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Bank Robbery


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Bank Robbery is a funny story and is intended to improve language skills of the students. If it gives you reading pleasure I will be satisfied.

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Bank Robbery

  1. 1. Bank RobberyBabu AppatChelembra
  2. 2. I WILL TELL YOU A STORYStory about aBank Robbery
  3. 3. THE PURPOSEThe purpose of telling this storyis to improve yourLanguage skillsNarrative SkillsVocabularyComprehensive abilities;And thus to make youcapable ofcommunicating effectively
  4. 4. Please Read on:During a robbery the bank robber shoutedto everyone in the bank:"Dont move.The money belongs to the State.Your life belongs to you."
  5. 5. Everyone in the bank laid down quietly.This is called "Mind ChangingConcept” Changing theconventional way of thinking.
  6. 6. When a lady lay on the tableprovocatively,the robber shouted at her:"Please be civilized!This is a robbery and not a rape!"
  7. 7. This is called"Being Professional”Focus only on what you aretrained to do!
  8. 8. before Focusin’ ONANYTHINGYou have to ask a question to yourselfIN WHAT ARTAM I GOOD AT?
  9. 9. If you get the right answerFocus on itGet trainedAnd Focus only on it
  10. 10. When the bank robbers returned home,the younger robber (MBA-trained)told the older robber (who hasonly completed Year 6 in primaryschool):
  11. 11. "Big brother,lets count how much wegot."
  12. 12. The older robberrebutted and said:"You are very stupid. There is so muchmoney it will take us a long time to count.Tonight, the TV news will tell us how muchwe robbed from the bank!"
  13. 13. This is called "Experience.”Nowadays, experience ismore important than paperqualifications!
  14. 14. • After the robbers had left, the bankmanager told the bank supervisor tocall the police quickly.
  15. 15. But the supervisor said to him:"Wait! Let us take out $10 million from thebank for ourselves and add it to the $70million that we have previouslyembezzledfrom the bank”.
  16. 16. This is called"Swim with the tide.”Converting an unfavorablesituation to your advantage!
  17. 17. The supervisor says:"It will be good if there is a robberyevery month."
  18. 18. This is called"Killing Boredom.”Personal Happiness is moreimportant than your job.
  19. 19. The next day,the TV news reportedthat $100 millionwas taken from the bank.
  20. 20. The robberscounted and countedand counted,but they could only count $20million.
  21. 21. The robbers were very angryand complained: "We risked our livesand only took $20 million.
  22. 22. Who’s more Intelligent?The bank manager took $80 millionwith a snap of his fingers.It looks like it is better to be educatedthan to be a thief!"
  23. 23. This is called"Knowledge is worthas much as gold!"
  24. 24. The bank manager wassmilingand happy because his losses in theshare market are now covered by thisrobbery.
  25. 25. This is called"Seizing the opportunity.”Daring to take risks!
  26. 26. The Question Remains!Who are thereal robbers?
  27. 27. THANK