Cbu and mtnyc grant application workshop


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Cbu and mtnyc grant application workshop

  1. 1. &2012 Mini-Grants!
  2. 2. CBU Overview 2546 Users 279 Projects 3071 Ideas 116 Resources and counting…
  3. 3. CBU Overview Project Pages Needs allows you to specify exactly what help you need, how much of it, and when. The I can help button makes it easier for others to participate. Events helps you to promote special events and recruit attendees. Discussion features a user timeline and allows you to post pictures and documents to your page.
  4. 4. CBU Overview From the Change by Us NYC homepage (nyc.changeby.us), you can:Access the onlineapplication Add your project to the CBU website
  5. 5. CBU Overview Last Year’s Winners 85 street trees maintained! 10 community gardens created or enhanced! 9,346+ lbs of waste composted!
  6. 6. MTNYC OverviewLaunched in 2007, MillionTreesNYC isa partnership between Parks and NewYork Restoration Project with theambitious goal of planting and caringfor one million new trees across thecitys five boroughs by 2017.
  7. 7. MTNYC OverviewStewardship Corps was launched In May 2009 as a collaboration with Brooklyn BotanicGarden, Greenbelt Conservancy, GreenThumb, Partnerships for Parks, New YorkBotanic Garden and Trees New York to build a community-based network of treestewards across the city’s five boroughs.• Goals: – No-cost tree care workshops and toolkits – Coordinate and expand existing environmental and tree stewardship programs across New York City – Adopt-a-Tree online space for tree • “Trees for Public Health” stewards to adopt trees, report tree- Target Neighborhoods: care activities and share resources East New York, BK – “Train-the-Trainer” workshops to Hunts Point, BX empower Corps members to Morrisania, BX educate new tree stewards through East Harlem, MN their local networks Far Rockaway, QN Stapleton, SI
  8. 8. MTNYC OverviewAdopt-a-Tree www.milliontreesnyc.org/stewards• Sign-up• Locate newly planted trees and adopt them.• Record your tree care activities.• Report any problems with condition of trees.
  9. 9. MTNYC Overview Train-the-Trainer workshop series• Goal: Empower intermediate-advanced tree stewards to offer tree care workshops to new stewards in community.• Attend a Train-the-Trainer workshop and gain the knowledge, skills and resources needed to offer your own workshop. – Tree care strategies and tips – Community organizing and event running skills – Network with a community of volunteer stewardship leaders – Training Manual – TreeLC Guide – Tree care tools – FAQs, list of resources, Adopt-a-Tree tutorial – SteWagon can transport tools and supplies to Trained Trainer- led events
  10. 10. MTNYC Overview StewCorps Mini-Grants 2012• Goal: empower committed community groups to organize and strengthen tree stewardship efforts in their neighborhoods• Grants of up to $1000 (maximum) per project• Application deadline is April 9, 2012• Potential projects: – Community tree watering program using buckets, – gator bags, etc. – Planting flowers and bulbs in tree beds – Building and decorating tree guards – Organizing community events focused around tree care – Neighborhood outreach and education about tree stewardship
  11. 11. Application GuidelinesEligible groups include: Change by Us: To be eligible, you• Self-organized, volunteer-based groups also need to create a project on• Groups new to fundraising, with small the CBU website. You must have at budgets and limited fundraising least 20 members join your project opportunities online, and fill out all relevant• Block associations fields in your project profile.• Civic organizations• Adult-led youth groups• Groups are not required to have non- MillionTrees: To be eligible, you profit or 501(c)(3) status but will need to also need to register on Adopt-a- set up a fiscal conduit or a bank account if Tree, using the Adopt-a-Tree map a grant is awarded to locate and select the street tree or trees you will adopt. Preference will be given to projects located in Trees for Public Health neighborhoods.
  12. 12. Applying for a Grant Step one: Submit email address Step two: Follow link in body of email Tip: Remember to check spam folder if message does not appear!
  13. 13. Applying for a Grant Step three: Provide general information, like name and location of your group Tip: If you aren’t sure how much to request, answer this question after creating your budget proposal.
  14. 14. Applying for a Grant Step four: Provide narrative information, like the mission and proposed project of your group. Tip: Think of it as telling your story. What do we need to know to understand you better?
  15. 15. Applying for a Grant Step five: Provide budget and work plan. Tip: It helps to itemize. Break down your needs into smaller parts to figure out how much you’ll need total.
  16. 16. Applying for a GrantBefore you submit!• Review your responses carefully and print a copy for your reference.• Once you submit, you can no longer make changes to your application. Last step: Read through everything one more time, and then when you’re ready, select “Submit.” You’re done!
  17. 17. Grants Timeline MillionTrees NYC: Change by Us NYC: April 9, 2012 – Applications due! April 23, 2012 – Applications May 15, 2012 – Applicants will be notified of due! grant decisions. May 4, 2012 –Applicants will May 16, 2012 – Grant period begins. Interim be notified of grant decisions. & final report templates posted. May 5, 2012 – Grant period July 20, 2012 – Interim reports due. begins. September 30, 2012 – Grant period ends. Mid August, 2012 – Grant October 31, 2012 – Final Report Due. period ends. Adopt all trees cared for and report all tree- Late August, 2012 – Project care activities via Adopt-a-Tree final reports due. database. Late Summer, 2012 – Grow Our Grassroots Celebration event for all grantees!