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Presentation hydraulic oil


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Centrifugal Oil Cleaner removes very fine dirt from oil upto 1u and below, by centrifugal force created in centrifuge rotor. Conventional filters cannot remove such fine dirt form oil. There are no consumables hence no recurring cost. Collected dirt can be easily cleaned and the unit put back to use again. With clean oil, wear of tools and dies is reduced and job finished is improved. The oil need not be replaced frequently, thereby saving substantially on oil expenses and protecting environment.

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Presentation hydraulic oil

  1. 1. <ul><li>CENTRIFUGAL OIL CLEANER </li></ul><ul><li>FOR Hydraulic Oil </li></ul>Oilmax
  2. 2. Why Hydraulic Oil Cleaning Is Required Hydraulic oil needs frequent replacement due to Contamination generated within the system like Wear Particle & Oxidation Products. There is also ingress of dust particles through breathers provided on Hydraulic tanks. Contaminated oil causes Wear & Tear of high precision hydraulic Components like hydraulic Pumps, Cylinders, Oil seal, etc. Clean hydraulic oil extends life of hydraulic components, prevents Machine breakdown & improves productivity.
  3. 3. Specially developed Inverted Rotor Design Autowin has specially developed inverted rotor which has nozzles on the top of the rotor. In normal centrifugal oil cleaner, nozzles are at the bottom of rotor hence when the machine is Stopped the Contamination collected in the rotor flows out through Nozzles. In the inverted rotor design the Contamination remains in the rotor till the rotor is taken out for the cleaning Pressurized Delivery Autowin Centrifugal Oil Cleaning system has pressurized delivery facility. Suction & Delivery hoses of ¾ inch diameter which makes it convenient to connect the system to hydraulic tanks/ power packs. The normal gravity drain machine has a drain hose of 2 inch Diameter hence Hydraulic oil needs to be removed from power pack in an open barrel for cleaning & it has to be refilled into hydro power pack after cleaning
  4. 4. Inverted Rotor Design Normal Rotor Design Nozzles at top of the rotor Nozzles at Bottom of the rotor
  5. 5. Installation On Hydraulic Oil Tank Installation On Hydraulic Oil Tank (Pressurized Delivery) Schematic Diagram Autowin Centrifugal Oil Cleaning System