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Gaia travels


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Published in: Travel
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Gaia travels

  1. 1. Gaia travels ~holidays in Italy~
  2. 2. Destinations Toscany – villa/house from 2 to 26 people, luxury villas, holiday aparments, villas at coast, beach destinations Umbria – villas from 6 to 10 people and holiday aparment Sisily- luxury villas and beach villas Lazio - villas and beach apartments Marche - villas Liguria- beach hotels and family hotels Veneto- apartments, bead and breakfast hotels and very good hotel
  3. 3. Programme options City tours  Firenze  Rome  Siena Trips in Toscany (e.g. Trip to three Etruschan cities) Wine tastings at the villa Cooking courses
  4. 4. Services Flights Rental cars Airport-transporttation Guiding services
  5. 5. Packages Wedding in Italy Vintagetrip Golf trips Painting trip to Luca Carnival trip to Toscany
  6. 6. Thank you! Pics from http://www.gaia-