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iPhone and the Enterprise


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iPhone and the Enterprise

  1. 1. iPhone and the Enterprise
  2. 2. About Me• ceo of Appcelerator• @jhaynie••• #titanium_app on freenode
  3. 3. Big Market• 65,000 applications downloaded over 1.5 BILLION times in roughly 16 months• 20-30 M iPhones and growing very very fast (5 M last quarter)
  4. 4. Opportunities• Extend Application to Mobile -- a real mobile application platform• Extend Content to Audience -- better content, offline sync, virality• Deepen Engagement with your customers, partners and employees
  5. 5. Prediction• In 3-4 years, most companies will have a mobile application for their content, product or brand • It will become pervasive • It will become rather easy • It will become inexpensive
  6. 6. Challenges• Android, Palm Pre, Blackberry?• Objective-C - 28th most popular language!• Macintosh only• Apple approval process
  7. 7. • Ad Hoc Distribution - 500 machines • Pain in the butt to administer • Hard to get onto machines • Updates to app not fun
  8. 8. What to assess?• Will you sell your app or give it away?• If you give it away, do you want advertising?• Do you want to support in app purchasing? If so, you must sell your app.• Do you want push notifications?
  9. 9. What to assess?• Will you talk with backend web services inside the company?• What happens if the mobile device is compromised?• Can someone take your code?
  10. 10. What to assess?• How will you track application / user history, usage, trends, performance?• What skills does your organization have today and what will it need tomorrow?• What’s the cost of supporting multiple platforms?
  11. 11. Introducing AppceleratorEmpower developers to quickly create andcommercialize web, desktop and mobileapplications
  12. 12. Appcelerator Products Create, test, and commercialize native mobile and desktop applications with the web technologies you use today.Develop Native iPhone Build Desktop apps Cloud services used for Web development toolsand Android apps with that can be deployed testing, packaging, that enable rapid RIAfull access to each with one code base on distribution, and development.device’s APIs. the PC, Mac, or Linux analytics. platforms.
  13. 13. Product Architecture Mobile DesktopTitanium Advanced Advanced Advanced APIs APIs APIs Analytics Advertising Social Networking Team CollaborationAppcelerator -  uattro Q -  acebook F -  hare your Project S - Usage Network -  reystripe G - Twitter - Account Management - Events -  ahoo Y Training Support
  14. 14. Titanium• Desktop: Win32, OSX, Linux• Mobile: iPhone and Android
  15. 15. Programming ModelTitanium supports JavaScript, HTML, CSS forbuilding mobile applications.Build applications today using skills, tools andtechnologies you know today.
  16. 16. Titanium Info••• @appcelerator• #titanium_app on