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heavenly bride is a OEL manga that is released on the web as well as in print forum and for e-readers

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  1. 1. A shoujojosei OEL<br />webcomic about one<br /> dragon turned vampire,<br />his hopeless attraction<br /> to one girl, and the<br /> love that could<br /> save them both<br />This slideshow was created to highlight portions of the comic. It is not necessarily in order and does not have every page<br />
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  10. 10. Style and genre<br />Heavenly Bride is one of the rare josei (redikomi, or ladies comics), : it takes a more realistic storytelling view even though it is a science fiction fantasy romance. Like all OEL manga, Heavenly Bride's art is directly inspired and influenced by Japanese manga, particularly of the bishojo variety. <br />
  11. 11. PLOT<br />Lhung stumbles across a lonely planet while swimming through space with another celestial being. Imagining that he feels something calling to him, he descends to the planet surface. There he takes human form and begins his life at the Hall of Shells, where empty bodies are stored for such situations. <br />At first things are peaceful for him as he adjusts to his new life. He befriends a lonely girl named Taus and secretly falls in love with her. Then he learns that he has become a vampire and comes close to harming his friend. Filled with guilt and shame over what he has become, he struggles silently while loving his best friend from afar. <br />
  12. 12. Main characters<br />Lhung - Lhung is the protagonist; a former Eastern dragon spirit who possesses a body on an Earth-like planet. Although he came from a Noble family, he humbly chooses to pursue life as a healer and later as a teacher. At the beginning of the story he feels out of place while he learns to adjust to his new environment. <br />Taus - Taus is a supporting main character and Lhung's love interest. She becomes Lhung's best friend and helps him learn his world and cope with himself as a new creature. She is described as a "shy girl with secretive eyes" but appears to have a mischievous streak about her. <br />Jiu Liu- Taus'sfiance, this character seems to be slightly abusive to his future wife. The dislike between himself and Lhung is clear from the start, but Jiu Liu has not made many appearances in the story yet. <br />‘Na Mei- One of Lhung's co-workers. She first appears when Lhung is hired as a teacher in the Academy of Mercy and comes to him for administrative help when some students are murdered. <br />
  13. 13. Development Notes<br />The script was begun in 2008 while actual production began in January 2009. To this date Death has never seen Twilight, nor does she ever intend to. When she found out some Twilight media was similar to Heavenly Bride, she wanted to puke. :-)<br />
  14. 14. About the author.<br />Since the age of 14, Katrina has loved to tell stories - usually of the fantasy or science fiction variety. Her work has been read worldwide, loved by many. Although her art often bends towards the dramatic and, dare we say, cliche she is often heard to say that her sense of humor is how she makes a living. She's funny, witty, and deeply in love with Three Musketeer bars. All other bars stand without comment.She is a member of Friends of Lulu and fiercely believes in the support of writers, comic artists, and single mothers. This has nothing to do with her fitting in either of these categories, even if she does or has done so at one time in her life. If pressured, she will elaborate on her plans for global domination using nothing but some golf balls and a pink tutu.Other than that, she claims that her hair is exactly a meter long and all else would bore you.<br />
  15. 15. Other works<br />The Future of Powwow Dancing in Native America<br />Eternal<br />-ologist at LARGE<br />The Scent of Wild HeatherStrings Below<br />The Golden Ship<br />A Chance Encounter of Two<br />Going Under<br />Slingshots<br />A Troll's Tail<br />Black Wolf Silver Fox<br />There's Nothing Romantic About Washing the Dishes<br />
  16. 16. Where you can find the author<br />www.amazon.com<br />www.smashwords.com<br />www.lulu.com<br />www.akashikonline.com<br />www.theheavenlybride.com<br />http://spearcarrier.deviantart.com/<br />Heavenly bride is available as a webcomic as well as a print comic and can be purchased for the kindle as well as several other e-readers, and in dead tree style<br />