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7 Habits of Highly Effective Managing Committees | ApnaComplex - Better Apartment Management Conference


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ApnaComplex presents the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Managing Committees.

Raja Sekhar, Co-founder at has been part of Managing Committee for 5 years in last 7 years. He has participated in few hundred committee meetings across various other communities. Not all managing committees operate with same effectiveness. Some are better than others. When highly effective managing committees are ‘managing’ an apartment, there is a significant positive change in the apartment community – residents can feel the improved quality of life and there is bonhomie in the entire community. Based on the observations made in the several hundred interactions, the qualities of such highly effective managing committees are presented here in form of “7 Habits” that these managing committees have. Other managing committees can emulate these habits and become better.

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7 Habits of Highly Effective Managing Committees | ApnaComplex - Better Apartment Management Conference

  2. 2. apnacomplex MANAGING COMMITTEES •Highly Effective Managing Committees (a.k.a Board of Members) bring about a significant positive change in any Apartment Community –Not all Managing Committees are Equal –Some committees are more EFFECTIVE than rest in the same community •Let’s Explore what makes some managing committees better than others
  3. 3. apnacomplex WORKS AS A 1
  4. 4. apnacomplex HABIT #1: WORKS AS A TEAM •Debates a decision before it is made, and supports it fully after it is made –Has a written down consensus arriving policy –Every one supports even if their opinion got voted down •Every committee member keeps others informed on ALL matters •No Sabotage!
  5. 5. apnacomplex 2 ALWAYS
  6. 6. apnacomplex HABIT #2: COMMUNICATES •Frequent, periodic updates to entire community •Has a formal Grievance Addressing System •Over Communicates, especially in times of crisis and major initiatives •Listens patiently to one and all, collates concerns and opinions •Fact-based communication, not opinion based
  7. 7. apnacomplex TAKES 3
  8. 8. apnacomplex HABIT #3: TAKES RESPONSIBILITY •No resignations from committee member role at the drop of a hat •Completely Owns the role •Takes Decisions - Quickly •Researches, Understands, Coordinates Mobilizes, and Implements
  9. 9. apnacomplex HIGHLY 4
  10. 10. apnacomplex HABIT #4: HIGHLY DISCIPLINED •Weekly Committee Meetings –Never skips a Committee Meeting •No Excuses – what so ever! •Review & Closing on Pending Action Items Every Week –Empowers Estate Management Team •Publishing of Committee Minutes to Entire Society
  11. 11. apnacomplex SMART 5
  12. 12. apnacomplex HABIT #5: SMART FINANCIAL CONTROL •Treasurers do more than just signing cheques and issuing receipts •Default NO to ad-hoc expenses •Strict approval process for Payments •Monthly Reports on Budget Variance along with Defaulters Report •Errs on side of not spending
  13. 13. apnacomplex CULTURE 6
  14. 14. apnacomplex HABIT #6: INCLUSIVE CULTURE •Co-opted members •Sub-committees •Task forces •Internal Audits •Events •Creates opportunities for residents to bond
  15. 15. apnacomplex 7
  16. 16. apnacomplex HABIT #7: CO-OPERATES •Leaves - Does not CLING ON to Committee •Understands Change is natural •Shares knowledge, Smooth Handover •Extensively supports as an a ‘ordinary’ resident
  17. 17. apnacomplex
  18. 18. apnacomplex 1.Works as a Team 2.Communicates 3.Takes Responsibility 4.Is Highly Disciplined 5.Exercises Smart Financial Control 6.Promotes Inclusive Culture 7.Co-operates A Highly Effective Committee
  20. 20. apnacomplex Raja Sekhar Kommu Co-founder Better Apartment Management. Guaranteed.