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Amazing Makeover Health Edition: Role-Playing for Behavior Change


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Do you schedule regular wellness visits with your doctor? If you don’t, could a game or simulation motivate you to change your behavior? The Center for Advanced Entertainment & Learning Technologies (CAELT) at Harrisburg University has created a game, in partnership with a regional health insurer, with the hopes of doing just that. The mobile role-playing game does not coach the subscriber directly. Instead, the player’s goal is to coach a virtual team to improve their health. We’ll discuss the approach to the game, demo the user experience and discuss any available game play data.

This presentation was given at the 2013 Immersive Learning Conference in San Antonio, TX on January 17, 2013.

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Amazing Makeover Health Edition: Role-Playing for Behavior Change

  1. 1. Amazing Makeover: Health EditionRole-Playing for Behavior Change
  2. 2. IntroductionsHarrisburg Universityof Science and TechnologyCharles PalmerExecutive Director, CAELTAssociate Professor of New MediaAndy PetroskiDirector of Learning TechnologiesAssistant Professor of Learning Technologies
  3. 3. Why might you be interested in this story?Extend your simulation experienceAllow the learner to create and buildTake advantage of mobile
  4. 4. Environment for Healthcare Provider• Healthcare costs• Greater illness later in life• Preventative care is important• Lack of involvement by young policy holders (18-35, self-insured); 7,500 membersGoal: Participate in the online healthinformation / maintenance site
  5. 5. Insurer’s Challenges for Influencing the AudienceAttitude (I’m invincible!).Not clear on what changesto makeBehavior change takes time
  6. 6. Insurer’s Challenges for Connecting with the AudienceMobileSocialInterest in topicDivided attention
  7. 7. Process: How Snooki was our inspiration stage Client Engagement / InvestigationHealth game concept (codename: ExtremeTransformation Challenge)Project proposal
  8. 8. Process: Eat an apple, not a marathon stage Lead game designerFurther investigationSimulation framework - (fun?)PrototypingStrategy Document
  9. 9. Process: Princesses, Ninjas and Pirates stage Stories with episodes (and a twist) – (fun?)Content gridFunctionality
  10. 10. Process: Are we still having fun? stage Revised stories as seasonsand episodes– (fun?)Wire framingWriter & writingGraphic designer &interface/graphic designRequirements doc
  11. 11. Process: Is 8 AM really 8 AM? stage DevelopmentTesting
  12. 12. Process: Four years and seven score Timeline stage 1November 2011February 2012 stage 2April 2012 stage 3 stage 5 stage 4May 2012January 2013
  13. 13. ResultsSolutionTechnologyStructure
  14. 14. SolutionEngageMultimodal interaction/engagementDual platforms (desktop and mobile web)Demo of game
  15. 15. Lessons Learned – Went WellDesign team worked well together(big idea to design details)Offshore developer – divorceddesign completely fromdevelopmentClient – one main point of contactthat liaised between client projectteam and usWeekly meetings (even when theywere short, they were necessary inkeeping the project moving)
  16. 16. Lessons Learned – Not so muchOffshore developer (communication– time of day, miscommunication,etc.)Estimating time needed for designand for development (hard to base itoff of volume of pages, interactions,media, etc.)Dual platformsTesting – didn’t have access to thetarget group fordesign/functionality/technicaltesting. (Internal security policies.)
  17. 17. FutureAdditional episodesExpanded team playAnalyze results
  18. 18. Were you interested in this story?Extend your simulation experienceAllow the learner to create and buildTake advantage of mobile
  19. 19. QuestionsFire away!Harrisburg Universityof Science and Technologywww.harrisburgu.eduCharles
  20. 20. Learning @ HU• Learning Technologies – BIG IDEA• LTMS (Serious Games & Simulations)• New Media (Game & Web Development Focus)• Center for Advanced Entertainment and Learning Technologies - CAELT
  21. 21. Thank you.