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Start faster with Google Analytics API


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If you want to build your own Google Analytics API app... this is where you should start. My best ideas after 6 months developing

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Start faster with Google Analytics API

  1. 1. | @appeltauer Start faster with
 Google Analytics API Roman Appeltauer
 Web Analytics consultant Prague September 12th 2015
  2. 2. | @appeltauer Automation Wikipedia: The biggest benefit of automation is that it saves labor, however, it is also used to save energy and materials and to improve quality, accuracy and precision.
  3. 3. | @appeltauer Automation in web Analytics • Save time on doing basic stuff again and again and again and... • Analysts should do things that actually add value • Make less errors (you would be surprised) • Check more (facts|often|details) than you would manually
  4. 4. | @appeltauer Google Analytics API
  5. 5. | @appeltauer Choose development method • Choose API method ( • JavaScript - great for simple dashboards (Embed API) • Web Server app - more complex, may work while you are offline • Or consider ready solutions • GA Spreadsheet Add-on, or in library • Find an open source app
  6. 6. | @appeltauer Register your Project • Register and set up Project ( • Each Project has it's own Credentials
 Choose OAuth 2.0 client ID • Activate Google Analytics API
  7. 7. | @appeltauer Download Google API library • Choose your preferred technology • Some libraries are in Beta, but work well ;-) • The library contains all availale APIs, not just Google Analytics • Start with bundled examples and make very simple app in minutes •
  8. 8. | @appeltauer Hello Analytics API: First steps • Start on Core Reporting API guides page • Find your technology e.g. PHP Quickstarts • You'll get guided through example code • Don't forget to paste Project Credentials (as shown before)
  9. 9. | @appeltauer Check rich resources • Very helpful Official documentation • Reporting APIs • Configuration APIs • Check Demos and Tools ( • Implementation guides
  10. 10. | @appeltauer Who is your app for? • You'll save a lot of time if your app is for closed group of users • 80% of code deals with specifics • Account selectors - tailor made app may hardcode many custom settings • Insufficient user permissions - you know what rights your app needs • Visualization of results - smart tables, colors, progress bars • Validation of finished user request - reality checks, finish on back-end • Handling Google Analytics API error responses - retry, log, notify user if needed
  11. 11. | @appeltauer Limitations • 50 000 calls a day - ok for most apps • 500 management writes a day
 - bad e.g. for Referral SPAM tools • Rate limit up to 10 hits per second read (1 hit/s write) • Quota usage monitoring in Developers Console
  12. 12. | @appeltauer Make sure you create the right thing
  13. 13. | @appeltauer Never automate what you can't do manually • The app will break - you just don't know when
 (API changes, server and browser updates) • You might have no backup solution if the app breaks • You need to be able to improvise when data breaks
 (wrong UTM params, change in URLs, bug in tracking code) • You'll need to drill down manually when numbers get interesting • It will take too much time and you'll never be sure if it works.
  14. 14. | @appeltauer Don't reinvent the wheel • Tailor made functionality saves most of the time • Common features pay back when used very often (or by many people) • Ready apps are great for most use-cases and first steps • Don't duplicate Google Analytics features without adding value
  15. 15. | @appeltauer Don't create app you won't need • App for one-time use is wasting of your time • Prioritize features you'll use often enough • Likely there's an app for that and costs much less than your time
  16. 16. | @appeltauer Create apps for others • Give marketers the data they need - it's worth it! • Easy-to-get data lead to more actionable insights • It's more fun to make life easier for others
  17. 17. | @appeltauer Thank you! Roman Appeltauer @appeltauer