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Mulay's Consultancy Services Presentation


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Low investment and High Quality reverse engineering services

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Mulay's Consultancy Services Presentation

  1. 1. Sales Presentation MULAY’S CONSULTANCY SERVICES
  2. 2. MULAY’S CONSULTANCY SERVICES •Technological Consultancy Services •Business Consultancy Services Registered business Address in USA Mulay’s Consultancy Services 17602 17th Street Suite 102-242 Tustin CA 92780-7915 Voice +1-214-764-0868 Apek Mulay, CEO and Founder Registered business Address in INDIA Mulay’s Consultancy Services A-2, Bilwakunj CHSL, L.B.S. Road, Mulund (West), Mumbai – 400 082 INDIA
  3. 3. MULAY’S CONSULTANCY SERVICES About our multi-disciplinary services !!! Combined 20 years of experience in various fields through professional partnerships such as 1. Training in Semiconductor Processing, Circuit Design, etc. 2. Semiconductor Failure Analysis consultant 3. Contract Integrated Circuit Failure Analysis & Reliability services provider 4. Macroeconomic Consulting for business planning 5. Macrofinancial Consulting
  4. 4. MULAY’S CONSULTANCY SERVICES Our Achievements in Multiple disciplines !!! Regular contributor to Blogs on EBN ( The Premier Online community of Global Supply Chain professionals ) Contributor to reputed International trade publications like publications,,, etc. Contributed articles in reputed technical magazines such as Electronic Devices Failure Analysis (EDFA), Military & Aerospace Electronics (MA&E) magazine, etc. 2300+ followers on LinkedIn with 100+ endorsement in different domains Over 1.5 million hits on personal blog since May 2013. Author of two books on semiconductor industry entitled Mass Capitalism : A Blueprint for Economic Revival and Sustaining Moore’s Law: Uncertainty Leading to a Certainty to IoT Revolution. Contract Failure Analysis services provider to small fabless companies in INDIA and USA with our ties to the FA service laboratories in California,US.
  5. 5. Failure Analysis & Reliability Testing Services MULAY’S CONSULTANCY SERVICES
  6. 6. MULAY’S CONSULTANCY SERVICES Consultancy in Semiconductor Failure Analysis, Technology, Tool procurement and techniques • Experienced Failure Analysis engineer working for Qualcomm Inc., Texas Instruments Inc. ( Advanced CMOS Technology development team) , Nanolab Technologies Inc. and Evans Analytical Group (EAG) Inc. • Patent award from Texas Instruments Inc. for successfully defending my US patent application 20130088585 ‘Surface Imaging with Materials Indentified with Colors’ on advanced failure analysis technique. • M.S. in Electrical Engineering with thesis work performed at X-Fab Texas Inc. titled ‘Improving Reliability of Tungsten Plug Via for 0.25u BiCMOS and CMOS technology’. • Hands-on lab experience with state-of-the-art failure analysis tools and different techniques for performing all steps involved in failure analysis of Analog, Digital and Mixed signal ICs. • Provide second opinion consultancy on procurement of failure analysis tools for laboratories. • Training to staffed laboratories in developing new FA capabilities for reverse engineering.
  7. 7. MULAY’S CONSULTANCY SERVICES Failure Analysis Service provider Advantages of using contract Failure Analysis services for a small and growing semiconductor company • Owning a FA Lab is highly capital intensive business • Lab needs to be upgraded and maintained for state-of-the-art tools • Labs need a highly qualified , skilled and well paid engineering staff for providing root cause failure analysis from simple to complex jobs. • Better to Invest more resources on product development rather than lab maintenance • Accelerated depreciation of state-of-the-art tools for performing failure analysis • Lab makes use of hazardous chemicals and has to comply with several environmental and government regulations for hazardous chemical handling • It is time consuming and very skilled engineering job • Fraction of operating costs, protected IP, product development, teardowns. • Expert Failure Analysis consultancy services with every job from Apek Mulay
  8. 8. MULAY’S CONSULTANCY SERVICES As a Failure Analysis service provider, we collaborate with several local failure analysis laboratories in California and we can get the best deal for our customers to provide them quality failure analysis services. No separate fee for services are charged to the customer above what our laboratories would provided. We will work with our contract labs, check their availability and work load to offer the fastest and quality FA results at lowest possible investments for our customers. This model helps us to beat the amounts of our competitors. Failure Analysis Service provider Please ship the samples in attention of Mulay’s Consultancy Services with reference sample, wire bond type, data sheet, failing pin information after we sign NDA and business contract. We can offer to do just about any Failure Analysis job at very competitive investment and with a fast turnaround time.
