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Managing Customer Satisfaction in Call Centers


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Customer satisfaction plays a vital role not just in keeping customers but also in attracting new customers through positive word of mouth referrals. This presentation shares some tips on effectively managing customer satisfaction in a call center.

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Managing Customer Satisfaction in Call Centers

  1. 1. Managing Customer Satisfaction in a CallCenter Outsourcing Knowledge Series – Part 1 Presented by: Apollo Business Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  2. 2. 70% ...of all customer interactions are handled in call centers
  3. 3. Customer Satisfaction – Key Drivers First Contact Resolution Percentage of Blocked Calls Average Wait Time in Queue Service Level After Call Work Time Call Abandon Rate Employee Attrition Rate Average Speed of Answer Average Handle Time Schedule Adherence
  4. 4. TIPS to effectively manage Customer Satisfaction in Call Centers
  5. 5. Under Promise and Over Deliver
  6. 6. Let them see you...... SMILE
  7. 7. THROW away the SCRIPTS
  8. 8. Listen to Customer FEEDBACK
  9. 9. Reward Positive Behaviour
  10. 10. Show that you CARE
  11. 11. Allow the team to listen to and score their own calls
  12. 12. Set the right.... EXPECTATIONS
  13. 13. Apollo Business Technologies