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Sunlabob what is-energy_efficiency


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Sunlabob what is-energy_efficiency

  1. 1. What is Energy Efficiency?Vientiane, Lao PDRAugust, 2011 An introduction to Energy Efficiency Energy Efficiency Department Sunlabob Renewable Energy Ltd
  2. 2. Energy Efficiency - definitionEnergy efficiency is the reduction of the amount of energyrequired to provide products and services.Energy efficiency isdoing the same ormore with less. “Its wringing the most out of the energy that we already have.” Amory Lovins Rocky Mountain Institute2
  3. 3. Energy Conservation - definitionEnergy conservation is directly related to energy efficiency. Itrefers to efforts made to reduce energy consumption.• It can be achieved by simply switching off a light when not in use.• It is directly related to people’s habits and behavior.• It can also be achieved through passive building strategies that reduce the need for electricity.3
  4. 4. Energy PolicyEnergy efficiency together with energy conservation are the basisof a sustainable energy strategy. There is no sense in producing energy that is going to be wasted by inefficient use. 4
  5. 5. Why Save Energy?• Energy production and consumption is directly linked to climate change. IEA• Reduce energy cost to consumers.• Reduce environmental impacts e.g. dams.• Reduce energy infrastructure costs and materials.• Energy security; lessen dependence on imports. 5
  6. 6. How much energy can be saved?Long-term energy saving from improvement in energy efficiency, OECD-11, 1973-2004 6
  7. 7. The Energy Audit Electrical consumption by appliance per year Air conditioner Lights 22.3% 39.71% Fans 1.0% Before you take ANY IndustrialEquipment Computers action, find ALL your 20.20% Kitchen 8.1% 2.7% Other office opportunities for saving Water 1.1% heater 4.9% energy. A commercial example 7
  8. 8. Efficient Lighting70-90% savings can be achieved through efficient lighting. It alsolasts much longer, uses less material, and produces less wasteheat. = 1 LED 50 Incandescent bulbs For example, one LED bulb lasts 50 times longer than a conventional incandescent bulb and uses 80% less electricity. 8
  9. 9. Office equipmentOffice equipment improvement•Optimizing energy usage of computer systems, printers,photocopiers, etc.•Software controls can put devices on standby mode. A Laptop uses 3x less N computing uses a single host energy than a desktop computer accessed by multiple users computer 9
  10. 10. Passive Solar solutions• Use natural drying for clothes instead of electric drying: 85% savings• Use solar water heaters instead of Natural drying electric water heaters: 80% savings Solar water heater• Cool roofs reflect the heat of the sun. 10
  11. 11. Industrial applicationsMotorsReplace motors and pumps withefficient and properly sized systems.5 – 10% savingsElectricity distributionImplementing capacitor banks canincrease the power factor.Control systems can improveefficiency.Up to 20% savings 11
  12. 12. MonitoringMonitoring & Performance Evaluation•The benefits of Energy Efficiency can be measured bymonitoring devices.•This adds to awareness of consumption.•Gives details of peaks and valleys in consumption. Power meter Power meter 12
  13. 13. Changing Behavior •Energy conservation has the greatest energy saving potential at the least cost. •Users can change habits to save energy. •Savings of about 10-A signage board placed near fan switch 15 % of the total bill in most cases. 13
  14. 14. Example of an Inefficient house The roof receives the direct heat from the sun. This heat is transferred to the living space.Large air Heat is createdconditioner from inefficient West andis needed to lights and east suncool house. equipment. enters house through unshaded windows. 14 Environmental stresses on buildings
  15. 15. An efficient house A cool roof reflects Attic heat is heat from the sun. vented. Very little heat is transferred to the attic. Cellulose insulationOnly a small Efficient lightsefficient air and equipment.conditioner isneeded to cool West and east windows Cross-ventilation are shaded from the sun.the house. Improves comfort Element of energy efficiency. 15
  16. 16. A house in Florida A study of two similar houses in Florida. The top house is the control and the bottom is improved with: •a white roof • ceiling insulation •High efficiency air conditioners etc. From the Florida Energy Center.16
  17. 17. Results of Florida house studyThe results are a dramatic energy savings of The percentage contribution to energy savings70% from energy efficiency alone. from various measures used in the study. See the 1998 project report 17 at
  18. 18. Business Example Phu Bia mining camp in Laos was audited by Sunlabob. Houses, factories, and offices were included. Energy savings of 40 percent was realized.18
  19. 19. InvestmentCOST ITEM DESCRIPTION PRICE SAVINGS PAYBACK PERIOD Conservation Turn off lights and none depends immediate A client can choose equipment when not in the level ofFREE use Building orientation Long side of building facing south none ? daily investment; Vegetation Use tree to shade Planting and Time for tree no initial investment windows on east and west side maintenance to grow with a short paybackLOW Cool roof Use light colored roof material to reflect sunlight Paint for existing roofs 20% of aircon bill About one year period, to high initial investment with a Lighting Install efficient lighting 20 long payback period.MEDIUM Window shading Use overhangs and louvers to shade windows Air conditioning High efficiency air 30% conditioners Solar cells Photovoltaic solar cellsHIGH 19
  20. 20. Why is our world not more energy efficient? • Lack of understanding of energy efficiency. • Initial investment costs show benefits only over the long term. • There is a lack of regulations. Energy efficient choices need to be rewarded. • Availability of energy efficient products is not widespread.20
  21. 21. Particular Benefits for Laos• Reduce reliance on Imports of Electricityimported electricity 1600,00during the dry season. 1400,00• Reduce the number of 1200,00dams constructed. 1000,00 Electricity (GWh)• The more energy saved, 800,00the more can be sold to 600,00neighbors. 400,00 200,00 0,00 1990 1995 2000 2005 Imports and consumption of electricity 21 in Laos
  22. 22. Further Benefits• Energy Efficiency preserves the natural environmental.• More land available for agriculture and recreation.• Green tourist industry will be enhanced.• A market for energy efficient products is developed in Laos• Laos could becomes leader in Energy Efficiency innovation in SE Asia. 22
  23. 23. Questions Time for discussion.Sunlabob Renewable Energy LtdPO Box 9077, Vientiane, Lao PDR - Tel: (+856 21) 313874 - Fax: (+856 21)