Agile Project Management & Scrum: how to get the perfect blend!


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APMG-International webinar slides - how to get the perfect blend from Agile Project Management and Scrum. Presented by Keith Richards - 2012 UK Agile Awards winner.

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  • What if Facebook got a banking license?
  • Agile credentials? Prince2 stats and story – 1 million – growing faster than P2 – agile qualis? Sledgehammer to crack a nut – lighten up Look at those dates!
  • Are we talking agile or agile software development? 95% or is it 99%?
  • These are the questions to ask. Agile Manifesto is easy on the eye – but is only good in parts – although the effect has been amazing Care to avoid phased waterfall! NOW DO POLL 1
  • Where did the Backlog come from ? Sprint Review – the product Retrospective – the process
  • Ticket Machine – hardware, PCBs, software, functionality – pay be phone
  • Sprint 0 – is not the same as up front work You need to control agile top down not bottom up – from a CONTROL point of view AgilePM is a qualification Governance – agile business case
  • Mechanics covers Tools and Techniques
  • Scrum plugs in just fine Scrum team 3 roles – that can’t scale can it.
  • Get your questions ready KRC run courses monthly APMG do too.
  • Download white paper. Download the trans plan. Not edge of desk. Software Dev only?
  • Stay ahead – or at least hit par
  • Agile Project Management & Scrum: how to get the perfect blend!

