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Connecting the Dots: How Open Health Data will Accelerate Care Delivery Innovation


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Former CTO of the Obama administration, Aneesh Chopra, joins Apigee’s health care transformation strategist, Aashima Gupta, to discuss how to foster an application ecosystem that leverages connected apps and data to implement patient-centric reform.

In this webcast we will discuss:

- imperatives to open up data across multiple EHRs, payers, government and remote monitoring services

- Project Argonaut, an open, industry-led “code sprint” to support FHIR-based APIs for patient data interoperability

- how APIs built on a secure platform will enable expanded information sharing for patient health records

- value and viability of low cost inter-operability through FHIR-based APIs at healthcare systems

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Connecting the Dots: How Open Health Data will Accelerate Care Delivery Innovation

  1. 1. Connecting the Dots Open health data accelerating care delivery transformation Apigee @apigee Aneesh Chopra @aneeshchopra Aashima Gupta, Apigee @aashima1gupta #FHIR #OPENDATA
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  4. 4. Aneesh Chopra EVP, Hunch Analytics @aneeshchopra Aashima Gupta Apigee @aashima1gupta Presenters
  5. 5. Agenda •  What is driving care delivery transformation? •  How do open APIs, as nurtured through Project Argonaut, play a role? •  How can you accelerate the open API journey through Apigee? •  Q/A 5
  6. 6. Looking to the future •  This combination of consumer expectations and industry shifts puts external pressure on traditional health providers to create differentiated value. C O N S U M E R     E X P E C T A T I O N S   I N D U S T R Y   S H I F T S   Whoever  can  achieve  this  state  and  co-­‐create  value  across  the  con2nuum  will  win.     As  of  yet,  no  one  has  been  able  to  op@mize  the  con@nuum.   DIGITAL HEALTH TRANSFORMATION T E C H N O L O G Y   T R E N D S  
  7. 7. Open Health Data and Project Argonaut
  8. 8. Source: The Era of Precision Medicine Data-Driven Treatments at the Heart of Tomorrow’s Care Delivery System “The Administration will carefully consider and develop an approach to precision medicine, including appropriate regulatory frameworks, that ensures consumers have access to their own health data – and to the applications and services that can safely and accurately analyze it – so that in addition to treating disease, we can empower individuals and families to invest in and manage their health.”
  9. 9. A Steady March Towards Health Innovation Open Data + Interoperable Health IT + Payment Reform = Innovation Fuel Source: Microstrategy, The Advisory Board Company, HHS announces 2018 goal to shift 50% of payments towards “alternative models;” CMS opens up provider spending data; ONC publishes interoperability “road map” focused on care coordination
  10. 10. Meaningful Use “Stage 3” Delivers on Vision Bold Proposal Seeks Input on Patient Data Access via APIs in Lieu of Portals Source: Offer Patients Data Access within 24 Hours (API, Portal) 1 2 “No Fee” for Use Expectation 3 HHS Seeks Comment on API Access in lieu of Portal Usage “APIs provide the patient with access to their health information through a third-party application with more flexibility than often found in many current "patient portals." From the provider perspective, using this option would mean the provider would not be required to separately purchase or implement a "patient portal...”
  11. 11. A Promising Path for Healthcare’s Open API “Project Argonaut” a Public/Private Effort to Accelerate Open Data Source:; Built upon R&D initiative leading the way in defining an open clinical API to fuel a growing array of third party apps “At this point in history we have an unprecedented opportunity…for query/response transactions in healthcare using the same type of technologies that Facebook, Google, and Amazon have already implemented at scale” -John Halamka
  12. 12. Common MU Data Set Source: Asthmapolis, Symcat,, Iodine, Apigee CMS Provider Spending Data Patient Feedback Apps Predictive Diagnosis Analytics Physician- Ordered Apps Medication Adherence Tools Preventive Service Reminders “Front-Door” Interop to Complete Patient Profile Built on API Management Best Practices EMR  system(s)   Administra2ve  systems   FHIR API
