Access your social business maturity level


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What are your dreams for your organization? How prepared are you to meet the challenges? What choices will you make today to be a “human, creative, adaptable” leader and guide your organization to global leadership?
What are the real costs of not acting now for you and your organization?

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Access your social business maturity level

  1. 1. THUNDERZONE  VENTURES   social objective______________________________________________________________________________________________________      ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________   21  Mikinon  Str  –  4045  Limassol  CY  -­  +357  97  76  78  88  
  2. 2. THUNDERZONE  VENTURES   social objective______________________________________________________________________________________________________  Company  Profile.      Thunderzone   Ventures   is   a  social   business  internet   enterprise   designed   to   address  customers  social  objective.  Is   a   social   computing   aggregator   for   social   media   syndication   management   and   social  process   outsourcing   company,   specialising   in   the   creation,   implementation   and   updating    YOUr  Social  Media  Conversation  Brand  Awarenees  .  Thunderzone   Ventures   offer   is   aimed   at   fostering   the   success   of   its   customers   through   the  introduction   of   innovation   along   the   whole   economic   digital   chain.   Given   its   knowledge   of  specific  solutions  and  due  to  a  consolidated  experience,  Thunderzone  Ventures  addresses  the  main  core  issues  of  the  various  industrial  sectors.  Thunderzone  Ventures    offer  covers  four  areas  of  competence:      Processes:   for   Thunderzone   Ventures   the   understanding   and   the   use   of   technologies  means    introducing  a  new  enabler  for  processes,  as  a  result  of   in-­‐depth   knowledge   of   the     market   and   of   the   specific   industrial   implementation  contexts;    Applications:   in   Thunderzone   Ventures   the   design   and   implementation   of   solutions  are    aimed  at  meeting  the  needs  of  the  core  business  of  customers;      Technologies:  in  Thunderzone  Ventures  the  use  of  innovative  technologies  is   optimised   to   implement     solutions   to   ensure   customers   benefit   from   maximum  operational  efficiency  and    flexibility.        Research   &   Development:   Thunderzone   Ventures   is   the   incubator   of   Social   Semantic   Search   Engine   competition   designed   under   federal  architecture  of  symbolism  based  competitivness.  Within  the  four  areas  Thunderzone  Ventures  offers:     1. Strategic  Consulting,  communications  and  process  for  technology;       2. Systems   Integration,   a   combination   of   business   consulting   with   high   value-­‐ added   and   innovative   Technology   Solutions   to   harness   the   potential   of   technology;     3. Targeted  training  for  board  member  and  top  manager  in  Social  Business   Field.  ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________   21  Mikinon  Str  –  4045  Limassol  CY  -­  +357  97  76  78  88  
  3. 3. THUNDERZONE  VENTURES   social objective______________________________________________________________________________________________________  Executive  Summary.  While  leaders  are  aware  of  the  reality  and  growing  importance  of  globalization,  few  are  “very  prepared”    Globalization   is   real.   Business   over   the   next   3-­‐5   years,   especially   in   the   areas   of   foreign  customers   which   are   expected   to   represent   40.5%   of   revenues,   foreign   suppliers   37.5%,   and  partners  35.2%,  respectively.  Yet  despite  this  anticipated  growth  of  foreign  business,  only  a  third  of  companies  surveyed  feel  “very  prepared.”  As   a   major   force   in   the   global   economy,   you   needs   to   address   the   underlying   leadership  challenges  that  led  to  the  recent  crises    We   attribute   the   recent   financial   crisis   to   greed   along   with   short-­‐term   thinking   and  mismanagement.  We,  executives,  believe  that  the  companies  top  three  underlying  leadership  challenges  are:  1)  Management:  getting  leaders  to  take  responsibility  for  their  actions  and  rebuild  trust  and  credibility;  2)  Structure:  balancing  the  role  of  managment  and  3)  Global  Competition:  preparing  for  a  changing  world  and  understanding  the  global  shift.    In   this   context,   business   leaders   are   struggling   to   address   their   strategic   and   people  priorities  The   top   strategic   priorities   for   companies   over   the   next   3-­‐5   years   are   profitable   growth,  global  expansion,  enhanced  products  &  technology,  and  leadership  &  succession.  Companies  are   currently   attempting   to   address   these   strategic   priorities   by   focusing   on   the   following  three  areas:    Strategic   planning:   Many   leaders   are   focused   on   doing   a   better   job   managing   and   monitoring   progress   against   strategic   objectives   yet   also   recognize   there   are   gaps   between  what  is  being  done  and  what  is  required.    Recruitment,   training,   &   retention   of   the   right   people:   Companies   continue   to   focus   on   hiring   the   “right   people   for   the   right   spots”   and   are   trying   to   identify   leaders  who  understand  how  to  manage  globally.    Marketing   &   business   development:   Leaders   are   constantly   focused   on   driving   revenue   by   developing   sales   teams,   revamping   structures,   and   looking   at   new   customer  bases  especially  globally.  ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________   21  Mikinon  Str  –  4045  Limassol  CY  -­  +357  97  76  78  88  
