © Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved 6 | +1 (855) 346-SAFE | @GetAppthority |
  7. 7. Appthority in ApperianWorkflowSimply click the magnifying glass in the Apperian Applications console tobegin inspecting apps with Appthority! Contact your Apperian accountmanager for eval access today! Best practice: Before distributing apps to employees, ensure you’ve Appthority © Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved 7 inspected | +1 (855) 346-SAFE | @GetAppthority | the apps!
  8. 8. AppthorityExample inspection report Appthority © Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved 8 | +1 (855) 346-SAFE | @GetAppthority |
  9. 9. Appthority and best practicesSummaryDon’t distribute software within the Enterprise, without inspecting what thesoftware does! • All apps should be inspected, for malware and policy compliance, prior to: • Distributing the apps into the Enterprise • Adding VPN clients into the apps • Appthority helps organizations answer: • Are third-party file sharing systems like DropBox used by the app • Does the app take the contact book off the device? • Does the app location track users (with or without permission)? • Is malware present? • Does the app communicate with known sites that serve malware? Appthority © Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved 9 | +1 (855) 346-SAFE | @GetAppthority |
  10. 10. AppthorityQ&AWrap-up and Q&A. Questions? Thank you! The Authority in App Security™Thank you!– Anthony Bettini, Founder & CEO, Appthority Appthority © Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved 10 | +1 (855) 346-SAFE | @GetAppthority |