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Developers Hate Marketing! Driving API Adoption


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Developers Hate Marketing! Driving API Adoption by apigee.
Check out our blog for the recording and video, thanks!

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Developers Hate Marketing! Driving API Adoption

  1. 1. Developers  Hate  Marke/ng:    A4rac/ng  Developers  to  your  API  Shanley  Kane  -­‐  @shanley  Brian  Mulloy  -­‐  @landlessness  Sco5  Regan  -­‐  @sco5regan  
  2. 2. @landlessness @shanley @sco5regan
  3. 3. API Workshop Webinar Series (videos & slides at  out  your  API  Strategy                            Pragma>c  REST:  API  Design  Fu                          10  Pa5erns  in  Successful  API  Programs  What  to  Measure:  API  Analy>cs  Is  your  API  Naked?    API  Tech  &    Opera>ons  Is  your  API  PCI?    Compliance    Developers  Hate  Marke/ng:  Driving  API  Adop/on  OAuth:    The  Big  Picture  (Aug  11)    
  4. 4. Developers:  The  New  Unicorn  
  5. 5.  Adop>on  pa5erns  are  shiQing  towards  developers.  More  than  ever,  developers  can  block  –  or  significantly  aid  the  adop/on  of  soAware.  The  path  from  developer  to  customer  is  geSng  shorter.  To  win  you  must  drive  adop>on  and  affirma>on  through  developers.                                                                                            -­‐-­‐-­‐  Jeffrey  Hammond,  Forrester      One  of  the  implica>ons  of  the  fric>onless  model  is  that  it  relies  on  bo5om-­‐up  adop>on.  So  you  are  targe>ng  not  the  CIO,  business  execu>ves  or  central  IT,  as  in  the  old  days  of  enterprise  soQware  sales,  but  on  the  rank  &  file,  whether  business  users,  IT  ops  personnel  or  developers….  developers  are  becoming  increasingly  important  when  marke/ng  your  soAware.                            -­‐-­‐-­‐  Geva  Perry,  Thinking  Out  Cloud    SoQware  vendors,  open  source  or  not,  have  an  opportunity  to  secure  the  IT  execu/ves  selec/on  vote  if  their  products  meet  the  needs  of  developers  and  other  key  stakeholders,  such  as  the  opera>ons  teams  and  administrators…                            -­‐-­‐-­‐  Savio  Rodrigues,  InfoWorld          
  6. 6. Why  the  Old  Way  Doesn’t  Work    Business  models  are  low-­‐touch      
  7. 7. Why  the  Old  Way  Doesn’t  Work      Community  is  king    
  8. 8. Why  the  Old  Way  Doesn’t  Work        Conversa>on  and  informa>on  is  in  new  places,  in  new  pa5erns    
  9. 9. Why  the  Old  Way  Doesn’t  Work            Influence  is  decentralized  and  fluid    
  10. 10. Why  the  Old  Way  Doesn’t  Work              Offline  and  online  community  drive  each  other    
  11. 11. Why  the  Old  Way  Doesn’t  Work                API  use  cases  are  diverse      
  12. 12.   Developers  Hate  Marke>ng…       Engagement       Experience     Awareness      You  Have  to  Solve  Their  Problems!    
  13. 13. What  Does  Work?    Engagement              Building  community              Crea>ng  and  distribu>ng  content              Communica>on  with  developers  and  partners      Experience      Helping  developers  build  faster  and  more  easily                Tools  and  support              Access  to  informa>on    Awareness    Reaching  developer  audiences                Driving  awareness  and  traffic  
  14. 14. Engagement  Community   Enterprise  conferences  on  apps,  mobile,  development     Developer  events  and  hackathons   Meetups     Language-­‐specific  fields     Segments  –  gaming,  social,  mobile,  television,  cloud   Related  APIs     Online  centers  of  developer  informa>on/ac>vity                
  15. 15. Community    
  16. 16. Community    
  17. 17. Python   Ruby  Community   Javascript   PHP     LinkedIn   Twi5er   Objec>ve   Java   C   WebOS   HTML5   Salesforce   Twilio   Gaming   iOS   Consoles   Facebook   SimpleGeo   Android   Set  Top   Boxes  
  18. 18. Engagement  Content   Highlight developer work Thought leadership on the space New features, product roadmap API value and differentiation Tutorials, best practices, tricks and hacks            
  19. 19. Engagement  Content  
  20. 20. Engagement  Communica/on   Outreach to alpha devs Cultivating champions Collecting feedback and requirements Responding to support issues Discovering and cultivating partnership opportunities            
  21. 21. Experience   Onboarding Tooling Reducing time and effort Ability to reach/access support Incentive Wikis, forums, blogs and ways to engage Access to important information – FAQs, TOS, etc.            
  22. 22. Experience  
  23. 23. Experience  
  24. 24. Experience  
  25. 25. Experience  
  26. 26. Adop>on  Tech media giantsDeveloper/hacker blogsVertical outlets – mobile, marketing, retail and e-commerceDeveloper conferences – enterprise and consumerHackathons and meetupsBranded developer eventsPublic Relations
  27. 27. Adop>on  
  28. 28. Top  10  Things  When  Launching   Your  API  
  29. 29. Demo  Video  &  API  Console  
  30. 30. Get  Listed  on  ProgrammableWeb  
  31. 31. Support  Forum,  Mailing  List,     Social  Media  
  32. 32. Blog  Posts  
  33. 33. Sample  Apps  Highlighted  
  34. 34. API/App  Contest  
  35. 35. Hold  a  Meetup,  Sponsor     or  Start  a  Hackathon  
  36. 36. Team  Up  with  Complementary    API  Teams  
  37. 37. What  else  works?    Help developers save time, get paid, and build skillsGet content where developers are – beyond your portalMake it about them, not about youGet out there – both offline and onlineNirvana – when developers are helping each other  
  38. 38. Create  an  Advisory  Board  
  39. 39. API Workshop Webinar Series (videos & slides at  out  your  API  Strategy                            Pragma>c  REST:  API  Design  Fu                          10  Pa5erns  in  Successful  API  Programs  What  to  Measure:  API  Analy>cs  Is  your  API  Naked?    API  Tech  &    Opera>ons  Is  your  API  PCI?    Compliance    Developers  Hate  Marke>ng:  Driving  API  Adop>on  Next  week:  OAuth:    The  Big  Picture  (Aug  11)    
  40. 40. THANK  YOU      QuesKons  and  ideas  to:@landlessness  @shanley  @sco5regan