  4. 4. THUNDERZONE  VENTURES   social objective ______________________________________________________________________________________________________  Many   of   the   strategic   priorities   are   directly   linked   to   the   people   priorities   that   executives  face   including:   finding   the   right   talent,   developing   succession   plans,   leading   the  transformation   of   an   organization   to   be   more   global,   and   simply   keeping   businesses   running  smoothly  during  this  difficult  economy.  Leaders  must  look  beyond  traditional  people  strategies  to  address  new  challenges    Many  executives  are  currently  focused  on  traditional  strategies  for  developing  people  such  as   training   and   development;   increasing   empowerment   and   accountability;   improving  communication;   ensuring   right   systems   and   processes;   and   recruiting   the   right   talent  upfront.  While  these  people  strategies  have  worked  well  in  the  past,  experience  indicate  the  need  for  new  approaches  given  the  current  state  of  globalization  for  many  companies.  A   new   set   of   priorities   emerged,   Executives   should   be   prepared   to   meet   the   top   5   people  strategies   that   they   consider   to   be   “critical   to   success”:   1)   Enhancing   ability   to   adapt   to  change,   2)   Hiring   the   right   managers   and   leaders,   3)   Creating   or   reenergizing   a   culture   of  innovation   and   creativity   within   the   organization,   4)   Developing   leaders,   and   5)   CEO  succession.  Given   new   priorities   that   have   emerged,   leaders   recognize   gaps   between   what   is   needed  and   their   current   strategic   and   people   initiatives.   Significant   changes   such   as   an   increasingly  interconnected  global  economy,  greater  global  competition,  and  the  shift  of  power  require  leaders   and   companies   to   quickly   adapt   to   constant   change.   Leaders   need   to   create   cultures  of  innovation  and  creativity  within  their  organizations  in  order  to  stay  relevant.  A  new  model  of  global  leadership  is  required.  To   address   the   most   critical   gaps   between   current   approaches   and   what   is   actually  required   today,   Thunderzone   Ventures   proposes   a   new   model   of   global   leadership   –   a  model  based  on  “human,”  creative  and  adaptive  leadership   “Human”  leadership  starts  with  getting  back  to  the  basics  of   human   needs,   and   understanding   the   human   motivations   that   impact   organizations.   These   human   needs   should   govern   how  we  hire,  how  we  develop  people  and  how  we  create  the   corporate  culture  we  desire.   “Creative   leadership”   provides   space   for   having   fun,   exploring   new   ideas,   brainstorming,   taking   risks,   and   even   making   mistakes.   Creativity   flourishes   in   environments   that   celebrate   diversity   and   encourage   employees   to   think   freely   and   work   within   their   unique   gifts   and   strengths.   Each   individual  has  creativity  that  is  waiting  to  be  unleashed.   “Adaptable   leadership”   is   about   the   ability   to   adjust   to   constant  change.  Adaptable  companies  are  focused  and  clear   about  how  to  reach  their  goals,  willing  to  take  risks,  respond   quickly  when  things  don’t  go  as  expected,  and  have  effective   systems  in  place  that  allow  them  to  be  fast  and  innovative.       ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________   21  Mikinon  Str  –  4045  Limassol  CY  -­  +357  97  76  78  88  
  5. 5. THUNDERZONE  VENTURES   social objective ______________________________________________________________________________________________________  How  to  achieve  desired  objectives  Given  this  proposed  new  model  of  leadership,  Thunderzone  Ventures  recommends  a  five-­‐stage  process  to  tangibly  improve  results  in  global  leadership:    “Dream“    Have  a  clear  vision  around  who  you  want  to  be;  “Discover“    Assess  what  is  required  within  your  company  to  compete  globally  and  identify  any  gaps  in  your  strategy;  “Design“    Identify  what  you  need  to  turn  your  vision  into  reality;  “Prototype“    Test  ideas  and  potential  solutions  quickly;  “Create“    Invest  in  resources  and  tools  to  institutionalize  solutions  that  further  develop  global  capabilities  purposefully,  in  ways  that  are  aligned  to  your  strategy;    What   are   your   dreams   for   your   organization?   How   prepared   are   you   to   meet   the  challenges?   What   choices   will   you   make   today   to   be   a   “human,   creative,   adaptable”    leader  and  guide  your  organization  to  global  leadership?    What  are  the  real  costs  of  not  acting  now  for  you  and  your  organization?   Book  Me  Now­me.html   ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________   21  Mikinon  Str  –  4045  Limassol  CY  -­  +357  97  76  78  88