    1. 1. APMG-International Webinar Agile Project Management and Scrum: How to get the perfect blend! Tuesday 30 July 2013 / 15:00 BST Presented by Keith Richards, KRC & UK Agile Awards Winner ®
    2. 2. #agilekrcwebinar Agenda • Welcome & introduction – Mark Constable, Marketing Executive APMG-International • Agile Project Management and Scrum: How to get the perfect blend! – Keith Richards (agileKRC & UK Agile Awards Winner) • Q&A • More Information • Close
    3. 3. #agilekrcwebinar About APMG-International • Global Examination & Accreditation Institute • Official accreditation/qualification body for Best Management Practice PPM portfolio • Extensive portfolio of professional management qualifications • 350+ Accredit training (ATO) and consulting (ACO) organizations with 1800+ approved trainers and consultants • Certify examination candidates; 18000+ exams per month • HQ in UK; operational offices or formal representation in 12 countries • Full details at
    4. 4. #agilekrcwebinar Your presenter… • KRC Chief Executive • KRC is a pioneering training and consultancy company • Specialising in Agile approaches • Focusing on improving Agile capability at any scale • 15 years experience in PRINCE2 and DSDM Framework • IAF Accredited / APMG Certified Facilitator • Author of ‘Agile Project Management’ (TSO) • No relation to the real Keith Richards!
    5. 5. #agilekrcwebinar Presentation Structure (Agenda) • Why do we need to combine Agile Project Management and Scrum? • Where are we now? • What is Scrum? • Should we combine them anyway? • What is AgilePM? • What is DSDM? • How to get the perfect blend?
    6. 6. #agilekrcwebinar House Rule! • This presentation is all about Agile Project Management and Scrum • It is presenting an option and an opinion • You do not need to take this option or agree with the opinion • ...but you need to do something...and you need to do it now!
    7. 7. #agilekrcwebinar Why now? Why is so important? Suddenly, time is of the essence Organisations want fast ‘time to market’ We increasingly live an ‘on demand’ lifestyle The Internet has changed things forever But most of our working practices where established a long time ago We have to change the way we work and we need to do it now!
    8. 8. #agilekrcwebinar Where are we now? • APMG PRINCE2 • PMI PMP • PMBOK • IPMP • APM • ...but there is a new kid on the block – agile! • It is no longer niche • New qualifications: – PMI-ACP (2012) – APMG ‘Agile Project Management’ (AgilePM) (2010)
    9. 9. #agilekrcwebinar What is Agile? What is Agile? • Very broad term • Surrounded with hype • Poorly understood • Poorly defined Scrum is the most popular agile approach It’s 95% BAU (Business as Usual) – it’s 95% Software That is changing – but there are growing pains Main problem is the idea that we do not need Project Managers anymore!
    10. 10. #agilekrcwebinar Are you Agile? • Perhaps ignore the Agile Manifesto! • Do people have autonomy? • Will people collaborate? • Will communication be good? • Is there flexibility with the scope? • Can you build iteratively and incrementally? • Do you have a productive environment? • Is the agile philosophy accepted? ...if the prevailing feeling is ‘yes’...then you can be agile!
    11. 11. #agilekrcwebinar What is Scrum? • Scrum is the most popular agile approach • Many people think Scrum IS Agile • ... and Agile IS Scrum! • This is not true • There are other approaches: – DSDM, Lean, Kanban, XP • Scrum only addresses ‘Product Delivery’ • However, most people in agile are only addressing Product Delivery • However, organisations cannot be limited by this • There is a need to handle complexity • They need to use Agile to manage Projects as well • ...and Scrum doesn't manage projects
    12. 12. #agilekrcwebinar Scrum in one slide! Product Backlog Sprint Backlog Sprint Review Sprint Retrospective 2 to 4 Weeks 24 Hours PO The Sprint SM SM Sprint Planning Meeting Daily Scrum Meeting Development Team SM Development Team Development Team PO PO Founded on empirical process control theory. Decisions based on evidence. Covers three areas: Transparency, Inspection and Adaptation.
    13. 13. #agilekrcwebinar Are we now on different planets? Sort of – but this doesn't necessarily mean it is a problem! Many people are already doing this and having successes We don't have to change everything In fact we can get the best of both worlds Chocolate bars, Submarines, Ticket Machines, Advertising Campaigns.... ...these organisations aren’t building Apps, or updating a Service. Scrum works well at what it is supposed to do ...and the opposite is true. It’s a one trick pony! You cannot manage a project with Scrum
    14. 14. #agilekrcwebinar Can we get the best of both worlds? • combining traditional thinking and agile thinking? • ...or are we mixing oil and water? • Do opposites attract? • Can we find synergies? • This is the tricky bit and the interesting bit! • Best of both worlds? • ...or the worst of both worlds? • Go carefully here... • ... and you could be on to a winner
    15. 15. #agilekrcwebinar What is Agile Project Management (AgilePM)? Based on DSDM – which has been around since 1995! Covers the up front work missing from Scrum Provides the Governance and PM role missing from Scrum Creates the ability to scale up Scrum Dovetails nicely with established approaches such as PRINCE2 ? Project Management Project Governance Strategic / Vision Feasibility Foundations
    16. 16. #agilekrcwebinar What is in AgilePM? Values & BehavioursValues & Behaviours MechanicsMechanics
    17. 17. #agilekrcwebinar AgilePM/DSDM Principles ...put in the logos? 1. Focus on the business need 2. Deliver on time 3. Collaborate 4. Never compromise quality 5. Build incrementally from firm foundations 6. Develop iteratively 7. Communicate continuously and clearly 8. Demonstrate control
    18. 18. #agilekrcwebinar AgilePM/DSDM Roles Roles (not ‘Job Description’) Roles can be combined Many people for one Role Blended view of the Customer Known as the Space Alien! It always has one head... ...but can have several bodies! Scrum works here!
    19. 19. #agilekrcwebinar APMG Qualifications • AgilePM Foundation – 3 days, 60 question multiple choice, 1 hour • AgilePM Practitioner – 4 days, OTE (Objective Testing Exam), 2 hours
    20. 20. #agilekrcwebinar To get the perfect blend... • ‘Horses for courses’ • AgilePM for start-up, project management and governance • Scrum for Product Delivery • Values and behaviours are the essential ingredient • Lighten up your PM disciplines? • Calm down you agile disciplines? • Get organised • Get ownership • Get buy-in.
    21. 21. #agilekrcwebinar Get organised and face up to this reality? • Where are you and where do you want to be? • What is realistic? • What is the scope of your move to Agile? • This is a journey • How are you set up? • How do you want to be set up? • Do you have an agile plan? • But do it now... • ...or someone else will!
    23. 23. #agilekrcwebinar More Information • APMG-International website: – • APMG’s Agile Project Management – • agileKRC – – Email Claire at – The DSDM Group on LinkedIn – Twitter @agileKRC @APMG_Inter
    24. 24. International International Find out more about us at our website: Thank you for attending.