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Titanium Mobile 1.8 for Module Developers


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An overview of what's new in the world of third party modules for Titanium in 1.8

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Titanium Mobile 1.8 for Module Developers

  1. 1. WELCOME TO TITANIUM WEEK!Day One: Titanium Mobile 1.8 for Module Developers Kevin Whinnery Jeff English and Dawson Toth Shoukri Kattan
  2. 2. Titanium Mobile 1.8For Module Developers
  4. 4. Agenda • Marketplace Update • Forged UI Demo • Module Changes for 1.8 • Q&A
  5. 5. Strong growth in the number ofmodules in the Marketplace
  6. 6. More importantly, the utility andquality has been great
  7. 7. Cloudebug• Debug any Titanium app on the internet• Execute Titanium code on device• Also check out: – DYNApp – CloudeFire – CloudeCache – CloudeKit
  8. 8. Filterable Camera• Apply filters to images• Save file blobs returned by the camera• 18 filters available• Also check out: – Repeated Background Image – Gesture Recognizer – Filterable ImageView
  9. 9. XML User Interface• Declare Titanium UI in XML• Separate view construction from behavior logic• Visualize UI better with nested structures• Also check out: – XML User Interface Demo
  10. 10. iOS Multitouch• Multitouch support on iOS views• Up to 11 touch points (?)• Also check out: – Zero Latency Sound
  11. 11. Couchbase Mobile (iOS)• Embedded CouchDB database• Attach and store binary objects• Bi-directional replication• JSON-based – great fit for Titanium
  12. 12. JSONDB• JSON-based data store• No SQL (No Schemas)• Pure Titanium JavaScript• Solid performance
  13. 13. And maybe most exciting of all –drag and drop UI
  14. 14. SHOUKRI KATTAN Technical Lead FORGED UI
  15. 15. Technical Changes for Android 1.8(iOS not affected)
  16. 16. Android Runtime Upgrade • Total overhaul of core Android platform • Implications for module developers • Working on published API set
  17. 17. Steps for Module Developers Read Jeff English’s docs ( Build module with multiple versions (1.8+ and 1.7 and earlier) Upload a combined zip file to Marketplace
  18. 18. Technical Change Overview • Manifest changes to specify API version • Android NDK • Method Signatures • tech-18
  19. 19. End Users and Module Changes
  20. 20. Project Walkthrough
  21. 21. Any Questions?
  22. 22. Thank You!