The Little Mermaid- A Story a day


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Read a story, listen to a story, think a little more about that story, you'll find that you are becoming better and better

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The Little Mermaid- A Story a day

  1. 1. Walt DisneySeries XIThe LittleMERMAID
  2. 2. The LittleMERMAIDBabu Appat
  3. 3. Walt Disney Series XIIn this series I will tell you some storiesSelected from world classics.It’s to improve yourLanguage skills,Listening skills,Narrative skills,Vocabulary, andComprehensive
  4. 4. Please Read on…..Beneath the sea, all the sea creatureswere swimming towards King Triton’smagnificent palace.
  5. 5. There was a concert andKing Triton had invitedeveryone to attend it.
  6. 6. His mermaid daughtersdanced while Sebastian,the crab – conducted theundersea orchestra
  7. 7. Far from the palace, KingTriton’s daughter Ariel and herbest friend, Flounder the fish,had swum up to the surface tomeet Scuttle, the seagull.
  8. 8. Suddenly, Ariel rememberedthe concert. They plunged intothe sea and headed home.
  9. 9. In another corner of the ocean,Ursula, the Sea-Witch watchedthem in her crystal ball.
  10. 10. She was plotting her cruelrevenge against Triton forbanishing her from hisKingdom.
  11. 11. King Triton was angry at Arielfor not attending the concert.“I want you to watch Ariel,” hesaid to Sebastian.
  12. 12. The next day, Sebastiansecretly followed Ariel. Shewas daydreaming, out loud toFlounder.
  13. 13. “I’d do anything to see whatthe human world is like,” shesighed.
  14. 14. Just then something on thesurface of the water attractedtheir attention.
  15. 15. “look it’s a ship!” cried Ariel,Before Sebastian could stopthem Ariel and Floundermoved towards the ship.
  16. 16. They saw huge firecrackerslight up the night sky.
  17. 17. They also heard the sound ofsinging and dancing – therewas some kind of celebrationon board.
  18. 18. Filled with curiosity, theyswam to the hull of the ship.
  19. 19. Ariel stared wide-eyed at thehumans singing and dancingon the deck.
  20. 20. “Happy birthday, Prince Eric!”they cried to a handsomeyoung man, “Please acceptour gift,” said an older man,pointing to the statue of thedashing prince.
  21. 21. “Thank you!” said Prince Erichumbly.
  22. 22. At the moment, a wild stormstruck the ship. Winds howledand lighting struck the ship.Soon the entire ship wasablaze.
  23. 23. Before Eric could do anything,a gigantic wave crashed overthe deck, sending him soaringoverboard into the seas.
  24. 24. Ariel pulled the unconsciousEric to the surface and swamto the shore.
  25. 25. Ariel had fallen in love with thePrince and sang to him.
  26. 26. As Eric regainedconsciousness, Ariel slippedback into the waters as shedidn’t want him to know thatshe was a mermaid.
  27. 27. When Eric awoke, all heremembered was the sound ofa beautiful voice.
  28. 28. Nearby Ariel watched as Eric’sfriend helped him walktowards their castle.
  29. 29. “I wonder if I will ever see himagain?” sighed Ariel as Eric’sfigure disappeared behind ahill.
  30. 30. King Triton was angry when heheard about this incident. “Itold you to keep away fromhumans,” he roared.
  31. 31. “But I love Eric,” cried Ariel.Back in her lair, Ursula wasstill watching Ariel.
  32. 32. She sent her eels Flotsam andJetsam to lure Ariel and theybrought her to Ursula.
  33. 33. “If you give me your lovelyvoice, you’ll be human forthree days.
  34. 34. If Eric kisses you, then you’llbe human forever! Sign thiscontract,” said Ursula. Arieldid so.
  35. 35. “If he doesn’t kiss you, youwill be mine,” said Ursula.Ariel’s voice was sucked intothe shell around Ursula’s neck.
  36. 36. Ariel was transformed into ahuman and she found herselfnear Prince Eric’s castle.
  37. 37. “Won’t you come to thecastle?” asked the Prince.Ariel nodded her head.
  38. 38. “This can’t be the girl whosaved me. She can’t speak,”thought Eric. The next day, hetook Ariel for a ride on a rowboat.
  39. 39. Eric had fallen in love with her,when from afar he heard thevoice of the woman who hadsaved him.
  40. 40. He followed the sound and itbrought him to a lovely younggirl. That lovely girl wasactually Ursula disguised as agirl called Vanessa.
  41. 41. She was singing sweetly withAriel’s voice trapped inside thesea shell around her neck.Eric was spellbound.
  42. 42. He was sure she was the samegirl who had rescued him andhe decided to marry her.
  43. 43. Vanessa accepted hisproposal and they decided toget married the next day.
  44. 44. Inside the wedding-ship,Ursula, disguised as Vanessa,was admiring herself in themirror
  45. 45. “Soon I’ll rule the seven seas!”she thought. Scuttle wasflying by when he recognisedUrsula’s reflection.
  46. 46. He gathered his bird friendsand flew to the ship with Arielin tow.
  47. 47. The birds pecked at Vanessa.Scuttle ripped the sea-shellwhich shattered into a millionpieces.
  48. 48. Ariel’s voice escaped and flewback to her and hearing thevoice, Prince Eric rushed toAriel’s side.
  49. 49. But before he could kiss Ariel,the sun set. Ariel’s time as ahuman had run out.
  50. 50. Ariel Turned into a mermaidand had to go with Ursula.Suddenly King Tritonappeared.
  51. 51. “Get back witch!” he roared.Ursula countered, “By thiscontract, Ariel belongs to me.”
  52. 52. She added slyly, “To free Ariel,you must crown me Queen ofSeas!” Triton was trapped.
  53. 53. On the ocean surface, Ericgripped his harpoon to fightUrsula. With all his strengthhe dived underwater andhurled the harpoon at her.
  54. 54. Hit in the arm, the sea-witchgrew angry and towered overocean, Ursula had taken theKing’s trident which gave hergreat power.
  55. 55. Ursula roared as she aimedTriton’s magic trident at Ericbut missed. As Ursula and herwrath grew, the sea becamewilder.
  56. 56. With her mighty powers, theangry Ursula created a terriblestorm which send the oceaninto turmoil.
  57. 57. Eric bravely swam to thenearby ship and took the helm.
  58. 58. Steering the ship at full speedtowards the raging monster,he caught her before she sawwhat was coming and piercedher heart with the ship’s longprow.
  59. 59. The sea-witch had beendefeated by the brave prince.
  60. 60. Her powers vanished, freeingTriton from her spell. Tritongot his trident and became theking again.
  61. 61. A few days later, he saw Arielon a rock by prince’s castlewith a sad look.
  62. 62. He realised that she really didlove the prince. He turned herinto a human girl – for good!
  63. 63. It was a dream come true.Ariel ran to the prince who waswaiting for her love on thebeach.
  64. 64. They had a beautiful weddingceremony with family andfriends.
  65. 65. Ariel hugged her fathertenderly and bade everyonefarewell before sailing awaywith Eric on beautiful weddingboat.
  66. 66. About the Story"The Little Mermaid" (Danish: Den lille havfrue,literally: the little sea lady) is a very wellknown fairy tale by the Danish author HansChristian Andersen about a young mermaidbwilling to give up her life in the sea and heridentity as a mermaid to gain a human soul andthe love of a human prince.The tale was first published in 1837 and has beenadapted to various media including musicaltheatre and animated film
  67. 67. Questions1. What is the name of the Litlle Mermaid?2. What is her father’s name?3. List out all the characters in the story.
  68. 68.