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Entertainment Industry ppt

  1. 1. Prachi KanaskarM-4120
  2. 2. Apeksha BhatkarM-4105
  3. 3. BOLLYWOOD VS HOLLYWOOD Born Born Produces Produces Flops, block Flops, blockbusters busters
  4. 4. Technical TechnicalBudget Budgetmusic music
  5. 5. Scale ScaleStory StoryEarnings Earnings
  6. 6. RECENT STUPID & HIT MOVIESRa-one X-men:first classSingham Fast n furuious5Ready KungfuBodygaurd panda2 Transformers:
  7. 7. Marketing Mix ofBollywood & Hollywood
  8. 8. PRODUCTBollywood marketers realize that marketingmovies means selling the entire experience.Bollywood makers are also giving a lot ofthought to the naming of their products(movies).
  9. 9. ComedyRomanticScaryFamily oriented
  10. 10. PRODUCT• The entire movie experience is the product that any production house is trying to sell.• Production houses need to understand which category their movie belongs to it and which audience it aims at targeting.• Product of Hollywood movies are the wide variety of a movies they are producing.
  11. 11. Commercial Arts3DScience FictionAction-basedHorrorAdventurousAnimatedRomanticComedy
  12. 12. PRICE Bollywood in recent years has become theplaying field for the rich and the famous.The notion that Bollywood is a veryprofitable industry is true in all senses. Inthe face of steep competition, mostproduction houses have come up withinnovative marketing strategies to increasethe profit margin.
  13. 13. PRICEHollywood movies grossed $26.7 billionworldwide in 2007.Although the movie industry takes in billionsof dollars a year, very few Hollywood moviesactually make a profit.Thats because it costs a tremendousamount to make a major studio movie.Hollywood relies on a few runaway hits eachseason to make up for the majority of filmsthat fail to break even.
  14. 14. PLACEThe timing of the launch of a product is acrucial factor in determining its success.The release date of a movie is one of thesmallest but most significant factor indetermining the success of the movie.Filmmakers nowadays invest a lot of time indeciding the right time for releasing a movie.
  15. 15. PLACEThe timing of the launch of a product is acrucial factor in determining its success.Christmas-season of releasing movies. The PVR cinemas also recently forayedinto the Distribution of Hollywood film titlesin the country through its 100%subsidiary, PVR Pictures.
  16. 16. PROMOTION No longer are promotions restricted toshowing trailers and painting the city withposters of the movie. Bollywood does not want to be narrow-minded in its view, instead of looking at thetelevision industry as a competition; they havetaken it as a facilitator to promote their films
  17. 17. PROMOTION Movie marketing is also known as movieadvertising and movie promotion. The movie business is cyclical andseasonal by nature. In recent years, the general tactic has beento "go big." Every movie is different and the promotionsdepartment must figure out what type ofcampaign will be the most effective atreaching the target audience.
  18. 18. PEOPLE No longer do filmmakers try to keep awayfrom the general public. They have knownthat it is the people in the end who canmake or break their film.
  19. 19. PEOPLEAn essential ingredient to any service provision isthe use of appropriate crew members and people.Recruiting the right crew members and trainingthem appropriately in the delivery of their serviceis essential if the production house wants toobtain profit.Consumers make judgments and deliverperceptions of the service.
  20. 20. MarketingStrategies ofBollywood & Hollywood
  21. 21. Multimedia UsageContests and Discounts Integrate Offline and OnlineAdvertising
  22. 22. Theatrical trailerPress junketAn all-out Publicity blitz which becomes a “can’t miss event”Publicity stunt.
