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Times of india

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Times of india

  1. 1. THE TIMES OF INDIA World’s largest selling English Daily
  2. 2. HISTORY Founded on November 3, 1838 as The Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce, during the British Raj. The daily - 1850. In 1861, the Bombay Times was renamed The Times of India. It was after Indias Independence that the ownership of the paper passed on to the then famous industrial family of Dalmiyas and later it was taken over by Sahu Shanti Prasad Jain of the Sahu Jain group from Bijnore, UP.
  3. 3. THE TIMES OF INDIA Type Daily newspaper Owner Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd. Publisher The Times Group Editor-in-chief Jaideep Bose Associate editor Jug Suraiya Official website TOI group has 45 dailies and periodicals in 3 languages and 108 editions from 9 centers across the country and a combined readership of over 40 million Started 172 years ago
  4. 4. THE TIMES OF INDIA Mrs. Indu Jain ChairpersonMr. Samir Jain Mr. Mr.Vineet JainVice Chairperson Managing Director
  5. 5. Mission of “TIMES OF INDIA”: “Create & build brands with differentiated content to capturerelevant audiences and market the value of these to advertisers to help them sell and strengthen their brands”.
  6. 6. FEATURES OF TOI The Times of India is synonymous in being the "Masthead of India", an opinion-forming instrument for India and Indians. The Times Of India is not only India’s largest selling English general daily but also the leading English general daily in the world. It attracts a daily circulation level of about 22 lakh copies. It is the largest selling English daily between Tokyo
  7. 7. STRATEGIES Move first, Move fast Multiple ties Continuous innovation (Private Treaties) Smart-sensing the future
  8. 8. Strength Big Brand, good reputation in the minds of customer. 1st rank in circulation in India & 8th in world. Launches good campaign. Daily English newspaper with rich supplements. Good support from Times group companies. World class printing machine-Geoman, Goss 110,000 copies per hour
  9. 9. WEAKNESS Old news Less information about stock market Offensive Pictures Late circulation in small cities Lack in covering useful news for competitive students
  10. 10. Departments Of the Time Of India Production Department Editorial Pre-Press Press Marketing Department RMD Response OTHERS
  11. 11. DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL OF “ToI”:There are three ways to sell the “TOI” 1. CASH SALES: Take newspaper from pan wala or any shop in cash. 2. SUBSCRIPTION SALES: Pay money in advance and read “TOI” 3. LINE SALES: Maximum % of sales comes from this method. Money collection works in reverse order.
  12. 12. prIcIng of “ToI”: Monday ,Tuesday ,Friday- 2 Rs. Wednesday ,Thursday , Saturday -2.5 Rs. Sunday(Sunday Times)- 5 Rs. Price of newspaper also varies according to life cycle of newspaper like Till 12 pm- 2.5 Rs From 12 pm to 3 pm- 2 Rs From 2 pm to 6 pm- 1.5 Rs
  13. 13. RIVALS/competitorThe main competitors for Times of India in India are : The Hindu- is ranked third among English dailies with a total readership of 5,140,000. Hindustan Times- is the second most read English daily and the 12th among all newspapers with a total readership of 6,254,000.
  14. 14. World Top Ten English Dailies The Times of India (India): 3,433,000 The Sun (UK): 3,046,000 USA Today (USA): 2,293,000 Daily Mail (UK): 2,194,000 The Wall Street Journal (USA): 2,012,000 The Daily Mirror (UK): 1,400,000 The Hindu (India): 1,331,000 The Hindustan Times (India): 1,189,000 The Deccan Chronicle (India): 1,003,000 The New York Times (USA): 1,001,000
  15. 15. Supplements The Times of India comes with several city- specific supplements, such as- Delhi Times, Calcutta Times, Bombay Times, Hyderabad Times, Indore Times, Kanpur Times, Luckhnow Times, Nagpur Times, Bangalore Times, Pune Times, Ahmedabad Times and Chennai Times, The Times of South Mumbai, The Times of Doon, Meerut Plus, Haridwar Plus , Bhopal Plus .
  16. 16. Other regular supplements include: Times Wellness (Saturdays) – Times Wellness focuses on solutions to health issues and guidance to better living Education Times (Mondays) – Education Times caters to the ever-expanding student community and learning experience, as a career guidance, counsellor and adviser. Times Ascent (Wednesdays) – Editorial of Times Ascent centers on human resource development, and the impact and implications on business and society.
  17. 17. conTInUE… ZIG WHEELS – is an automotive website reviewing, discussing, features and interviews on Indian vehicles. Whats Hot (Fridays) – Focus on latest happenings/events. Special pages created for channels and details of programmes. Rouge (Saturdays) – Concentrates on womens interest areas. Others.
  18. 18. READERS OF TOI:TOI has readership of over 40 million The largest English publication in India 2 times the readership of the immediate competing English daily Of the total readers 58% are SEC A (31% SEC A1+) Officers, executives, businessmen, government executives, politicians and students form the highest percentage of TOI readers.
  19. 19. CIRCULATION The newspaper has the widest circulation among all English- language with about 2.6 million daily paid copies. In the year 2005, the newspaper reported that it was certified by the Audit Bureau of Circulations as the worlds largest selling English broadsheet newspaper. TOI group has 45 dailies and periodicals in 3 languages and 108 editions from 9 centres across the country. TOI in Electronic Media TOI in Internet

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