Winnie the Pooh


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A story a day keeps the exam fear away. Language learning is made simple, hereby. Simply go on reading stories, one day you'll find that you're very strong in vocabulary, fluency and linguistic creative abilities.

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Winnie the Pooh

  1. 1. Walt Disney Series VIIIBabu Appat
  2. 2. Walt Disney Series VIIIIn this series I will tell you some storiesSelected from world classics.It’s to improve yourLanguage skills,Listening skills,Narrative skills,Vocabulary, andComprehensive
  3. 3. Pooh
  4. 4. Please Read on…..In theHundred-Acre-Woodlived a small bearcalledWinni the Pooh
  5. 5. Winnie the Poohwas a verybusy bear.He slepttill latein themorning
  6. 6. At middayhe ate honey.He ate a lot,because sleepinggave such agood appetite.
  7. 7. When he had eaten,he had hisafternoon nap –you can becomeever so tiredfrom eating.
  8. 8. And whenPooh had slept,it was 4 o’clock andtime for a little tit-bit
  9. 9. And in betweenhe even founda little time forexercise, but seeinghis round tummyin the mirror madehim so hungry---
  10. 10. Unfortunately all hishoney jars were empty,just as empty ashis stomach.
  11. 11. “Go visit Rabbit,”a small voice whispered.That voice came fromPooh’s stomach andit continued:“He might havesome honey!”
  12. 12. A little while later,Pooh arrivedat Rabbit’s house.When his stomachtold him to do somethinghe always obeyedright away.
  13. 13. “I can smell somethinglovely here,”he said sniffingvery hard.“Helloooh, is thereanyone home?”he shouted hopefully.
  14. 14. “Hello Pooh,do come in!I don’t supposeyou would like a littlesomething to eat?”Rabbit said andquickly started to clearsome jars away.
  15. 15. Pooh answered,“Perhaps I could managea bit of something…”“Well, I do havea spot of honey,”said Rabbit witha little sigh.
  16. 16. But a spot of honeywas not enough for Pooh!He put the whole jarto his mouth.And before Rabbitcould blink an eye,Pooh had empties all his jars!
  17. 17. “Oh are you full?”Rabbit asked whenPooh had emptiedthe last jar.“Oh yes!That was a lovelylittle something,”Pooh answered.
  18. 18. “Well, I supposeyou’ll be going now?”sighed Rabbit.“You must need a rest.”
  19. 19. But when Poohtried to crawl throughRabbit’s door,he was stuck –just like a cork in a bottle.
  20. 20. Rabbit pushed andpushed but Poohremained stuck.However muchRabbit pushed,Pooh didn’tmove one bit!
  21. 21. Rabbit thought for a while.Then he quickly fetchedChristopher Robin,perhaps he couldget Pooh out.
  22. 22. “I suppose we couldwait for you to get thin,”Christopher said to Pooh,“Oh, no! Screamed Rabbit.“That could take weeks!”
  23. 23. So they decided toleave Pooh in the doorfor the night and gatherhelp to try to pull himout of the next day.
  24. 24. After they had left,Kanga and Roohad come by witha scarf to keepPooh’s headwarm during the night..
  25. 25. In the evening Gophercame by with hisdinner-box.Rabbit rushed outto prevent Gopherfrom givingany food to Pooh
  26. 26. “Why Gopher,you are the best diggerin the wood.Can’t you help meto get Pooh out?”pleaded Rabbit.
  27. 27. But Gopher said thathe could onlydig holes.He knew nothing abouthow to get bearsout of them.
  28. 28. The next morningChristopher Robincame back withRoo and Eeyore.Christopher thought thatPooh must havelost enough weightto be pulled out.
  29. 29. At exactly the same timeinside Rabbit’s house,Rabbit was determinedto get Pooh out ofhis front door.
  30. 30. He started fromhis back door andran as fast as he couldaiming straight atPooh’s behind.
  31. 31. ….and suddenly Poohshot of the hole.
  32. 32. It sounded just like a corkbeing pulled out of abottle and Pooh flew,through the air likea little rocket headingstraight at a big tree.
  33. 33. “Watch out!”Christopher Robinshouted, but Poohhad already disappearedin a hole in the tree.“Oh bother!”he mumbled.
  34. 34. But then he noticedwhere he had landed…in a hole full of honey.Perfect! “I’ll get a ladderand rescue you!”
  35. 35. Christopher Robinshouted from beneath the tree.“Oh thank you,”Shouted Robin,“but there is reallyno hurry!”
  36. 36. Questions:1. What do narmally Winnie the Pooh eat?2. Who is Christopher Robin?3. List out all the characters in Pooh story!
  37. 37. Remarks: Winnie-the-Pooh, also called Pooh Bear, is afictional anthropomorphic bear created by A. A.Milne. The first collection of stories about thecharacter was the book Winnie-the-Pooh (1926),and this was followed by The House at PoohCorner (1928). Milne also included a poem aboutthe bear in the children’s verse book When WeWere Very Young (1924) and many more in NowWe Are Six (1927). All four volumes wereillustrated by E. H. Shepard.
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