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Cancer challenge among women presentation


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Cancer challenge among women presentation

  1. 1. Cancergaurd  Cancergaurd is a mobile application which aims to be on duty 24/7 to reduce the risk of cancer among minority women by raising awareness and guiding them on the right track by providing focused information.  It also provides tools like step-by-step guide for reducing risk, risk assessment calculator for minority women, access to latest publications & workshops, expert advice on nutrition & physical activity, keeping track of doctor visits & medication adherence.  This application is co-designed with the help of crowd funding platform.Please use the link to see more details on the development process.
  2. 2. To begin with, users would beProfile  prompted to put in some basic information such as age, weight & ethnicity about themselves or for the person they are interested in.  Cancergaurd would create a personalized guide based on the profile information fed in.  Information is filtered based on the type of cancer selected.  Switching between cancer types is made simple by rotating the wheel interface. Users can also shake the phone to let the Cancergaurd decide on a type of cancer by automatically rotating the wheel.  Step-by-Step guide provides an easy navigation to read  Share the guide with friends and family by click of a button
  3. 3. Step-by-Step Cancer Guide 1. Risk 2. Learn to 3. Screening 4. Treatment 5. Next StepsAssessment Reduce Risk Techniques Options & Action
  4. 4. Services  Cancergaurd offers the following list of services focused on women. It also provides an easy interface to share information through email and social networks:  Workshops, are offered free of charge. Users can listen in live over the phone or offline through recorded webcast.  Publications, written by experts these easy to read booklets and fact sheets provide reliable information.  Counseling, learn from professionals new ways to cope with cancer, improve communication with healthcare team, manage financial challenges, etc.  Support Groups, connect with others in groups via online, telephone and face-to-face.  Nutrition, expert advice on diet, exercise and physical activity to lead a cancer free life style.  News, latest news on trending stories on cancer from all over the world.
  5. 5. Services Cont...Workshops Publications Counseling Groups News
  6. 6. Find Nearby  The app uses phones geo location capabilities to find nearby: Events  Doctors  Healthcare Providers  Health Centers 
  7. 7. My Health  My Health aims to aggregate all your medical records electronically and thus providing the power of health IT on your finger tips.We are partnering with Aetna Carepass to integrate the following electronic services into this application: Doctor Visits  Medications  Vitals  Allergies  Appointments  Insurance 
  8. 8. Resources Cancergaurd Aetna
  9. 9. Co-Design  Cancergaurd was one of the earliest adopter of HealthTechHatch co-design platform.  We have created multiple test versions based on the feedback and comments we received.