  23. 23. Akshata ChavanM-4150
  24. 24. Sonali LadM-4123
  25. 25. FOX V/S SONYThe Fox Sony PicturesEntertainment Entertainment, is theGroup is an television & filmAmerican production/distributioentertainment n unit.industry company . On SeptemberIt is wholly owned & 28, 1989, Sonycontrolled by the acquired the AmericanAustralian/American film & televisionmedia conglomerate production companyNews Corporation. Columbia Pictures Entertainment
  26. 26. It is named afterWilliam Fox, born The company wasWilhelm Fried, who renamed Sonycreated the original PicturesFox Film Entertainment in 1991.Corporation.The Fox Sony has sinceEntertainment Group created numerouswas formed in the other film1990s after the production andpurchase of the distribution units.Metromedia
  27. 27. Marketing Mix OfFOX &SONY
  28. 28. PRODUCT The company has operations in fourbusiness segments. The Filmed Entertainment segment isinvolved in the acquisition and productionof animated motion pictures and live-action pictures . In April of 2010 Fox joined a group offirms to form a joint venture to develop anew national mobile content service.
  29. 29. PRODUCT• The product is the physical product or service offered to the consumer.• Product decisions include aspects such as function, appearance, packaging, service, warranty, etc.• Television and motion pictures.
  30. 30. PRICE• In January of 2010 News Corporation offered to purchase the 18% of Fox that it doesnt already own for $33.54 per share.• In 2002 The Fox Network commanded 23 cents per subscriber.• The FoxConnect website advertises “Family Guy Volume 8” DVD at $33.99
  31. 31. PRICE Pricing decisions should take into accountprofit margins and the probable pricingresponse of competitors. Pricing includes not only the list price, butalso discounts, financing, and otheroptions such as leasing.
  32. 32. PLACE Fox distributes films through severalbusinesses . Fox Television owns and operates 35 fullpower stations. Fox Television operates two stations innine designated market areas(DMAs), including New York, Los Angelesand Chicago.
  33. 33. PLACEPlace (or placement) decisions are thoseassociated with channels of distribution.The distribution system performstransactional, logistical, and facilitatingfunctions.Distribution decisions include marketcoverage, channel memberselection, logistics, and levels of service
  34. 34. PROMOTIONFox has employed branded integrationtechniques in co-promoting Unilevers Degreefor Men deodorant and its drama series “24”.In 2010, Fox initiated its “Meet the FamilyGuy” promotion.In March of 2010 Fox News began promotingSarah Palin’s, Real American Stories
  35. 35. PROMOTIONPromotion decisions are those related tocommunicating and selling to potentialconsumers.It is useful to know the value of acustomer in order to determine whetheradditional customers are worth the cost ofacquiring them.Promotion decisions involveadvertising, public relations, media
  36. 36. PROCESS FOX Broadcasting Company employedMarket share Partners to conduct a study oftelevision’s importance in the media mix.In January of 2010, all fox sportsoperations underwent a massive re-organization.The move is designed to maximize thestrength of the FOX Sports brand across allplatforms.
  37. 37. PROCESS Sony employs an umbrella brandingstrategy by placing the product namealong with corporate name. This strategy lets the product to assumeits own identity and positioning, but alsodraws strength of the corporate brand. Sony has a recently reorganized in orderto further improve responsiveness andcustomer service.
  38. 38. PHYSICAL EVIDENCEFox Entertainment Group, Inc. is headquarteredat 1211 Avenue of the Americas New York City10036.Fox News Network, LLC Blue Sky Studios, 1211Avenue of the Americas.Fox Entertainment can be found online atLinkedin.com. Fox Broadcasting has a website where it offersinformation on its programming.Fox Kids Network has a website
  39. 39. PHYSICAL EVIDENCE Sony Corporation Headquarters islocated at 1-7-1 Konan, Minato-ku Tokyo. Sony’s main company website provideshelpful information ranging from serviceand support, music, and gaming.
  40. 40. PEOPLE News Corporation is Fox EntertainmentGroups parent company. K Rupert Murdoch is the Chairman andChief Executive Officer. Fox Entertainment Group employs over11,500 people. Former Fox Atomic executive DavidWorthen Brooks will oversee creative forthe new digital studio,
  41. 41. PEOPLE Howard Stringer is Chairman, CEO andPresident of Sony. Kazuo Hirai is Executive Vice Presidentof Networked Products & Services Group. Sony entertainment employs 167,900people world wide. Sony entertainment has an ongoingtalent development.