Step by-step guide to blogging for fame and dollars


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RE/MAX Realty Advantage is committed to helping agents achieve success while giving them an opportunity to earn passive income. The proprietary training, our Director of Agent Development, Shauna Zamarripa has compiled allows agents to do just that. If your brokerage doesn't provide training at this level, it's possible that you are leaving money on the table. Please contact us online at to set up a confidential session with our broker and Director of Agent Development to determine if you joining us would be a win/win.

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Step by-step guide to blogging for fame and dollars

  1. 1. Step-by-Step Guide to Blogging for Fame and Dollars HOW TO BUILD REAL ESTATE REFERRAL BASE FOR LIFE…USING CONTENT THAT WORKS FOR YOU 24/7
  2. 2. About Me….  I was a trainer/manager for a technology training facility for 10 years.  I got into real estate selling new homes for KB Home in 2006  Top 50 sales counselors in the country  I obtained my real estate license in 2007 and sold residential real estate until late 2010.  I used blogging and social media as my primary lead generation tools.  My blogs landed me on the front page of major online publications:, MSN Money, Bankrate, CNN Money, and more.  I blog and use affiliate marketing, social media and YouTube to market our brokerage, and have doubled the size of our office in less than a year.
  3. 3. Why do we blog?  Blogging successfully separates you from the pack by making you an industry expert. Using your personal experience as Realtors provides you with notoriety, a voice and a platform to share valuable information with potential clients. It has led me to radio shows, Huffington post panels and interviews….all of which helped my career.  Blogging means extra money in your pocket in the form of paid up front assignments and passive residual income – you are paid every time someone clicks on the link to your blog.  Statistics have shown that businesses that blog are 54% more successful than businesses who do not.  We all have unique and interesting real estate stories…and just about everything is a blogable moment!  Shauna‟s Tip: Keep a notebook or notepad handy and write down potential ideas throughout the day.
  4. 4. What do we blog about?  Personal finance matters – saving money, investing money, real estate investing etc.  Parenting/grandparenting tips  Home tips – cleaning, maintenance  How to‟s – buying a home, selling a home, working with a real estate agent, cleaning tips, realtor reputations….the list is endless.  Personal stories that you feel you can share  A list of over 600 real estate related titles will be provided with this class.
  5. 5. Start Here: Creating a new account  Visit and create a new account Click here
  6. 6. Start Here: Complete Your Profile  You will be taken to your dashboard. Click the “Edit Profile” button.
  7. 7. Steps to a Great Profile  Fill out your information completely.  Write your bio/byline in the third person. Here is an example of a great bio: Shauna Zamarripa is a Jane of many trades. She has been an award winning sales professional and sales manager, boasting over 10 years of experience in personal finance and real estate. Shauna brings a unique, down to earth and straightforward perspective on everything involving your money. Combining her work experience and no-nonsense attitude, Shauna brings important whole view perspectives on life, parenting, the balancing act of life and doing it all on a budget. A small business owner and political activist, there are few things that Shauna doesn’t have an opinion on.  Add a profile picture (Hint, hint: Your headshot)  Add the URL‟s for your RE/MAX website and ALL SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS in the affiliations section of your profile. – You know, your
  8. 8. Get “Certified”  The Yahoo Contributor Network has a link called “Academy”. The goal is to get certified so that you will become a “Preferred Publisher”  Take all three certification courses and any applicable electives. This enables you to receive paid up front assignments, as well as increasing your chance of exposure with other Yahoo affiliated websites….and there is no such thing as „too much exposure‟ in real estate. I have been on the front pages of both Yahoo and  The Academy covers blogging basics and elements of a great blog….it‟s great training to supplement your blogging habit.
  9. 9. What the “Academy” Looks Like….
  10. 10. Brainstorm Titles Quick & dirty method….  Go to  Start typing something in the search bar….  Automatically get generated keyword ideas….  See example here:
  11. 11. Autosuggest  For more in depth ideas, use the FREE Google keyword suggestion tool EXAMPLE:
  12. 12. Rules for Keywords  Select 3 – 5 keywords. Write them down on a sheet of paper.  Incorporate a keyphrase into your title.  Use the keywords as subheadings (in bold) or in the paragraphs of your blog. Repeat these 3 – 5 keywords, 3 – 5 times throughout the piece.  Keywords do not need to all fall under the same “theme”. For example, you could use “how to buy a house” and “how to save money for a downpayment” in the same blog.  Shauna’s super secret tip: In the title list of 600 different real estate related titles and suggestions you receive as a part of this class, search the titles to find appropriate keywords.
  13. 13. Basic Blogging Rules  All blogs should be at least 350 words, but not longer than 600 words.  Numbered and bulleted lists are best.  Make sure all blogs have at least one photo attached to them.  See handouts for examples.  Write all of your blogs in a program like Microsoft Word and save it. Do NOT write copy online, as you can lose your work. These programs also provide you with a grammar, spell check and word count feature. Copy and paste the content into the online submission form.
  14. 14. Case Studies  Over half of our agents are blogging and utilizing social media as their primary lead generation tools.  Out of these agents, many of them are already receiving paid assignments for new blogs, and suggested titles from the Yahoo Contributor Network.  Agents that complete 5 or more blogs per week are generating hundreds of dollars in passive income already, and have custom created content that they are using to promote on their social media channels.  These agents range in age from 25 – 65.  Blogging is for everyone, and ANYONE can do it, you don‟t need to be a writer, just a subject matter expert.
  15. 15. Are you getting blogging training at this level?  Blogs generate over 46 million unique visitors per month.  Blogs position you as an industry expert. You will ONLY get this proprietary blogging system and creative flow if you are with: RE/MAX Realty Advantage Visit us online: