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About me alejandra perales mrs.sanchez


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Published in: Education
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About me alejandra perales mrs.sanchez

  1. 1. About Me By: Alejandra
  2. 2. Childhood Hi, My name is Alejandra. I am 11 years old almost going to 12. My birthday is March 2, 1999. I was born in Brownsville, Texas.
  3. 3. My Best Friends I have a lot of friends! My best friends are…. Itza Monica Audrie Malu Rogelio Ricardo Joceline Rosa Briana I love my friends so much! We are all besties forever!!
  4. 4. My Personality My Personality is Random Funny Colorful Happy…these all come to my personality because I have a big imagination and heart!!
  5. 5. The Things I do for Fun The things I do for fun are.. I play outside I talk with my friends I play basketball I use the computer And I visit my relatives I do these things because I really like to play and visit who and what I love!
  6. 6. Your Hobbies My hobbies is to talk to friends during class whenever I have nothing to do. I really love to use the computer. I love to play with animals when they are all alone. And I love to play basketball with my friends, too. These are my hobbies and I cant stop!
  7. 7. My Favorite Quotes My favorite quotes are… That’s random Your so weird! Are you serious?? Never mind… Ok then…… These are the most things I say because I see many “weird” things!!
  8. 8. My Pets My Pets Names Are.. Sally Snoopy Princess Garfield Snickers Hershey Meme Sheila Blackie M&M Snowball I really love pets and most of these are kittens.
  9. 9. My Favorite Colors My favorite colors are Indigo Red-orange Magenta Celeste I really love these colors and they show who I really am. Fun, and “almost” always happy.
  10. 10. Favorite Sports My favorite sports are.. Volleyball Soccer Football Basketball Tennis I love everything about these sports and they are the most fun out of any other kind.
  11. 11. Favorite Actors My favorite actors are… Johnny Depp Jessica Simpson Taylor Laughter Selena Gomez Miley Cyrus These are the best actors because they are funny and good at acting!
  12. 12. My Role Models My role models are.. my mom Dad Aunt Friends Teachers These people are my role models because they show me the good thing!
  13. 13. My favorite Place To Eat Whataburger Texas Roadhouse Mall Linns Subway I love these places because they have good food!
  14. 14. My favorite songs My Favorite Songs are.. Fireflies Cooler than me Teenage Dream Dime si te vas con el Love me I want you to know Only just a dream These are the best songs I can think of and they make me dance to the song!!!
  15. 15. Things I don’t like about school Things I don’t like about school… Reading Library Beginning of school Social Studies Gym These are the worst things about school because they annoy mee!!
  16. 16. Favorite Singers Katy Perry The Ready Set Shakira Usher Enrique Iglesias Jordyn Sparks These are the best singers ever!!
  17. 17. Thank you!