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10 ways to boost your company sales


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Growing your business is a continuous effort and goal. Business owners need to think and plan more strategically to effectively grow their businesses. Here are 10 simple and strategic ideas that will help increase your revenue without putting a strain on your pockets.

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10 ways to boost your company sales

  1. 1. 10 Waysto BoostYourCompanySalesGrowing your business is a continuous effort and goal. Businessowners need to think and plan more strategically to effectively growtheir businesses. Here are 10 simple and strategic ideas that willhelp increase your revenue without putting a strain on your pockets.An Apex Virtual Solutions Report289 Jonesboro Rd Suite 307McDonough, Georgia 30253Phone: 866-874-3647
  2. 2. 10 Ways to Boost Your Company SalesAn Apex Virtual Solutions Reportwww.apexassisting.comAre you starting to feel burned out? Frustrated with business ownership because your revenue doesntmatch your efforts?Here are 10 quick, easy-to-implement things you can do that will guarantee, if done properly andconsistently, an increase in revenue for your business.Tip #1Get your story, idea, product, or service announcement out into the marketplace in as many wayspossible, all at once.Here are some options that will help you make a powerful impact:1. Press release2. Article Submissions3. Blog post4. Facebook5. E-zine blast6. Email announcement7. Twitter8. Blog Talk Radio Interview9. Videocast10. Downloadable audio snatch11. Free e-book12. Podcast13. TeleseminarTip #2Use free classified ads to promote your business.If you have a knack for writing short ads, you will be able to increase your site traffic by using free orinexpensive classified ads. Place ads where you know your target audience will see them.Tip #3Introduce yourself to three potential referral sources or possible partnership.A nurturing referral relationship or business partnership can be quite profitable. So think of professionalswho would be good referral sources for you or a good fit for a partnership. Once you make a list of possiblechoices, make contact with them today. Be sure to select individuals that are credible and reliable.Remember that the relationship has to be equally beneficial to all participating parties. This type of strategyalso means that you can’t over promise and under deliver. You have to be a person of your word, otherwisethis type of agreement will quickly decimate.
  3. 3. 10 Ways to Boost Your Company SalesAn Apex Virtual Solutions Reportwww.apexassisting.comTip #4Become benefit driven.Focus on the benefits rather than the features of your products or services. Explain how your product orservice can provide a solution to a problem your prospect may be having or present them possibly with anopportunity.Tip #5Add a tantalizing promotional “special” to your email signature space.Put a brief promotional line about the special product or service that you are giving away (or offering at areduced rate) this month.Tip #6Develop and implement a solid customer relationship management plan.Set aside some time each month to follow up with your current clients or customers. Send them apersonalized letter, card or email to thank them for their business and to ask them if there is any way youcan make their experience with your company even better.Tip #7Eliminate the risk by offering a “money back guarantee” or a “3-day trial” This will increase yoursales!Eliminate the risk for your prospects. Offer them a type of guarantee that will make them feel comfortableabout using your product or service. This guarantee helps them to feel good about their purchase; theyknow that if you don’t deliver, they haven’t lost anything.Tip #8Follow up with old leads that showed an interest in your product or service but didn’t buy.Call (don’t email) them and see if they now have a need for anything you offer. Ask them what preventedthem from moving forward and see if their situation has changed. Thank them for considering yourcompany and if they don’t buy this time around ask them if there was anything you could have donedifferently that would have changed the outcome.
  4. 4. 10 Ways to Boost Your Company SalesAn Apex Virtual Solutions Reportwww.apexassisting.comTip #9Let your clients and prospects know about something big you’ll either be doing or offering.Here are some big ways to make an impact and get their attention:• Book launch• Radio Show• DVD training program• Keynote speaking engagement• Public seminar• Corporate training program• Boot camp• Mentoring program• New Coaching Program• Television show• Membership website program• Special teleseminar seriesTip #10Start an affiliate program.Affiliate marketing works well because it is mutually beneficial to the merchant (which would be you in thiscase) and the affiliate marketer. It is a great way for both to make money selling products on the Internet.As a business owner you have to be constantly advertising and marketing your business. Try to thinkoutside the box, be creative. Implement one of these ideas or strategies each day. You’ll not only bepromoting your business today, but you’ll also be making certain it will be a success this year and years tocome.If you’re overworked as it is and can’t find time to implement any more strategies or new systems, you mayneed a virtual assistant. Apex Virtual Solutions has been providing solutions for small businesses for over12 years. Contact us today for a free consultation at 866-874-3647. We can help you increase yourrevenue by handling some of the day to day tasks and put valuable hours back into your week.