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  • BANDUNG PACKAGE 04 Days / 03 Nights

    Day / Date Programs

    Day 01 ARRIVAL BANDUNG ( By air asia dari malaysia ada tiga kali sehari / ticket malasia bandung v/v tidak termasuk ) Arrival in Bandung Airport. Meet & greet with our tour guide. Having Bandung city tour. Visiting many historical sites there.Entering Trans Studio Bandung. Check in hotel

    Day 02 BANDUNG VOLCANO TOUR Breakfast at the hotel.
    Our first destination is Tangkuban Perahu where we’ll invite you to have Volcano
    tour there. It’s very famous with the biggest crater ‘Ratu Crater’. Proceeding the tour to Ciater Hot Spring . Lunch at Indonesian food restaurant. Afterward back to Bandung. And Watching Angklung Udjo Performance. We’ll invite you to sing and playing angklung there. Back to hotel and free program.

    Day 03 BANDUNG FULLDAY SHOPPING Breakfast at hotel. Having Bandung full day shopping tour. Visiting Cihampelas Jeans Center that very well lnown with Jeans product. Procceding the shopping tour to very well known factory outlets in Bandung such as Heritage etc. Lunch at local Restaurant.

    Day 04 BANDUNG – OUT Breakfast at the hotel then free program. At the appropriate time then check out from hotel and we’ll drop you off to the airport for your next flight.( by air asia from Bandung ) -

    End of Tour Program – Price RM ......../ pax minimal 2 pax

    Hotel Bandung Mitra or setara bintang 3 *** ( tween sharing )
    Minibus aircondition Meal all tour program
    Entrance fee all tour Program
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  1. 1. MALAYSIA By: Ashley Pitchford Take A Tour of Malaysia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. 2. WHERE DO YOU WANT TO GO?? Click Here to Exit.. Random Football Numbers Bowling Badminton Facts #2 (Soccer) 2 Random Military Sports Holidays Leaders Facts #1 Numbers Geography Economy Religion Flag 1-10 West Alphabet People Geography 2 Malaysia Malay
  3. 3. GEOGRAPHY •Location: Southeast tip of Asia •Neighbors: Thailand, Bruni, and Indonesia •Total Area: 127,317 mi 2 •Land Area: 126,854 mi2 Back
  4. 4. GEOGRAPHY #2 •Central Mountain Range runs north to south through peninsula. • West coast is marshy. •East coast is sandy. •East Malaysia has a wide swampy coastal plain, with interior jungles and mountains. Back
  5. 5. West Malaysia • West Malaysia is also called Peninsular Malaysia or Malaya. • West Malaysia is mostly covered by tropical jungle. • West coast is marshy Back
  6. 6. PEOPLE •Population: 25,715,819 •Ethnic Groups: 50% Malay, 24% Chinese, 11% indigenous, and 7% Indian •Languages: Bahasa Malaysia (official), English, Chinese dialects, Panjabi, Thai Back
  7. 7. Malay •50% of Malaysia is Malay. •Ethnic Group •The Malay Language is a member of the Austronesian family of languages. Back
  8. 8. RELIGION •Muslim (60%) •Buddhist (19%) •Christian (9%) •Hindu (6%) •Taoist & Confucianist (2.6%) Back
  9. 9. ECONOMY •Major Trading Partners- Singapore, Japan, USA •Major Products / Industries- Tin, rubber, palm oil, timber, oil, textiles and electronics •In 2007 Malaysia was the 3rd largest economy in Southeast Asia •In 2007 it was also the 29th largest economy in the world. Back
  10. 10. LEADERS  Prime Minister- Najib Tun Razak  Najib Tun Razak said “ I wish to call upon all leaders, to combine resources, to overcome imbalances, to strengthen cohesion and complete as one dream, one people and one nation, That’s 1Malaysia.”
  11. 11. Alphabet of Malaysia A-a M-em Y-ye B-Be N-en Z-zet C-ce O-O D-de P-pe E-e Q-ki F-ef R-er G-ge S-es H-ha T-te I-I U-u J-je V-fe K-ke W-we Back L-el X-iks
  12. 12. Numbers 1-10 • 0 Sifar (COSS-song) • 1 satu • 2 dua • 3 tiga • 4 empat • 5 lima • 6 enam • 7 tujuh • 8 lapan • 9 sembilan • 10 sepuluh Back Back
  13. 13. Numbers 2
  14. 14. Malaysia’s Flag • The Malaysian flag was adopted on Sept 16,1963. • The flag was designed by Mohamed Hamzah • A 29-year old. Back
  15. 15. Random Facts #1 • Malaysia consists of 13 states and 3 federal territories • Malaysia is divided into two main regions, West Malaysia (Peninsular) and East Malaysia (Borneo Island). • The highest point in Malaysia is formed by Mount Kinabalu (4,100 m). Back
  16. 16. Random Facts #2 •The longest King Cobra in the world, measuring 5.54m, was captured alive in Port Dickson, in April 1937. •Clearwater Cave of Malaysia is the longest cave in Southeast Asia, stretching over 100 km. •The largest undivided leaf in the world, Alocasia macrorrhiza, is found in Sabah. •The largest flower of the world, Rafflesia, is found in the rainforest of Malaysia. Back
  17. 17. Holidays • 1 Jan New Year's Day. • 31 Aug Merdeka Day (National Day). •1 Feb Federal Territory Day. • 10 Sep Hari Raya Puasa (End of • 14 Feb Chinese New Year. Ramadan). • 26 Feb Mawlid al-Nabi, • 5 Nov Deepavali. (Birth of Prophet Muhammad). • 16 Nov - 17 Nov Hari Raya Qurban • 28 Apr Wesak Day (Birth of (Feast of the Sacrifice). Buddha). • 7 Dec Awal Muharram (Islamic New • 1 May Labour Day. Year). • • 5 Jun King's Birthday. • 25 Dec Christmas Back
  18. 18. Sports • 1) Badminton • 2) Bowling • 3) Football (Soccer) • 4) Sepak Raga (Sepaktakraw)- Sepak Raga means to kick Rattan Ball • 5) Kite Flying • 6) Swimming Back • 7) Grand Prix (Motor racing)
  19. 19. Badminton • The history of badminton shows that it had its roots in an old children’s game in England known as battledore and shuttlecock. • The International Badminton Federation (IBF) that was started in 1934 now has more than 130 member countries. • Badminton is for fun not that much effort in required. Back
  20. 20. Bowling • Bowling was introduced to Malaysia in 1961. • In 1970 they had their first overseas success when they won 8 out of 9 gold medals in Hong Kong. • Bowling is one of the most played sports in Malaysia Back
  21. 21. Football (Soccer) • The national team of Malaysia is nicknamed the Tigers, because the tiger is a national symbol of Malaysia. • Their main rivals are Singapore (which are nicknamed the Lions) and Indonesia. • Their first international game they lost. Korea Republic 3 - Malaysia 2
  22. 22. Military • Military Branches: • Malaysian Armed Forces (Angkatan Tentera Malaysia, ATM) • Malaysian Army (Tentera Darat Malaysia), • Royal Malaysian Navy (Tentera Laut Diraja Malaysia, TLDM), • Royal Malaysian Air Force (Tentera Udara Diraja Malaysia, TUDM) (2010)
  23. 23. • • •2010 Almanac • team • • days/South-East-Asia/Malaysia.html • •