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Srikanth Nandiraju: Monetize Your Mobile Apps Using Titanium Commerce Mobile


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The mobile commerce is on the rise and various research reports from analysts shows that mobile commerce will hit the $6 billion in 2011 and will grow up to $31 billion by 2016. PayPal today processes about $10 million in mobile TPV (total payment volume) a day and is estimated to process up to $3 billion in mobile TPV for the year 2011. In this session, we will go over how you can use PayPal In-App payments in your mobile application to process payments for a variety of use cases and how to use can use the mobile payments capability provided by the commerce module for Titanium to build your iOS and Android apps.

In this session, you will learn about

1. PayPal Mobile Payments Library
2. PayPal Mobile Express Checkout
3. Implementation walk through
4. Next steps (going live, tech support)

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Srikanth Nandiraju: Monetize Your Mobile Apps Using Titanium Commerce Mobile

  1. 1. Mone%ze  Your  Mobile  Apps  Using     Titanium  Commerce  Mobile   Srikanth  Nandiraju  
  2. 2. AGENDA  M-CommercePayPal PaymentsCommerce moduleSample AppResourcesQuestions ?
  3. 3. $ M-Commerce
  4. 4. $ M-Commerce Coupons Ticketting Restaurants Mobile Storefronts Comparision Shopping And More
  5. 5. Why  PayPal  ?  
  6. 6. PAYMENTS  
  7. 7. Payments  Goods & ServicesDonationsPersonal PaymentsSubscriptions
  8. 8. Payments  Goods & ServicesDonationsPersonal PaymentsSubscriptions
  9. 9. Payments  Goods & ServicesDonationsPersonal PaymentsSubscriptions
  10. 10. Payments  Goods & ServicesDonationsPersonal PaymentsSubscriptions
  11. 11. Payments  Goods & ServicesDonationsPersonal PaymentsSubscriptions
  13. 13. Payment TypesSimpleParallelChained
  14. 14. Payment TypesSimpleParallelChained
  15. 15. Payment TypesSimpleParallelChained
  16. 16. Payment TypesSimpleParallelChained
  17. 17. Download the PayPal module from this URL the files under /Library/Application Support/Titanium/modules
  18. 18. Initialize the Titanium PayPal moduleGenerate the ‘Pay with PayPal’ button Add the Payment details Wait for callback
  19. 19. SAMPLE  CODE  
  20. 20. ppButton.addEventListener(paymentCanceled, function(e) { }); ppButton.addEventListener(paymentSuccess, function(e) { }); ppButton.addEventListener(paymentError, function(e) { }); CALLBACKS  
  21. 21. NEXT STEPS ?
  22. 22. Next StepsCreate Sandbox AccountGet API CredentialsBuild & Next your app. Test StepsSubmit App to PayPalGet App IDGo Live & Make money
  23. 23. Visit Apps 101 Everything you need to know about the submission processUnderstand the PayPal Developer Agreement to know what is and is not allowed before you begin coding Be as descriptive as possible when relating: What your application does Your application payment flow Who all the players (senders and receivers) are in the payment flow Contact Developer Technical Services (DTS) if you have any technical questions QUESTIONS ? h<p://   h<p://   h<p://   h<p://