  9. 9. MULAY’S CONSULTANCY SERVICES Failure Analysis Services provider • Decapsulation by chemical wet etch / Laser • Counterfeit Detection • Delayering / Parallel Lapping • EMMI (Emission Microscopy) • FIB (Focused Ion Beam) Precision Cutting • InGaAs EMMI • I-V (Curve Trace) measurement • Mechanical Polishing • OBIRCH (Optical Beam Induced Resistance Change) • Optical Microscopy) • Optical Profiler • SAM (Scanning Acoustic Microscopy) or SAT (Scanning Acoustic Tomography) • SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopy) • SIMS (Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry) • TEM (Transmission Electron Microscope) •X-Ray (Standard / 2-D) Examination • X-Ray (3-D) Examination
  10. 10. MULAY’S CONSULTANCY SERVICES Reliability Services provider •Autoclave or Pressure Cooker Test •Bias Life Test (BLT) •Die Shear Test •ESD - Charged Device Model (CDM) •ESD - Human Body Model (HBM) •ESD - Machine Model (MM) •HAST (Highly Accelerated Temperature and Humidity Stress Test) •High-Temperature Storage Life Test (HTSL) •HTOL (High Temperature Operating Life Test) / Burn-in •Humidity-Bias Test (THB) •Latch-up Test •Lead Integrity Test •Mark Permanency Test •Moisture/Reflow Sensitivity Classification (MSC) •Physical Dimension Measurement •Preconditioning Test (PC) •Real Time Thermal Profiling •Solderability •Solder Ball Shear Test (BGA) •Temperature Cycling (TC) Air to Air •Temperature Humidity Bias Lifetest 85°C/85% •Thermal Shock (Liquid to Liquid) •Wire Bond Pull Test •Wire Bond Shear Test
  11. 11. MULAY’S CONSULTANCY SERVICES State-of-the-art Tools for Failure Analysis • Focused Ion Beam (FIBs) systems – 13 systems (FEI 205, FEI 800, FEI 9500, Vectra – G5, Quanta 3D, Nova 600, Helios 400 S) • Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEMs) – 6 systems (Hitachi S4800, S4700, S5000, S4500 and EDX) • Transmission Electron Microscopes (TEMs) – 4 systems (FEI Tecnai G2 F20, FEI Tecnai G2Lab6) with EDX detector, STEM Analysis and Tridiem EELS detector • Scanning Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS) – 2 systems (Camaca IMS-6F , Atomica 4500 ) • Nano View P4050 optical profiler – 1 system • Thermo K-alpha XPS/ESCA (Electron Spectroscopy for Chemical Analysis) – 1 system
  12. 12. MULAY’S CONSULTANCY SERVICES State-of-the-art Tools for Failure Analysis • Allied Sample Polisher, Buehler Sample Polisher, South Bay Technology Sample Polisher – 17 systems • Ion Millers – 2 systems (Gatan 600, Gatan 691PIPS) • Fschione 1020 Plasma Cleaner – 1 system • FEINFOCUS Tiger X-Ray Inspection – 3 systems • Hitachi MC1 Scanning Acoustic Tomograph (SAT) – 2 systems • Optical Microscopes – 15 Systems (LEICA, NIKON, OLYMPUS) • Chemical Decapsulation – 5 systems (NSC PS101, Nisene) • Laser Decapsulation – 2 systems (Control Semi, Fatcat) • Reactive Ion Etchers (RIEs) – 3 systems (PR2001E /NARC)
  13. 13. MULAY’S CONSULTANCY SERVICES State-of-the-art Tools for Failure Analysis • New Wave-ezlate trilite laser cutter – 4 systems • Emission Microscope Systems (EMMI) – Hamamatsu Phemos- 1000 (CCD and InGaAs detector) – 3 systems • Optical Beam Induced Resistance Change (OBIRCH) – Hamamatsu uAMos-200 – 2 systems • Conductive Atomic Force Microscopy (C-AFM) – Veeco INNOVA – 1 system • Microprobe stations (Signatone S-926, Cascade)- 3 systems • Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer ( Agilent 4155B, Agilent 4156C )- 4 systems • Gold Wire Bonder (KNS- Maxum Plus) – 2 systems • Aluminum Wire Bonder (ASM AB530 , SPB–U600-WPCB) – 2 systems
