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Mojo boost power point

  1. 1. MOJO BEVERAGE INTERNATIONAL™ is the leading designerfunctional beverage company dedicated to the research anddevelopment of safe and effective products designed to enhancehuman health and wellness.
  2. 2.  Male Sexual Enhancement Stress/Anxiety Relief Female Sexual Enhancement Athletic Performance Enhancement Mental Performance Enhancement
  3. 3.  #1 Selling Designer Functional Beverage Fastest Growing Segment in Beverage Industry International Distribution 30 Years of Manufacturing Excellence
  4. 4. MOJO BOOST™ is the #1 selling designer functional beverage with apowerful proprietary formula of nitric oxide (how Viagra® works) and testosterone boosters created for you to Go All Day, Go All Night™.
  5. 5. MOJO BOOST TM Product KnowledgeCan you imagine combining two of the most popularand globally used performance enhancers?
  6. 6. MOJO BOOST TM Product KnowledgeWE DID!
  7. 7. MOJO BOOST TM Product KnowledgeMOJO BOOST was designed in cooperation with one of the TMworld’s largest non-prescription pharmaceutical companies to deliverthe world’s first Designer Functional Beverage.• SAFE• EFFECTIVE• ECONOMICAL• CONSUMER DESIRED
  8. 8. MOJO BOOST TM Product Knowledge How and Why MOJO BOOST Works TMThree Main Components of Healthy Male Sexual Performance: Nitric Oxide Release - (erection) Libido - (sex drive) Energy - (stamina)
  9. 9. MOJO BOOST TM Product KnowledgeNitric Oxide, a key molecule manufactured by thebody, causes vasodilation (an expansion of theinternal diameter of blood vessels), which in turnleads to increased blood flow – this is a keycomponent of Viagra & Cialis functionability. “If you don’t get enough nitric oxide you will fail to get an erection – Period”.
  10. 10. MOJO BOOST TM Product Knowledge Nitric Oxide is synthesized from L-Arginine.Our Nitric Oxide formula is loaded with the highest biological form of L-Arginine available!
  11. 11. MOJO BOOST TM Product KnowledgeMOJO BOOST uses a clinically superior delivery TMsystem which triggers the body to produce a naturalbuffering agent to slow the passage of the L-Argininecreating a prolonged release.Hence, nitric oxide levels increase, and remain elevatedas the absorption continues.
  12. 12. MOJO BOOST TM Product KnowledgeWhy does Viagra only work in 70-80% of Patients?
  13. 13. MOJO BOOST TM Product Knowledge Low Testosterone Levels!Low testosterone levels lower libido (sex drive),sexual performance, energy levels and erections. It isas easy as comparing the sex drive of an 18 year oldand a 60 year old…
  14. 14. MOJO BOOST TM Product KnowledgeSexual Enhancement Matrix – 305 mg. Pregnenolone Yohimbine HCL Icariin
  15. 15. MOJO BOOST TM Product Knowledge PregnenolonePregnenolone is naturally produced steroid hormonethat is a precursor to every bodily hormone.Pregnenolone is produced primarily in the testicles inmales and the ovaries in females.Pregnenolone is a Pro-Hormone i.e. leads to increasedNatural Testosterone Production.
  16. 16. MOJO BOOST TM Product Knowledge Yohimbine HCLYohimbine HCL was the most prescribed ErectileDysfunction prescription prior to Viagra!!Yohimbine HCL optimizes the amount of nitric oxidereleased in response to sexual stimulation –a trueMOJO BOOST!
  17. 17. MOJO BOOST TM Product Knowledge IcariinIcariin is a PDE5 inhibitor.Viagra is a PDE5 inhibitor.MOJO BOOSTTM uses premium Icariin - up to 40times more powerful than lesser expensive HornyGoat Weed extract…
  18. 18. MOJO BOOST TM Product Knowledge EnergyThe most common reason given by otherwisesexually healthy couples for not having sex is “lackof energy” or “too tired”!
  19. 19. MOJO BOOST TM Product KnowledgeMOJO BOOST has the best energy complex TMavailable. It provides sustained energy via correctbalance of vitamins and energy optimizers – farsuperior to the competition! No Crash – Pure Stamina
  20. 20. MOJO BOOST TM Product Knowledge It comes down to this: MOJO BOOST is the most stable and powerful TMnitric oxide product on the market. MOJO’s potent Nitric Oxide effects combined withTestosterone Boosters & Energy Enhancers quickly renderold school performance enhancement products(including the most popular prescriptions) obsolete.