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Ap Ferraresi Mashup Development


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a (maybe not so) new model of collaboration in order to learn by exploiting different web 2.0 tools in real time. watch (voice in Italian) the video

Published in: Technology, Education
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Ap Ferraresi Mashup Development

  1. 1. Exercise: developing a mashup Andrea Paolo Ferraresi per il Master SOA: Daniela Casiraghi e Susanna Sancassani
  2. 2. News now and history 1° mashup It was not implemented specifically for the course but it has an educational purpose
  3. 3. Implementation
  4. 4. The idea (beyond the implementation) Search in today news Search in historic news Topic (User defined) information from the beginning up to now
  5. 5. 2° mashup This mashup or the idea behind it would be useful during the course Search a topic and discuss
  6. 6. Implementation
  7. 7. The idea (beyond the implementation) information from e-learning web-sites general search Topic (User defined) specific information … is that all?
  8. 8. The whole idea
  9. 9. idea of collaboration search discuss Yugma, Teamviewer, Messenger, Skype search a topic and discuss model