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Tony chan entrepreneur portfolio


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Tony Chan Entrepreneurial portfolio

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Tony chan entrepreneur portfolio

  1. 1. Tony Chan Entrepreneur portfolio Excerpt from book “Growth in a difficult decade”, by Mark Dixon of Regus
  2. 2. Summary Profile Professional Entrepreneurial Mentoring ME I am 43, married with one daughter. I am bilingual and multi-cultural. I am family oriented. I have experience in investment banking and various roles in financial services. I have had 2 successful startups during the dot com days and just as many unsuccessful ones. I actively mentor other startups through TIE and have been mentoring at various competitions and workshops Interests Experiences Accolades Startup practices Weekends are spent tinkering with websites and html with some coding. I tinker also with photography but spend a lot of time with the family. Working in larger corporate gives me discipline and leadership skills as well as management with people & larger projects E-Finet was listed in 2003 in GEM and Fortitude was sold and exited. The process taught me a on the whole evolution of a startup to exit. I have developed several startup methodologies A Practical Process for Startups (APSTARTUP) and STARS Startup Assessment Rating System
  3. 3. Entrepreneurship APStartup was founded in 2011 as a funding portal for Asia Pacific Startups. The site has pivoted from direct funding to a toolbox for entrepreneurs and now private label portals for other startup organizations. Tour , Intro Video and slides E-Finet was an early dot com financial media company founded in 1999, I joined in 2000 to help them raise series A of USD3m from GE Capital and Readers Digest. The company listed on GEM in 2009. My role was Business Development Director and board director. Fortitude Securities was HK’s first online trading system which won clients in banking and local brokers. The company was sold to a HK brokerage backed by Chinese investors. In 2008 I purchased and ran a small online business reselling iTunes gift cards, offering parallel online US iTunes credits to international consumers. This was a very profitable business but did not comply with Apple’s strict end user agreements and thus was voluntary closed down. Fortitude Securities
  4. 4. Mentoring SnapShop • Mentor for SnapShop . First prize in TIE HK Student Business Plan competition. Runner up in Asia TIE Student business plan competition SOLARIS – HKUST competition winner Mentor for Solaris. First prize in HK University Science and Technology “The 1 million dollar business plan competition” HOME CHEF Social Enterprise competition entry – SOW Asia
  5. 5. Mentoring (2) Social Credits Runner up in Tech X Social enterprise competition my own entry and contribution to social entrepreneurship Neomechanics Local engineering startup with hardware IP mentored CEO and team extensively Mentor to PolyUMicroFund incubates Assisted in judging panel of local competitions
  6. 6. Ecosystem engagement TIE charter member and mentor Mentored over 10 startup companies Organized local startup events in HK Participated and led delegations to TIE Silicon Valley and Delhi conferences Built – Member of TEN entrepreneur organization – – Invited by InvestHK to participate in UK roadshow – Presentation and panel discussion
  7. 7. Strategy and Planning • APPS for Startups – A Practical Process for Startups – Create, Plan, Build and Promote your startup – Build on open source software – Apps for Startups - presentation STARS Startup Assessment Review System A benchmark rating system for startups Discussion Paper – Startup Assessment Rating System PitchVote A simple voting app for audiences to vote on pitches ( in development)
  8. 8. Social Enterprise projects Concept - A donor and consumer rewards scheme and alternative currency for doing good. 2nd prize in E2X social enterprise business plan. Social Credits Presentation slides Social Enterprise entry for Cathy Pacific Round The World ticket competition Youtube video entry Setup and ran an online fundraiser campaign to raise funds to save a friend’s daughter. Amara is a tour guide from Mongolia I befriended. When I learned his daughter needed heart surgery for a defective heart in Germany, I offered to help. We setup a live streaming online concert and auction to raise funds to save Amara’s daughter. See youtube video