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Policy SIG Update, by Masato Yamanishi [APNIC 38 / AMM]


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A presentation given at APNIC 38 during the AMM session.

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Policy SIG Update, by Masato Yamanishi [APNIC 38 / AMM]

  1. 1. APNIC Policy SIG report: Open Policy Meeting Policy SIG Report Masato Yamanishi, Chair
  2. 2. Policy SIG Meeting outcomes • Considered One Policy Proposal – prop-111: Request-based expansion of IPv6 default allocation size • Two Community Consultations – Survey Results Discussion – Community Discussion on Consensus • Three Reports from the Secretariat – Policy Implementations – Policy Documentation – Inter-RIR Transfer Policy Update • Consensus Measurement Pilot – CONFER
  3. 3. prop-111: Request-based expansion of IPv6 default allocation size Proposal: • The objective of this proposal is to modify the eligibility for an organization to receive or extend an IPv6 address space up to a /29 by explaining how the extended space up to /29 will be used. Status: • Did reach consensus and was abandoned.
  4. 4. Survey Results Discussion • Identified two barriers for further participation • Language may be a barrier to participation – Simultaneous / Document translation may not help – Active participants could translate and promote proposals within their domestic community – Need to consider other solutions • Particularly Non-Members are not participating – We need to better understand why. More research? – Promoting the PDP is a possible solution • Need to continue discussion on mailing list 4
  5. 5. Community Discussion on Consensus • Reviewed current descriptions about consensus in: – PDP – SIG Guidelines, and – SIG Administration slides • Community doesn’t think we need to update documents immediately • Instead we need to promote our PDP for newcomers and non-participants – Should we produce videos – Make more use of flow chart – Other ideas? 5
  6. 6. Secretariat reports • Implementations since last meeting – prop-105: Distribution of returned IPv4 address – prop-107: AS number transfer policy proposal – prop-109: Distribution of returned IPv4 address blocks • Single Policy Manual – Editorial Comment Period to start next week • Additional Policy Support – George Odagi, Internet Resource Analyst, will provide back-up if Adam is unavailable
  7. 7. Proposed transfer: APNIC > RIPE NCC Condition on APNIC Source • As defined in the counterpart RIR's transfer policy Condition on RIPE NCC Recipient • Fulfill any requirements of the sending RIR • Plus existing policy requirement – Confirm will make allocations – Cannot re-transfer for 24 months 7 • Will the ARIN community see this relationship as a reciprocal, compatible, needs-based policy? • Need to observe feedback from ARIN community
  8. 8. 8 CONFER – Conensus Measurement Tool
  9. 9. Thank you Questions? 9