Walt disney series iv


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Jungle Cubs, The Big Race is another story from the Jungle Book. Please listen to the Bare Necessities song also.

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Walt disney series iv

  1. 1. Walt DisneySeries IVJungle CubsTHE BIG RACE
  2. 2. Jungle CubsTHE BIG RACEBabu Appat
  3. 3. Walt Disney SeriesIn this series I will tell you some storiesSelected from world classics.It’s to improve your Language skills, Listening skills, Narrative skills, Vocabulary, and Comprehensive abilities
  4. 4. The Fourth or this seriesThe Fourth of this seriesJungleCubsTHE BIG RACE
  5. 5. Please Read On…..One day, the Jungle Cubsstarted arguing about who wasthe fastest animal in the jungle.“I’m a panther” Bagheera said.“That means I’m the swiftestanimal here.”
  6. 6. Shere Khan then growled.“Tigers can run faster thanpanthers.” Kaa slithered to thetop of a rock.
  7. 7. “And s-s-snakes can s-s-slitherfaster than any furry beastaround” he boasted.
  8. 8. “But I can swing high up in thetrees,” Louie pointed out toothers. “you guys have to goaround everything in yourpaths.
  9. 9. So I o could beat anyone of you, any day ofthe week!”
  10. 10. “Hmmph” Hathi snorted. “Idon’t go around trees-I gothrough them.”
  11. 11. Baloo laughed. “I’m sure youare all faster than I am,” hesaid. “But let’s have a race tofind out.”
  12. 12. The Jungle Cubs all agreed torace to the Chimney Rock.
  13. 13. “Ready…Go! Shouted Baloo.Everyone ran off as fast aspossible- everyone ran off asfast as possible– everyoneexcept Baloo.
  14. 14. He paused to pick up a bunchof bananas before he startedwalking.
  15. 15. Shere Khan and Bagheerawere in the lead when theycame to a huge river. “I hateswimming.” Bagheeraproclaimed.
  16. 16. “So do I” Shere Khan replied.“But we have to cross the riverto get to Chimney Rock!” Sothey jumped in, and beforelong they were close to a bigwaterfall!
  17. 17. Baloo spotted Shere Khan andBagheera as they approachedthe waterfall.
  18. 18. He quickly threw them a vineand pulled them both out ofthe rushing waters.
  19. 19. Louie swung quickly frombranch to branch when hensaw Baloo below him. Hepanicked and startedswimming even faster, andsuddenly-
  20. 20. CRACK! The branch broke,and Louie fell down.
  21. 21. Luckily, Baloo was nearby justas Louie fell. He caught Louiejust in time.
  22. 22. “Whoa, Louie!” Baloo said.“You could have hurtyourself!”
  23. 23. “Yes, I think I’ll sit down awhile and catch my breath.”Louie said. Then Baloowandered on.
  24. 24. Meanwhile Hathi was makinghis way through the jungle,trampling anything in his path
  25. 25. But suddenly, he stepped rightinto a pool of quicksand – andwas sinking fast.
  26. 26. “Don’t worry, buddy!” yelledBaloo. “I’ll get you out ofthere!”
  27. 27. Baloo pushed a log towardHathi. Wrapped his trunkaround it, and Baloo pulled ashard as he could.
  28. 28. Before long. Hathi popped outof the quicksand.
  29. 29. “Thanks, Baloo,” Hathimurmured weakly, “ I think I’llrest here for a minute. I’ll seeyou at Chimney Rock.”
  30. 30. Kaa slithered as fast as hecould – he just knew he wouldwin this race!
  31. 31. Suddenly, a mouse crossedhis path. Kaa’s eyesbrightened, and he chasedafter it.
  32. 32. The mouse scampered up atree trunk, out onto a branch,and around a few twigs. Kaafollowed him – until he wastied up in a knot!
  33. 33. Baloo laughed when he sawKaa. “S-s-stop that and s-s-save me!” Kaa hissed. “Okay,”Baloo giggled, untying Kaafrom the tree.
  34. 34. Kaa settled on a rock andBaloo continued.
  35. 35. He was sure he would be thelast one to get to ChimneyRock, but he didn’t care. Afterall, he had a nice time.
  36. 36. Finally, Baloo got to ChimneyRock. But where were theothers?
  37. 37. Then he realised that he musthave been the first one to getthere and that he had won!Baloo peeled his last bananato celebrate.
  38. 38. But it really wasn’t much funcelebrating without his friends.
  39. 39. He wanted to share his joywith his friends. When theyfinally showed up at the rockthey were all surprised to seewho had won the race!
  40. 40. Everyone congratulated Balooas they all headed hometogether.
  41. 41. Once they were back home,Baloo grabbed another bunchof bananas and handed themout to everyone.
  42. 42. “You know something” Whocares who’s the fastest”Hanging out with friends likeyou is the most importantthing to me”
  43. 43. About the StoryJungle Cubs is an animated series producedby Disney for ABC in 1996. It was based on their1967 feature film The Jungle Book, but set in the youth ofthe animal characters.The show was a hit, running for two seasons in syndicationbefore moving its re-runs to the Disney Channel. Theshow was broadcast on Toon Disney, but was taken offthe schedule in 2001.The show did air in the United Kingdom on DisneyCinemagic and in Latin America until it was removed. Theshows theme song is a hip-hop version of the classicsong, "The Bare Necessities" performed by Lou Rawls.
  44. 44. Answer these Questions:1. Who’s the Hero of this story?2. Why is he the hero?3. Name the characters of this story!4. Learn to sing the song by yourself
  45. 45. THANK YOUBabu Appatwww.youtube.com/TheTrainingclassesbabuappat@gmail.com