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Visbility at the Edge - Deep Insights from Your API


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We Will Discuss »
- Organizational and technical challenges of turning big data into valuable business insights
- Should you collect as much data as you can and worry about analyzing it later?
- Recommendations for enterprises to navigate the guardians and pitfalls of the data landscape

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Visbility at the Edge - Deep Insights from Your API

  1. 1. Visibility at the Edge –Deep Insights from your APIs03.01.12 @ 11:05 PSTVOIP or Dial-in (see chat) Jhingran @jhingranBrian Pagano @brianpagano
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  6. 6. Visibility at the Edge –Deep Insights from your APIs
  7. 7. What do you mean by visibility at the edge?
  8. 8. Clearly, to get such visibility, we have to collect lotsof data.Before we go to the data part of it, can you giveexamples of what such visibility might tell us?
  9. 9. API Value ChainApp Developer API Team Ops Business Owner How are my apps How is my API What is the response What bottom-line performing? adoption? time per request? impact are APIs having in my business? How can I see across How can I improve Do I need to allocate all APIs I’m using? my API? more resources at How should I invest in peak times? my API strategy for the How do the APIs we greatest return? consume impact our business?
  10. 10. Good examples.What’s needed to make this happen?
  11. 11.  data from the APIs analytics that model and predict the business and operational metricsQ: Can you elaborate on data that adds context?
  12. 12. 360° Data View Creates Business Insights Insights
  13. 13. API Data + Context DataDoes this combination lead us to a BIG DATA solution?
  14. 14. It is one thing to keep all the data, it is quite another to gaininsights from it.I have seen many examples of enterprises saying . . . lets first store it, well worry about its uses later.Is that a good strategy?
  15. 15. This sounds frightfully difficult.Are there some easy onramps to this?
  16. 16. It is one thing to run beautiful analytics on the data.Is that sufficient to affect the business?
  17. 17. Data + Analytics + People Insights
  18. 18. What are the organizational challenges in succeeding here ?
  19. 19. THANK YOUQuestions and ideas