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I Love APIs London 2016 Keynote


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Chet Kapoor's opening keynote address at I Love APIs London 2016. Like the three industrial revolutions before it, the fourth brings technology advances and culture change as people adapt to live and work in new ways. The promise is huge and the need to move fast and adapt quickly to change is paramount.

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I Love APIs London 2016 Keynote

  1. 1. EUROPE 2016
  2. 2. 600Attendees 20+ Sessions 40+ Speakers Business IT Developers
  3. 3. mitchell Worldwide Thank you! AT&T
  4. 4. Record Quarter Product 
 Revenue Growth 50%Revenue $22.9 MILLION Gross Billings $25.7 MILLION
  5. 5. Deliver products that make every business
 a digital business
  6. 6. Intelligent Security PROTECT Customer Engagement ANTICIPATEHealthcare Telco Internet of Things CREATE Intelligent API Platform API Management
  7. 7. Intelligent API Platform People Business IT Developers Technology Availability: 99.999% Scale: Billions API calls Cloud. On Premises. Hybrid
  8. 8. Digital Business Platform
  9. 9. DAVOS 2016
  10. 10. 4th Industrial Revolution Nano Technology 3-D Printing Autonomous Vehicles Internet of 
 Things Biotechnology Artificial Intelligence Quantum ComputingEnergy Storage Robotics
  12. 12. 1
  13. 13. 2
  14. 14. 1700s First Industrial Revolution 1800s Second Industrial Revolution 1900s 3
  15. 15. Raw Materials Employees Retail Customers Linear Value Chain
  16. 16. The IT era ends.
  17. 17. The digital era begins.
  18. 18. ©2008-16 Apigee Corp. All rights reserved. Customer Employee RETAIL FINANCIAL SERVICES Partner Mobile commerce Omni channel Sales & support Insights App partners Market places Mobile banking Digital payments Sales & support Compliance Digital distribution Merchant on boarding Robo advisors MEDIA Streaming apps Subscription services Digital sales App market place Digital distribution New business models
  19. 19. ©2008-16 Apigee Corp. All rights reserved. Customer Employee Partner Voice & data Mobile identity Sales & support Digital acquisition OTT partners New services IoT integration TELCO Patient apps Consumer health devices Digital health care apps HIPAA compliance Tele medicine Provider and payer networks Med device networks HEALTH Mobile commerce Digital enablement Digital sales Digital support IoT connectivity Supply chain & procurement New business models MANUFACTURING
  20. 20. Digital drives business results across all industries
  21. 21. FY15 NET PROFITS UP 39% 
 compared to 22% in FY14 Building an open 
 bank platform Launched Fitness Account for Apple Watch
  22. 22. Helping farmers feed 
 the world through APIs FEED 2.4 BILLION MORE PEOPLE BY 2050
  23. 23. Developed 
  24. 24. CONVENTIONAL LAMP SALES DECREASED BY 16% IN 2015 PHILIPS HUE AND LED SALES GREW 26% Developed wireless adaptive lighting system
  25. 25. “Burberry digital investment 
 pays off in double-digit 
 sales growth.” – Internet Retailing
  26. 26. APIs Underpin a Digital Business Platform Prepare For Digital Transformation's Constant, Unpredictable Change APIs Underpin A Digital Business Platform Prepare For Digital Transformation’s Constant, Unpredictable Change by Randy Heffner January 28, 2016 FOR APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT & DELIVERY PROFESSIONALS FORRESTER.COM Key Takeaways The Big Mistake: Framing Transformation Around Specific Digital Initiatives Organizations that frame a digital transformation around a list of specific digital initiatives (e.g., mobile, analytics, etc.) make the mistake of assuming that today’s technology hot buttons are the destination, rather than the start of a journey. This results in haphazard architecture framed around each separate project. The Better Assumption: Digital Transformation Is About Preparing For Continuous Change Once today’s list of specific digital initiatives is done, business and technology innovations will be demanding more change. So, digital is really about getting today’s list done while also preparing for an unknown future of continuous, rapid change. The Real Need: A Digital Business Platform In addition to the right organizational culture and structures, being prepared for continuous, rapid change demands that one’s technology base