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Reducing 1,000 Questions to 3 Ps

Prospects have a myriad of questions. By thinking in terms of Program, Placement and People complete content strategies can be developed.

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Reducing 1,000 Questions to 3 Ps

  1. 1. Organizing the 1,000 Prospect Questions
  2. 2. Prospect Questions • What does it cost? • How long will it take? • What am I going to learn? • Where will I intern? • What kind of job can I get? • Will it fit my schedule? • Where can I work? • What is required to finish? • Who is going to teach it? • Will my credits transfer? • Who will I be going to school • Who else went there? with? • What companies hire • Will it fit my lifestyle? graduates? • Does it fit my needs? • and 985 more Engage. Consider. Convert.
  3. 3. Reduce the Problem to 3 Ps Program: Skills and capabilities define value Placement: Types of jobs defines reputation People: Social connections builds brand Engage. Consider. Convert.
  4. 4. Create 3 Sets of Assets Program Placement People Curriculum Recruiters Prospects Faculty Jobs Students Institution Industry Stats Alumni Engage. Consider. Convert.
  5. 5. Potential Uses • Segment prospects based on area of focus • Rework all information for marketing programs • Focus on helping graduates successfully land a job Engage. Consider. Convert.
  6. 6. Anthony Power Parker Oliver Engage. Consider. Convert.