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Hong kong easypack24

  1. 1. Easypack 24/7 Hong Kong All  rights    reserved  –  InPost  Group  January  2013  
  2. 2. Who we are: InPost – ‘In’ stands for Innovation§  Largest private postal group in Poland active on postal and financial markets§  One of the most innovative Polish companies*§  Producer of award –winning parcel terminals§  Best designed services in Poland**§  Winner of 3 World Mail Awards (for Growth, Innovation and E-commerce)§  www.inpost.pl *Polish Market”, Innovatica award, 2011** Polish Instutite for Industrial Design
  3. 3. Why we are hereTo introduce a revolutionary system that:ü  Improves customer satisfaction by providing a user-friendly, integrated, self- service platform that allows customers to collect and post parcel easilyü  Reduce operating costs, improve efficiency and increase productivity of your logistic network and parcels failed delivery, reduce „last mile delivery cost” and „first mile pick up cost”ü  Increase revenue by providing additional channels and services to customersü  Enable scale-up of your operations to capture the gain of e-commerce market 3
  4. 4. Our unique strengthsü  Know how & experience from several markets (operational and manufacturing results in a short feedback loop)ü  Business relationship with global customers (eg. Avon, Oriflame, Groupon)ü  Financial strengths, stability and willingness to invest in the regionü  Smart hardware & software - proven concept and design (6th generation terminals)ü  Unique customer experience of the service (integration with QR Codes, SMS, MMS and mobile apps)ü  Proximity & local resourcesü  High production capacity 12 partners have chosen our solution last year & 7 of them are up and running!!!
  5. 5. OUR SOLUTION 5
  6. 6. 1) Standard Automated Parcel Terminals
  7. 7. 2) Modular Automated Postal Terminals
  8. 8. How does it work?1 2 3 Buy your goods Receive sms with Visit your APT and collect on-line opening code the parcel- Chose inPost as delivery option You will receive it the next at the time that is most - Select the most comfortable day after sending the parcel convinient for you Parcel Terminal for you  
  9. 9. Video: How to collect a parcel? h<p://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-­‐MbaOjChcnY  
  10. 10. PAN-EUROPEAN PROJECTTogether with PineBridgeUSA we are on our way tobuild a network of 16,000terminals in Europe
  11. 11. InPost solutions on a global scale§  Our terminals are operating among others inIreland, Australia, Cyprus, Chile, Estonia, Lithuania,Poland, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Czech Republic,Spain and Russia. Ireland Estonia Russia Chile
  12. 12. BENEFITS FOR ALL 13
  13. 13. Benefits  for:   eShoppers    e-­‐commerce   §  24/7 access §  0 returns service §  Deliveries 6 days/week §  Reliable service §  7 seconds to pick up a parcel with 24h access §  Fastest delivery option §  Fastest service §  Unique experience and capitalization §  Innovative service §  Cheapest service §  Additional sales channel
  14. 14. Benefits for YOU!q 98% of parcel delivered the q Huge saving on “first and last mile cost” next day q Increased footfall for your businessq Less than 1% of parcels q Additional marketing opportunities returns q No maintenance & no hassleq Increase your margin with no q Become a focal point for your community investmentq Grow sales - proven by our case studiesq Eliminate entrance barrier caused by high delivery cost
  16. 16. 100 locker boxes within 2014§  easyPack Far East was established in January 2013§  Offices Located in Sheung Wan and Fortress Hill §  Telesales Team (Integrating Clients) §  Expansion Team (Securing Locations) §  Logistics outsourced to Partners§  The HK Network §  Roll out will start in October 2013 §  100 terminals by CNY 2014 §  Roll out pace at 5 terminals a week§  MultiCarrier Operations §  Open to all Carriers (private + postal operator) §  All services available upon integration §  Pay per parcel model §  Rent the lockers per hour
  17. 17. MTR locations
  18. 18. Roll-out plans (population density map) §  Initial roll out to commence in the HK Island Postcodes §  Expansion will follow the density pattern of the HK Postcodes, MTR data centre, couriers/partner suggestions §  Locations across HK Island, Kowloon and New Territories §  Locations selected based on experience in several markets in the past few years plus local data analysis
  19. 19. HK Roll-out plans (Location types)Tier 1 locations Locations will be: §  Supermarket chains §  MTR Stations §  Secure §  Retail parks §  In well lit areas §  Petrol Stations §  Visible §  Easily accessibleTier 2 locations §  Convenient: §  Car Parks §  Close to home §  Park & Ride locations §  On the way to work §  Prominent local areas §  Where people do things!Tier 3 locations §  Local retail outlets §  Inner City locations §  Town Centre locations
  21. 21. Service scope for InPost 24/7§  Customers §  Collect their parcels § Rent the locker as a temporary deposit§ Carriers §  Primary address §  Alternative address §  Collecting Returns §  No failed deliveries
  22. 22. Screens
  23. 23. Real data from other markets §  51% of parcels are collected within 6 hours from sms notification §  37% parcels are collected during night hours (18:00 - 8:00) §  74% clients who used InPost parcel terminal at least once, prefer it to the courier service     §  99% of customers who tried that once would use the service again §  Service we offer is used by 55% of inhabitants in one of European countries Source: Correos Chile and InPost
  24. 24. PRICING
  25. 25. Price’s modelsPay-per-parcel model§ InPost charges carriers a per-parcel price that is related to the actual numberof parcels processed at the machines. There are no commitments to volumesand the price can be retroactively reduced when monthly parcel quotas arefulfilled to reach another price level.Bundle model§ InPost offers bundle package of parcels on a pre-paid basis. Clients pay for anagreed number of parcels at a reduced rate. The package is valid for a limited time.
  26. 26. Thank youChristian SecciGM Postal Terminals Far Eastcsecci@postalterminals.comDalibor MalekPresident Postal Terminals Far Eastmalek@postalterminals.com