  13. 13. Apigee’s approach
  14. 14. Harnessing information for better health The foundation of personalized, consumer-driven health includes collecting, collating and curating information, moving from episodic to continuous engagement. consumer interactions BEHAVIORAL DATA (life style choices, preferences, activities, quality of life) PERSONAL“-OMICS” (Genomics, proteomics, transcriptomes, metabolomics) SOCIAL DATA (friends, family, affiliations, communication, activities) MEDICAL RECORDS (encounter, labs, Rx, medical devices, etc) CONTEXTUAL Environment (temperature, pollen count, etc) Geographic (closest hospital, pharmacy, etc) DEMOGRAPHICS (age, employer, address, industry) Powered by APIgee
  15. 15. Remote Monitoring Devices Clinical-grade personal devices to remotely monitor clinical parameters Digital Health Technology Strategy Digital Platform will be the central component of an entire “ecosystem” that will enable capabilities to securely exchange data, create insights, and connect the edge. Wellness and Fitness Devices Consumer devices monitoring activity levels and wellness parameters Patient Mobile and Tablet Apps Mobile Applications External Data Connect to external data assets that give insights about me and my peers Analytics Engine Centralized application server to perform analytic tasks Eco System Partners Peers in the healthcare industry (Payors, Providers, ACOs, HIEs) Data Repositories Data warehouses, including in-house and outsourced infrastructure Digital Health Platform and Analytics Legacy Systems EMR , System of records, Claims, Pharmacy, outsourced infrastructure
  16. 16. Developer Adoption to Expand Reach! Agility to Scale with the API Economy! Channel Visibility to Innovate at the Edge! API ! Team!App! User! App Developer API! The Developer is the Key in the App Economy Systems! Apps! 1 2 3
  17. 17. Pearson: accelerating the shift to digital & services 17 “Developer communities, especially in the ed-tech market, are set for phenomenal growth, and we believe Pearson’s APIs are going to play a key role.” - Diana Stepner, Head of Future Technologies Showcase apps using Pearson APIs APIs •  The world’s leading learning company •  11+ external APIs, multiple internal APIs on the Plug & Play platform •  Creating value by monetizing APIs •  $2 billion from digital content in 2012
  18. 18. HealthCare: FHIR API-X Solution Physicians    &  Other  Care   Professionals   Hospital/   MOB   Pharmacy   Imaging   Lab   health   informa@on   “Total  health”   informa@on   access   health   informa@on  flow     Apigee  API  Management  PlaOorm    •  Only  select  data  available  to  trusted  partners  •  “Unlock  the  data”   data  in   data  out   FHIR  APIs   HIIPAA  compliant   solu2on       Partners   Mobile  Web  Sites  Developers  Mone2za2on  HIE  Exchanges   Internal  Apps     EHR  Systems     Epic,  Cerner,  MediTech   CCDA  -­‐>  FHIR  Converter   Examples  of  data   captured  into  EMR   Medica@ons   Care  Plans  Pa@ent   Procedures  Problems   Common  MU  Data  Record  –  16  elements     FHIR  Connectors   PRIVATE  PARTNER  PUBLIC   PAID  
  19. 19. Apigee Edge Value Proposition •  Unified platform for API exposure, discovery, consumption, and operations management •  Transforms web services into manageable, elegant APIs •  Enables developers to self-discover and test APIs •  Protects systems from internet-based threats through rate limiting, authentication, and authorization policies •  Provides visibility of digital interactions from backend to app Apigee offers API management software that dramatically accelerates the production of engaging, innovative digital experiences – within the control of IT
  20. 20. Early Adopter Program (EAP) Objective : Create live proof of success of the patient FHIR APIs for common meaningful use data 20 Advantages q  Low risk trial. q  Connectors for your EMR, HIS systems q  Live patient app/portal or use case q  Opportunity to shape the FHIR standard q  Peer discussion and collaboration – as part of Apigee Healthcare Advisory Council q  Access to highly skilled, API product and services team
  21. 21. Apigee Healthcare API-X EAP – Next Steps q Sign up for EAP q Join Apigee Healthcare Advisory Council q Initiate Discovery 21
  22. 22. Aneesh Chopra @aneeshchopra. Aashima Gupta @aashima1gupta Questions? Join us at HIMSS Booth 8127 @Connected Patient Gallery for a live demo Connected Health Session April 13th 4:45 pm
  23. 23. Thank you