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Positioning Programs

A look at ways a degree can help achieve the 'new career' or 'better job' goal.

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Positioning Programs

  1. 1. Positioning Programs Based on how prospects use them
  2. 2. Prospects choose a program based on how they perceive it will help them. Engage. Consider. Convert.
  3. 3. Separate “What” from “Where” Specific Curriculum General General Specific Institution Engage. Consider. Convert.
  4. 4. Specific Objectives Emerge Specific Keys to Short List the Kingdom Curriculum General Stepping Open Stone Doors General Specific Institution Engage. Consider. Convert.
  5. 5. Stepping Stone • Use: Platform to gain entry • Mindset: It really doesn’t matter where I go or what I study • Quote: “I have a degree” • Emphasize: Convenience, flexibility, cost and social Engage. Consider. Convert.
  6. 6. Badge • Use: Short list based on credentials • Mindset: What I learn is more important than where I learn it • Quote: “I have a journalism degree” • Emphasize: Skills and tools Engage. Consider. Convert.
  7. 7. Open Doors • Use: Network and connections • Mindset: Where I go is more important than what I study • Quote: “I went to Stanford” • Emphasize: Connections Engage. Consider. Convert.
  8. 8. Keys to the Kingdom • Use: Professional prestige • Mindset: What I learn must come from the place to learn it. • Quote: “I am a CIA-trained chef” • Emphasize: Targeted recruitment Engage. Consider. Convert.
  9. 9. Develop a Marketing Strategy Specific Where are our programs? Curriculum What assets reinforce position? How do we connect with like- General minded prospects? General Specific Institution Engage. Consider. Convert.
  10. 10. Anthony Power Parker Oliver Engage. Consider. Convert.