  14. 14. MULAY’S CONSULTANCY SERVICES State-of-the-art Tools for Nanoprobing up to 28 nm technology node Machine specifications / Limitations: Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope [Brand and model number]: JSM-6700F (JEOL) Current and voltage measuring system [Brand and model number]: Keithley Model 4200-SCS Micro-probe Electrical Measuring System [Brand and model number]: Zyvex/DCG Systems (D-Prober) Range of Movement Resolution Coarse adjustment - X, Y, Z-axis:12mm 100 nm Micro-adjustment -X, Z-axis: 100 µm; Y-axis:10 µm 5 nm Operation Environment 10-4 Pa or less Probe tip diameter < 50nm Probe material Tungsten Max. number of probers-4 channels
  15. 15. MULAY’S CONSULTANCY SERVICES State-of-the-art Tools for Reliability Testing • Keytek 256 pin ( or MK2 ) Electro-Static Discharge (ESD) Testing – 9 systems • Oryx Orion-9000 Non-socket Charged Device Module (CDM) Testing – 1 system
  16. 16. MULAY’S CONSULTANCY SERVICES Price List for FA Services • Optical inspection & photos (Package) => $100/hr (No charge new customer) •Standard (2-D) X-Ray => $120/hr (This is to look at inside construction of samples) •C-SAM (C-Scanning Acoustic Microscope) Analysis => $200/hr (This is to look for delamination inside the samples) •Electrical analysis (Curve trace) => $160/hr (This is a comparative electrical analysis of failing samples to a good sample) •Chemical Decapsulation => $40 (non-BGA) or $50 (BGA) / device (This is a destructive analysis) •Optical inspection & photos (Die surfaces) => $100/hr. (This is to inspect die surfaces) •OBRICH (Optical Beam Induced Resistance Change) inspection (as needed) => $350/hr (This is to look for emission / hot spots on die surface. We will do this if IV Curve Trace shows anomaly. Avg time 30-60 min/sample) •Mechanical delayering (as needed) => $110 / metal layer and $75/ passivation layer (This is a mechanical delayering (parallel lapping) of the die to look for defects on each layer. This is done if there is a hot spot on the die) •SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) Analysis (as needed) => $225 / hr (This is a high power close up inspection of the sample) •Data review and Final report => $300-$500/set of a part number •Additional analyses (AFM, X-section, 3D X-Ray…) are also available
  17. 17. MULAY’S CONSULTANCY SERVICES Prior to job submission • Min charge for each line item is 1 hr regardless of the sample size. Additional service is charged on ½ hr increments. •We can run multiple samples of the same part number through items 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 in the same run. •Our std turnaround time is 5-7 days depending on complexity of analysis and our work load at the time of parts arrival. •You may issue an open PO for $1,500 and we will only charge you for the pre-approved services. We will provide progress report after each set of analysis to obtain your approval for the next set of analysis. Items needed for FA: •Failing samples to be analyzed •Reference (good) sample (Prefer 2 samples) •Wire bond type (Ag, Cu or Al), if known (email is okay) •Data sheet of IC (email is okay) •Failing pin numbers for each failing part (email is okay) •Any other info that could help our analyst to identify the root cause of failure. (email is okay) •Ship samples to ATTN of Mulay’s Consultancy Services after signing contract
  18. 18. Macroeconomic and Macro financial Consulting Services MULAY’S CONSULTANCY SERVICES
  19. 19. MULAY’S CONSULTANCY SERVICES Macroeconomic and Macro-financial Consulting • Provide an in-depth analysis of impacts of macroeconomics on Global semiconductor industry • Help provide solutions to companies for rejuvenation of businesses in electronics and semiconductor industry • Provide advise to industry on proper planning for robust macroeconomic growth on microelectronics industry to realize benefits of Moore’s law, 450 mm silicon wafers, etc. • Forecasting the near and long term future of global semiconductor industry with macroeconomic lens. • Consultancy for achieving sustainable manufacturing, high profitability, balanced economy with high productivity. Macroeconomic and Macro-financial Consulting