supports a wide and rapidly evolving variety of business models, processes, and ecosystems. Crafting a digital business platform requires ecosystem thinking; a focus on capabilities, processes, and adjacencies; strong portfolio management of business APIs; and a plan for evolving the platform over time. Why Read This Report While it’s true that transforming to realize the benefits of digital business requires specific initiatives such as mobile apps, the Internet of Things, and predictive analytics, it’s a mistake to frame one’s transformation around such initiatives. Instead, focus on a more critical and fundamental reality that runs underneath all of them: the need to prepare for an unknown future of continuous business and technology change. This report describes how AD&D pros should prepare for continuous change and evolution using Forrester’s vision for an API-centric digital business platform. Forrester Research (January 2016)
  27. 27. Technology
  28. 28. Cloud Migration Analytics Data Driven Developer Productivity Operations Automation API Design & Development High Availability Scale Distributed
 Network Data Persistence Hybrid Deployment Bot Detection Test & Monitor Secure Runtime
  29. 29. AvailabilityScale &
  30. 30. Spike
 arrest Bot
 detection OAuth2 Quotas Auditing Southbound TLS Security for People and Systems 2
  31. 31. Developer Productivity and Ease of Use Configuration for simple use cases Code for complex use casesDeveloper Collaboration
  32. 32. Data Must be a First-class Citizen Better customer engagement APIs generate data Data exposed through APIs Better operations & better security
  34. 34. Future Proofing the Enterprise Developer Centricity Microservices Hybrid Cloud Adaptive Learni
  35. 35. New Reality: Digital Value Chain B2C B2E B2B User App Developer API API Team Backend customers partners employees
  36. 36. People
  37. 37. Today
  38. 38. Today Lots of time Piles of money Stacks of documentation Heavy governance Massive siloed teams Huge process
  39. 39. Hide complexity Speed of trust 
 Keep pace with change Forge partnerships Grow ecosystems
  40. 40. Communication User App Developer API API Team Backend “Organizations that design systems… are constrained 
 to produce designs that are copies of the communication structures of those organizations.” –Melvin Conway 1968
  41. 41. Strategy BU EA SA Dev Ops Design Focus on Micro Agile DevOps DevOps Communication
  42. 42. Strategy BU EA SA Dev Ops Digital Focus on customer initiative APIs Agile DevOps Most digital efforts only impact one small part of a massive process Communication Micro
  43. 43. Customer Journey Capabilities Lifecycle User App Developer API Team Backend
  44. 44. Lifecycle Oh S#!% Wow! That’s fast! Integration APIs Argue Boxes Argue Arrows Argue Wait Build Present Present Build Iterate Ship Speed to Value We have to redo this Refine
  45. 45. Funding Integration APIs Argue Boxes Argue Arrows Argue Wait Build Present Present Build Iterate Ship Speed to Value Refine Current NPV funding reinforces this pattern Requires more flexible funding model
  46. 46. Enterprise Program App/Product API Success Pattern Anti Pattern Value
  47. 47. From an army of workers to a network of makers • customers activated • users as product managers CUSTOMERS • ecosystem innovation • extend and complement PARTNERS • on boarding & analytics • x-company innovation INTERNAL DEVELOPERS • enterprise data at core • unlock core value SYSTEM OF RECORD
  48. 48. Innovation for Technology & People Technology Scale, Availability Developer Centricity Microservices Hybrid Cloud Adaptive Learning People Communication Agile Lifecycle New Investment Models Community
  49. 49. Customer
  50. 50. State of APIs A report on the growing impact of APIs on digital
  51. 51. 280% API Traffic Growth Y/YMonthlyTraffic 0 8 16 24 32 Other Technology Cons. Goods Info. Svc. Retail Media
  52. 52. 56% Partner Channels 
 and Ecosystem 
 Initiatives B2B Use Cases Drive Enterprise APIs 39% Customer Experience 
 (B2C) 5% Internal Operations 
  53. 53. 72% Threat Protection 74% OAuth 78% Spike Arrest % of companies using capability in API tier Wide Adoption of API Platforms for Security
  54. 54. 85% Business Logic 57% Transformations 38% Data Persistence Time to Success % of companies using capability in API platform
  55. 55. Customer
  56. 56. Thank you