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Appcelerator’s Cocoafish Acquisition and the Future of the Mobile Cloud


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Learn about Appcelerator's recent acquisition of Cocoafish, gain insight into its product roadmap, and understand Appcelerator's vision for cloud and mobile computing. We'll also show off exciting demos of applications that combine the best of the Titanium mobile platform and Cocoafish. The session concludes with an audience Q & A session with Appcelerator and Cocoafish executives and engineers.

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Appcelerator’s Cocoafish Acquisition and the Future of the Mobile Cloud

  1. 1. Appcelerator’s Cocoafish Acquisition and theFuture of the Mobile Cloud February 16, 2012
  2. 2. Today’s Presenters Jo Ann Buckner Aaron Saunders VP, Product Management Platform Evangelist Appcelerator, Inc. Appcelerator, Inc. Mike Goff Kevin Whinnery Co-founder, Cocoafish, Director, Developer Relations and Director, Cloud Appcelerator, Inc. Product Management Appcelerator, Inc.
  3. 3. Ask Questions!•  Type questions into the questions box in the GoToWebinar control panel•  Moderators are standing by to reply personally to your questions•  General Q&A at end of presentation
  4. 4. Agenda•  Current challenges with getting rich, connected apps to market•  How Appcelerator is addressing those challenges with Titanium + newly acquired Cocoafish cloud services•  Cocoafish demo•  Perspectives from a Titanium App Publisher•  GA plans. Q & A
  5. 5. 2012Mobile ChaosReigns
  6. 6. Client challenges: optimizing appexperience for a fragmented device,OS, mobile browser worldBackend challenges: Apps mustscale for an estimated 2.2M dailysmartphone activations
  7. 7. Appcelerator makes mobility possibleAppcelerator’s Titanium Mobile ApplicationPlatform and integrated Cloud Services(Cocoafish) enable customers to build,connect, deploy, manage and scale mobileapplications for all devices and operatingsystems from a single platform
  8. 8. The Only Mobile Client + Cloud Platform •  Automatically create development & production ACS environments when setting up new Titanium projects •  Add ACS features with a single line of code •  Deploy to production and app automatically scales
  9. 9. BenefitsWeb developers become mobile developers overnight Single platform for building rich, connected apps Get to market 70% fasterUnlimited extensibility for best-of-breed capabilities
  10. 10. Cloud: Pervasive Market Problem Backend app development and deployment process is terribly inefficient, costing mobile developers time and money. 5.  Maintain & scale 1.  Hire backend developer network features code, test, deploy, over time maintain $150/hour Launch 1 App $3k - $200k 2.  Code network features 4.  Deploy network features 2 - 8 months to the cloud/backend servers – test and production 3.  Test network features (re-code/re-test if necessary)
  11. 11. Cocoafish Drilldown: Broad API Suite •  One line of code to add features to your apps •  We take care of hardware, software and scaling •  Build an app in minutes instead of months
  12. 12. Case Study: LineaYour Pictures. Your Stories. Yours to Share.http://www.getlinea.comObjectiveTo create a mobile photo sharing application that can scale to support millionsof photos and users—with minimal staff and up-front capital expenditureFeatures•  Leveraged predefined RESTful cloud service APIs for: •  User management •  Photo manipulation and storage •  Social commenting •  Push notifications•  Identical server calls across all multiple mobile platformsBenefits•  Design team was able to focus energy on mobile app features•  Cocoafish APIs enabled rapid, pain-free backend development•  Infrastructure scaled as fast as the business grew – 50,000 photos added in first two months
  13. 13. Demo
  14. 14. Perspective from Aaron Saunders•  Evaluated StackMob & Parse and chose Cocoafish•  Significantly reduced complexity & increased time-to- market velocity•  Build better apps: •  Cocoafish’s rich suite of features •  Able to focus on value creation, not infrastructure•  Opens up new opportunities - can bid on work previously unprofitable because of the costs / complexity of building out the backend
  15. 15. Key Dates•  Titanium Studio integration & Cloud Services GA in late Q1.•  Stay tuned for additional webinars as we near GA.•  Sign up for an Appcelerator account to be notified of availability.
  16. 16. Q&A