Ketan Majmudar: From Kitchen Sink to App: Real World Case Studies


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Ketan Majmudar shows how and why he chose Titanium over other web based technologies for delivering apps that are out into the "real world", with two case studies (an app being deployed to a district of the Surrey Police Force within the UK & the SCI-FI-LONDON Film Festival).

This talk is aimed at beginners, intermediate developers and decision makers to gauge the benefits and take away tips for use in planning and building your first Titanium apps.

You will learn:

App Structure
Cross Platform Considerations
Testing Solutions
Twitter & oAuth
Quick-fixes for AppStore
Getting Help & Resources

Ketan steps you through his experiences from coding his first app, to using the Kitchen Sink, to a more structured second app. You will find useful tips and libraries that will help enable your app to talk to twitter cross platform and how I got feedback during the development.

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Ketan Majmudar: From Kitchen Sink to App: Real World Case Studies

  1. 1. From  Kitchen  Sink  to  App:     Real  World  Case  Studies   Ketan  Majmudar  #codestrong
  2. 2. @Ketan Spirit Quest#codestrong
  3. 3. Case Studies#codestrong
  4. 4. Police Apps#codestrong
  5. 5. Brief!  Public Sector Engagement!  Transparency!  Open Data & Infrastructures!  Twitter!  Multiple Devices!  Cross Platform!  Police Live Tweeting!#codestrong
  6. 6. Decisions!  Device Reach!  GPS!  Twitter !  Familiarity!  Support / Roadmap!  Public Availability!  Native UI#codestrong
  7. 7. Structured Approach!  Collaboration Workflow!  Coffee & WIFI!  Inspiration!  Wireframes!  App Concepts!  App Context Structures!#codestrong
  8. 8. Outlines#codestrong
  9. 9. Mockups#codestrong
  10. 10. Working the Sink!  Emulator!  Check Platform Differences!  Buy Devices!  Experience#codestrong
  11. 11. Working with Data!  XML Responses!  YQL!  {JSON}!  Filesystem!  Twitter & oAuth!#codestrong
  12. 12. UI / UX!  Device Resolution!  Data Manipulation!  Caching!  Webview vs Native#codestrong
  13. 13. Mapping!  Map API vs Webview!  Local & Remote !  UK CrimeMapper!  Public Data#codestrong
  14. 14. Feedback and Testing!  Version Numbering!  Ti.App.Properties!  Changelogs!  Testflightapp!  Version Control!#codestrong
  15. 15. In The Field!  Populating Data!  Public Perception!  Bug Fixes!  Expectations!  Getting It!  Press#codestrong
  16. 16. Festival Apps#codestrong
  17. 17. Personal Challenges!  Data Management!  Microformats!  iUI (JS Library)!  Motivation!#codestrong!
  18. 18. Build on your success!  Police App!  Refactoring!  Research!  Q & A Site!  Github & Blogs!  Training Titanium Certified Application Developer!!#codestrong
  19. 19. Plot & Scheme!  Visual Challenges!  Problem Solving!  Personas!  Graphic Design!  Collaboration#codestrong
  20. 20. Future Design#codestrong
  21. 21. Outlines & Schemas!  Festival!  Venue!  Genre!  Event Type!  Cast & Crew!  Events!  Pricing#codestrong
  22. 22. Custom Views!  Wireframe!  iMockups!  Layout Design!  Data Caching!  Tracking!  Custom URLs!  Email Modal Dialog#codestrong
  23. 23. Icon Development icon@2x.png !  Retina Display icon.png !  HIG !  iTunesArtwork !  No Borders / Alpha !  Icon Details !  Check Emulator for Retina 512 x 512 px#codestrong
  24. 24. Strategies & Structures#codestrong
  25. 25. Break away from the sink!  Tackling Your First App!  Build/Install On Device !  Search / Explore !  Watch Out For Updates !  Install Direct From Studio!  Check Network for LIVE Apps!#codestrong
  26. 26. Pic n mix!  Find Kitchen Sink Examples!  Keep a Copy On Device.!  Native vs WebView!  Software Tools!  Ticket Tracking!  Consider Version Control!#codestrong
  27. 27. Get Help! Give Help!!  Twitter!  Titanium / Javascript / Web App Meetups!  Q+A !  Participate !  Contribute!  Blogs / IRC / Github!  Books!#codestrong
  28. 28. Thank You!!#codestrong