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Solid Waste Management in Purva Panorama - member of BANA

  1. Solid Waste Management NOW MANDATORY According to BBMP rules Segregation of garbage (Wet, Dry, Biohazard, E-Waste) is now Mandatory for all the Residential Apartments, Layouts, etc. in Bangalore ( Fines will be imposed for Non Compliance )
  2. Types of Garbage and Method of Segregation Garbage is divided into FOUR categories Wet Waste Dry Waste E-Waste Biohazard Waste
  3. WET WASTE or KITCHEN WASTE What is Wet Waste? Pencil Shaving Vegetables Peel Match sticks Fruit Peel Hair Tea Leaves Fruit Kernel Coffee Powder Coconut Shells Flowers & leaves NO animal Left over food bones (this goes in Biohazard waste)
  4. How to dispose off Wet Waste Collection of Wet Waste will be only once in a day.  Specific collection time will be given to all the blocks for collecting Wet Waste , after that please DO NOT keep your Garbage out or near the staircase because it may start smelling and cause inconveniences to others. TAGS will be provided to everyone which should be hanged outside the door if you want the Housekeeping staff to ring your door bell to collect Wet Waste (to avoid disturbance). Else, you could keep the Wet Waste Bin outside your home BUT the Bin should have a proper cover (Lid One) to avoid foul smell in the corridor.  Housekeeping staff will take Wet Waste directly from house (WITHOUT plastic bag)  Wet Waste should NOT be kept in Plastic cover even outside home also (one can keep the whole bin outside but with the proper lid )  After giving your Wet Waste remove your TAG immediately to aid Housekeeping staff.
  5. TAG These type of TAGS will be provided to everyone which you should hang outside the door if you want the Housekeeping staff to ring your door bell to collect Wet Waste (to avoid disturbance) otherwise you can keep the Wet Waste Bin outside your home. Please ensure the Bin has a proper cover to avoid foul smell in the corridor.
  6. INSIDE YOUR HOMES PLEASE DO NOT use plastic bags for keeping Wet Waste or Kitchen waste
  7. OUTSIDE YOUR HOMES Please DO NOT keep open wet garbage bin outside your home
  8. E -WASTE What Is Electronic Waste? Batteries Bulbs Tube lights Chokes Old CD’s Old DVD’s Printers Cartridges Adapters Audio Video Cassettes Electronic Toys Remote Controls Wires
  9. DO & DON'TS of handling E WASTE Please DO NOT mix your E WASTE with your DRY or WET waste, YELLOW color E WASTE bins are placed near the CLUB HOUSE and behind the PPAOA office
  10. How to dispose off E-Waste Yellow colored Dust Bins for collecting E-Waste are placed in Club House and behind the PPAOA office. NOTE E-Waste will NOT BE collected by the Housekeeping staff. Residents are requested to please dispose off that waste on their own Please DO NOT mix your E Waste with Wet ,Dry or Biohazard waste
  11. BIOHAZARD or REJECT WASTE What Is BIOHAZARD Waste? Bathroom Waste Diapers Sanitary napkins Condoms Human hair Animal waste and hair Syringes Shaving blades Finger nails Animal Bones Dry clothes Rags Old Mopping , Dusting cloth Broken Crockery Old shoes
  12. How to dispose off Biohazard Waste Pedal Bins for collecting Biohazard Waste will be placed in all the Block lobby next to Dry Waste Bins. NOTE Biohazard Waste will NOT BE collected by the Housekeeping staff. Residents are advised to dispose off the waste on their own. Please DO NOT mix your Biohazard Waste with Wet ,Dry or E-Waste.
  13. DRY WASTE What is DRY Waste? PAPERS PLASTIC METAL and  Paper Plates OTHERS  Plastic Bags  Bit of Papers  Plastic Toys  Aluminum Foils  Shredded Papers  Utensils  Aluminum Cans  Carton Boxes  Plastic Bottles  Spray Cans  News Papers  Bubble Wraps  Bottle Caps  Magazines  Plastic Containers  Tetra packs  Chocolate Wrappers  Milk Pouches *  Thermacole  Toffee Wrappers  Idly Batter Pouches* Cups, Plates etc  Chips Wrappers  Curd Pouches*  Thermacole and  Paper Glasses  Gift Wrappers Styrofoam Packing  waste Packing  Glass Bottles Material  Juice Packets PLEASE NOTE * Milk Pouches ,Idly Batter Pouches, Curd Pouches MUST BE rinsed and dried before trashing it in the dry waste . Please ensure that all waste meant for the Dry Bins is completely dry before disposal.
  14. How to dispose off Dry Waste Collection of Dry Waste will be done ONLY ONCE in a Week. WOW bags from ITC (Reusable) Will be distributed to everyone for keeping DRY WASTE only. Every bag will have Block No. and House No. written on that. NOTE  Dry Waste WILL BE collected by the Housekeeping staff directly from home only once in a week.. (Day will be intimated )  Please keep the Dry Waste bag outside your home , the House keeping staff will empty the bag into dedicated drums and leave your bag outside your home.  If you miss the collection day and want to trash your piled up Dry Waste, please trash it on your won in the Red or Green Color Bin placed in all block lobbies. Please DO NOT mix Wet Waste , E-Waste or Biohazard Waste in Dry Waste , because it will be collected only once a week and Wet Waste, Biohazard Waste will start smelling and will cause inconvenience to you all.