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IT Asset Management Training for ITSM ATOs


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Slides from recent APMG International webinar focussed on IT Asset Management training from IAITAM, and the potential benefits of adding this to an IT training providers portfolio of training options.

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IT Asset Management Training for ITSM ATOs

  1. 1. APMG International Webinar IT Asset Management Training for ITIL ATOs Thursday 12 February 2014 14:00 EST (New York, US) Presenter: Timothy J. LaFleur, IAITAM Moderator: Ronn Faigen, APMG-International
  2. 2. Agenda • Welcome & introduction – Ronn Faigen, General Manager – US, APMG International • IT Asset Management Training for ITIL ATOs – Timothy J. LaFleur, IAITAM • Q&A • Further information • Close
  3. 3. Is there life after ITIL? • Is the ITIL training market becoming saturated? • Is ITIL training becoming less profitable? • How can a training organization leverage their ITIL expertise into new areas? • Are ITIL candidates interested in expanding their own knowledge and skills? • What is the next BIG THING?
  4. 4. What About IT Asset Management? • IT Asset Management is mentioned in ITIL but never fully explored • Proper implementation requires knowledge that is prescriptive • Is becoming of critical importance – Software audits can result in expensive fines – Improper asset disposal can lead to loss of corporate data – Mobile devices can be difficult to track and monitor
  5. 5. If you don’t think this is important . . . . • How many of the millions of iPhones sold in are being brought to work? • How many of them are owned by the employer?
  6. 6. If you don’t think this is important . . . .
  7. 7. It is very important!
  8. 8. • Companies are recognizing that IT Asset Management requires a knowledge and adoption of Best Practice • There is demand for ITAM training – Organizations need to bring Best Practice to Asset Management • Customers are looking for Accredited Training Organizations to offer certification training • ITIL Training Organizations are ideally qualified to assume this role
  9. 9. This is an opportunity • • • • More about IT Asset M anagement Why companies are interested What is the market What is IAITAM doing?
  10. 10. Why this is an opportunity • • • Globally recognized certifications – no competitive offerings A growth area as IT spend continues to increase Software audits and financial penalties are on the rise – No one wants to be • The Next Big Headline Executive awareness of ITAM Best Practice is on the rise – C-Level awareness is driving organizational adoption ofITAM
  11. 11. • Provides value to your customers – Drive savings from full benefit from hardware expenditures • The foundation for the next wave of workplace technology • Establish best practice in asset disposal to avoid costly fines of mishandled hardware and data – NHS Surrey, Coca-Cola, MD Anderson • ITIL students make an instant customer base – ITIL efficiencies cannot be optimized without a sound ITAM program
  12. 12. ITAM not only completes the ITIL Picture . . . • • ITAM ties the CMDB in with the ITAM Repository linking all aspects of the asset together (i.e. TCO, EULA, Proofs of Purchase, Issuance, etc.) ITAM supports key ITIL initiaitives – – – – – – • • ITAM Supports Configuration Management The ITAM program supports SACM ITAM supports the ITIL component for service strategy ITAM support ITIL Service Design ITAM Supports Service Transition ITAM Supports Service Operations Certification training that connects to the needs of ITIL trained customers Knowledge of Assets = Effectiveness of ITIL
  13. 13. ITAM expands the ITIL Picture • • • • • ITAM sits horizontally across an organization ITAM Repository and procedures gets companies “audit ready” ITAM ties IT to ROI ITAM encompasses the human element ITAM drives educated tool selection leading to organizational efficiency
  14. 14. Is there market demand? • • • Increased requests for IAITAM training Job descriptions requiring IAITAM certifications Title changes in organizations to properly reflect job responsibilities • More people having ITAM job titles in LinkedIn • 500,000 LinkedIn members with ITAM in their job description • IAITAM’s LinkedIn group is over 11,000 members • IAITAM conducts three conferences a year dedicated solely to the IT Asset Manager
  15. 15. What else is in the market • ISO 19770 – Software only • BSA’s SAM Advantage – Focused on software and heavily dependent on ISO 19770 – Not delivered by a vendor neutral third party • Software optimization and license configuration trainings – More specific to a publisher and less global to apply to all of software and IT Asset Management • These niche trainings do however bring about awareness and need for an ITAM Best Practice that only IAITAM certifications can fulfill
  16. 16. What is IAITAM Training? • Five certifications – CHAMP (Certified Hardware Assset Management Professional) – CSAM (Certified Software Asset Manager) – CMAM (Certified Mobile Asset Manager) – CITAM (Certification in IT Asset Disposition) – CITAM (Certified IT Asset Manager)
  17. 17. What does this mean to the ATO? • If 20% of your ITIL students attended an IT Asset Management certification class . . . • Would that be good business? • If they each took 2 classes, would that be better business? • If it expanded your reach in the Enterprise, is that good for your future?
  18. 18. Who will take IAITAM Certification Courses • All sectors take IAITAM training – Private – Education – Government • IAITAM customers include; – – – – – IT professionals IT Acquisition Team Vendor Managers Finance Managers Legal
  19. 19. Who will take IAITAM Certification Courses • The IAITAM is scalable and role based to apply to every size organization • Larger companies will most likely have more SAM’s or HAM’s needing trained • The more locations the greater number of individuals that will perform each role • IAITAM certification is role based meaning even the smallest of companies will still need training on the roles of IAITAM • Repeat business • Due to the complex nature of ITAM and the role based nature of IAITAM Certifications organizations tend to get all their ITAM team trained in multiple IAITAM Certifications
  20. 20. In Summary . . . • Everything is in place – – – – • A membership organization Training materials Exams A market to serve This is not for everyone – For those ITSM training organizations who are looking to expand into new and related areas – Who want to expand their client base within existing customers • Early adopters reap the greatest profit
  21. 21. Further information • APMG-International: – • International Association of IT Asset Managers (IAITAM): – Contact details: – Ronn Faigen: / +1.781.275.8604 – Tim LaFleur: / + @ APMG_Inter
  22. 22. International
  23. 23. About APMG International • • • • • • • Global examination & accreditation institute Examination Institute (EI) for the AXELOS Global Best Practice portfolio (ITIL® , PRINCE2® , MSP® , etc) Extensive portfolio of professional management certification schemes aimed at improving business processes, capability and results Work with key industry partners (e.g. AXELOS, IAITAM, IPMA, ISACA, itSMF, DSDM Consortium) to promote best practice 300+ Accredited Training (ATOs) and Consulting (ACOs) organizations with 1500+ approved trainers and consultants 18000+ candidates per month Full details at