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Smx west 2012 acquisio display case study


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Smx west 2012 acquisio display case study

  2. 2. Alex Who?• Marketing Director Acquisio• 15 years Internet Marketing @apelletier
  3. 3. ACQUISIO
  4. 4. About Acquisio Buy• The leading platform to buy, track, manage, optimize and report on media across Report Track SEARCH all major Search, Social and SOCIAL Display networks. DISPLAY• In numbers Optimize Manage • +300 Clients • +20 Countries • +100 Employees • +4000 Users • +9500 Brands • #46 Deloitte Fast 50
  5. 5. How it Works Agency Agency Proprietary Data - Bid Management White Label Platform - Reporting - DashboardsClient Client Client Client Client - Bulk Editing - Alerts - Attribution Othe r + Email + API
  6. 6. The BenefitsBe more efficient• Save time on grunt work (Automate Reporting & Campaign Optimization)• Focus on Strategic work• Manage agency growth (Scalability)Uncover new business opportunities• Add new channel to your offering (Search, Social, Display)• Upsell technology• Accelerate sales process & win more dealsServe clients better• Improve campaign performance• Show transparency• Solidify client loyaltyMitigate Risk• Ensure business continuity• Reduce employee turnover• Staff accountability
  7. 7. A Few of our Clients
  9. 9. Timeline• Campaign launch in February 2011 but really picked up in May• Managed by The Trade Desk• Still going on today
  10. 10. Background• Mature PPC Campaigns• 20 Leads per Month• Generates Leads at $200 each• Reached Maximum Volume
  11. 11. Experiment Objectives• Test Display Integration• Increase Lead Volume• Maintain or Lower CPA• Budget: $250,000
  12. 12. THE RESULTS
  13. 13. Results - Conversions• We generated loads for conversions
  14. 14. Results - CPA• But CPA went right through the roof – Many times
  15. 15. Results – Targeting Strategies• Different Strategies yielded very different results(CPA for 4 Targeting Strategies)
  16. 16. Results – Brand Awareness• We believe that display supports brand awareness well
  17. 17. Results - Creatives• Huge difference between creative designed solely to generate leads and creative designed to generate brand awareness. When we switched to put more emphasis on brand and exposed tens of millions of banners, brand queries shot up dramatically.
  18. 18. Results - Overall• Doubled Lead Volume• Maintain CPA at Approximately $200• Increased Brand Awareness• Able to Scale Volume massively• But Cost of Scaling is High
  20. 20. Tracking Challenges• Not like Search: Not sure what to make of View Through Conversion Metric, for example.• Not Sure what tracking system should prevail: Web Analytics, Ad Server, Acquisio, TTD or even ???
  21. 21. Quality Challenges• Need to always keep an eye on the sites that drive the most impressions and weed out the crap. Every month we removed dozens, if not hundreds.• White lists are not enough
  22. 22. Display is Cyclical• End of quarters are rough.• Agencies have to spend their client budgets, so nothing works well anymore.
  23. 23. Volume Challenges• We had set aside $250,000• We spent a little over $35,000• The rest went to fixed price deals• Harder to perform well with B2B site
  24. 24. Attribution• How do you give credit for view-through conversions?• What duration should we consider it?• Worth the same as click through? Difficult Questions!
  25. 25. Thanks!Questions? @apelletier