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7 Follow up strategies to keep your prospect engaged


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Ever wondered how to follow-up with your prospects after the first conversation with them or after your first appointment/presentation? 

Sometimes we get so tired of chasing people down that we lose focus and take the lazy or easy approach of “calling to touch base,” or “calling to check-in,” both of which bring little to no value.

Here are 8 follow-up strategies you can use to bring constant value and keep your prospect moving forward through the buying cycle.  As you work through each of these, don’t forget to keep asking for the business!

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7 Follow up strategies to keep your prospect engaged

  1. 1. 7 Follow-Up Strategiesto Keep Your ProspectEngagedwww.apexassisting.com1
  2. 2. Don’t Lose FocusEver wondered how to follow-up with your prospectsafter the first conversation with them or after your firstappointment/presentation?Sometimes we get so tired of chasing people downthat we lose focus and take the lazy or easyapproach of “calling to touch base,” or “calling tocheck-in,” both of which bring little to no value.Here are 8 follow-up strategies you can use to bringconstant value and keep your prospect movingforward through the buying cycle. As you workthrough each of these, don’t forget to keep asking forthe business!www.apexassisting.com2
  3. 3. Strategy #1: Answers to QuestionsThe higher the complexity of the sale, the more Questionsyou’ll have to answer. You don’t have to have an answerimmediately for every question your prospects ask. What’smost important is that you are honest in letting them knowyou’ll have to get back with them. Prospects can sensebull crap so tell the truth.Let them know that you want to make sure you answertheir question as honestly as possible and that it will take abit of research so you’ll have to get back to them. Take itas an opportunity to follow-up. Get the information youneed, and respond to your prospect as quickly as possiblewith answers!www.apexassisting.com3
  4. 4. Strategy 2: Give Them aReferralWe are always asking for referrals, or at least weshould be… right? What about giving your prospectssome referrals? You might refer a potential client fortheir business, or even a prospective employee to fill aposition opening. This is only in a situation whereapplicable. Don’t give your prospect false informationor false hope that you have a referral for them,remember we’re trying to build trust.www.apexassisting.com4
  5. 5. Strategy 3: Helpful Articles orToolsBe a resource! You should subscribe to industrypublications and newsletters that help you keep upwith the latest news affecting your industry. Whenyou get an article or run into helpful tools that mayapply to a current prospect’s situation, send them acopy of the article or link, and make a follow-upcall! Tie the information in the article back to thespecific ways your product will solve the prospectsproblems.www.apexassisting.com5
  6. 6. Strategy 4: CustomerReviewsWhen clients send you emails and letters of praiseand rave reviews, keep them on file and ask forpermission to use it in your marketing materials.When you run into a prospect with similar needs andinterests, send them a targeted testimonial. This will letthem see how you have solved a similar problem witha current or past client.www.apexassisting.com6
  7. 7. Strategy 5: New Information toShareCall your prospect with something new… somethingthat will benefit and excite them about what youhave to offer. Remember this has to be somethingyou haven’t shared or that they can find themselveson your website. Call and say something like, “I’vegot some great news for you!” or “I’ve got an updatefor you!” This news can be a special promotion or newservice, system or product that your company nowoffers.www.apexassisting.com7
  8. 8. Strategy 6: Send a Thank-YouNoteIf you want to make an impact, make your clientsand prospects feel like they’re important. Send thema hand-written note within a week of meeting. They’lllove it and it gives you a reason to call.www.apexassisting.com8
  9. 9. Strategy 7: Share a SuccessStorySharing success stories about how you’ve helpedother clients is a great way to share your passion foryour products and services. You may not want toshare specific company names, for reasons ofconfidentiality, but you should have a handful ofgreat stories to tell. Prospects want to feel confidentthat you can help them find a solution to theirproblem.www.apexassisting.com9
  10. 10. www.apexassisting.com10If you see something that will interest yourclient, pass it along. You do not need to makea sales call each time you have a touch point.All you have to do is show that you areinterested in them. If you focus on the customerat all times, you are likely to increase theamount of business you get from them. You willbe in their minds when it comes time to selectthe correct person to fill a big order or tomanage a project.
  11. 11. NEED MORE HELP?If you have questions oryou’d like to email us acomment on this materialplease contact us atquestions@apexassisting.comAdditional training can be foundon our website atwww.apexassisting.comwww.apexassisting.com11